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SS : The Moment is Coming Part 7

September 25, 2015

Her eyes burned as she glared into his eyes…”I tried to end my life over that pain! I hate that! I HATE that I did that!”

He took a menacing lunge towards her and pulled her into his arms…

She fought.

He held on.

Arnav didn’t say a word.

“Let me go! I mean it!”

His silence was unnerving her.

“Arnavji! Let me go! Do you fucking understand me!?!”

He flinched at her language again.

No Khushi.

And she struggled until her strength was gone.

Finding it difficult to draw in breath, Khushi keened, “please Arnavji…I can’t take this…”

He stayed quiet.

She shook her head, her hands feebly trying to push him away, “I can’t…I can’t be back here…”

He pulled her closer, pressing their hearts together.

“Let me…me go…please Arnavji…”

Remaining silent, he held her fast and firm.

Khushi could no longer hold on.

Strength gone.

Emotions stripped.

She had no clue what to say anymore.

Her breathing was choppy and her pulse still bursting.

Finally making a move, Arnav slid his hand up to the back of her head, pulled her hair, arching her neck and he dove in.

His mouth crashed to hers.

Khushi barely had time to breathe.

With no more strength left to do anything, Khushi slumped in his arms, almost welcoming his kiss.

It swept her up.

It rattled her.

It shook her.

She was transported back to the morning.

Memories of his thick flesh sliding in and out of her body.

His mouth on her breasts.

His tongue pushing past her lips.

And as she remembered, his tongue reenacted her thoughts.

Arnav heard her whimper as he tasted her.

Please stop hurting sweetheart…

Spinning her around, he plastered their bodies together and walked towards the bed.

As they fell to the matress, her fingers clutched lightly at his shirt…

“I’m not letting you leave me. I can’t. You’re the love of my life Khushi…”

And she began to cry.


Fuck this!

He grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her head.

Cuffing them both in one fist, he pulled hard and fast at her clothing.

“…no…NO…” she said breathily…

“YES!” Arnav roared as he bared her sex…

“NO! Not here! No!”

She was in a panic.

“YES Khushi! Here! This is OUR house. OUR bed. I am YOUR husband. You are MY wife! I am not having the past keep such a hold on us anymore!”

She tried to struggle, but any move was futile.

He lifted his hips momentarily, unzipped, and pulled out his swollen penis.

He was keeping her legs parted with the power of his own, and as he stared long and hard into her eyes, he pressed the head at her opening.

She shook her head, “I can’t be back here…please, please…ple…pleas…oh…ohhhh…”

As she spoke, he slid deeper, and deeper.

Her fists were clenched as she tried to move them, but he held on.

“You’re not escaping me. I won your heart with force before, and I’ll DAMN well do it again!”

Khushi’s head turned and she saw the bathroom…

Arnav could see the memories seeping back…

“HEY!!!” he snarled…

Her head darted back and he quickly recaptured her gaze…

“You will look at ME!”

Anger, denial, fear and powerful arousal were brimming inside her…”I…”

“NO talking! You will FEEL everything I’m doing to you…If you need to make a noise, 

you will scream! That is all!”

She was about to speak when he sped up the pace and hammered against her gspot relentlessly…

And scream she did.

Her howl was deathly loud as the pressure began to build to such height that she couldn’t take a breath.

He stopped.

And she breathed out long and hard.

He thrust back inside her.

And she sucked in a huge breath of air.

“I’m not letting you up off this bed until you’ve cum so many times that you can’t move…do YOU fucking understand me!?”

Already having trouble focusing, Khushi now realized that every one of her senses had been overtaken by her husband.

The power she already knew he had, had doubled to a frightening fire that couldn’t be stopped.


He froze once again.

She knew that she had spoken, but the word had spilled from her lips without her even being aware.

Pushing as deep inside her as he could go, he stilled.

Arnav leaned down, his mouth coming dangerously closer to hers…

“You have NOTHING to be scared of when I’m with you. And I’m WITH you Khushi. I’m your HUSBAND. And that title is the most important damn thing to me. I would renounce everything right now, just to prove that I am yours. Wholly and completely…” he pressed his lips to hers, chaste and softly, “scared sweetheart? I am never going to let anything hurt you again…”

No longer pulling out, he began to grind his hips against her, letting the thick length of his phallus press continuously against her sensitive tissues…

Her body began to shake.

Her eyelids began to droop.

A flush of color began to spread over her body.

Breathing against her lips, he spoke, “Any second, your body is going to climax…And it’s ME who is honoured to give you that…I have brought you to that incredible feeling…and I want nothing more than to see that freedom and beauty on your face…”

His words pushed her over the edge…

Before she could take another breath, her body tensed, her blood hummed and she 

came in an explosion.

All her senses were held down by the man above her.

Her hands.

Her hips.

Her body.

Her mouth.

Her heart.

And as she panted, and shook, Arnav stared with admiration.

Your fight is still inside you. You may think I’m holding you here. But your heart is responding to me, my wife.

Khushi had no idea how much time passed before she returned to earth.


“…quiet.” Arnav warned again.

“But, the family are…AAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

Releasing her wrists, he fisted the material of her choli and yanked it apart.

Instantly grabbing her breasts, he held her chest firm in his grip and glared at her…

Just as she opened her mouth to speak, he began to rasp his thumbs over her nipples…

And she began to pant and twitch…

“I said…you’re going to cum, until you can’t move…”

Alarm flickered in her eyes once again and he rested his thumbs on her nipples, letting them press in and out, massaging around and around…

“you have NOTHING to fear…”

Arnav was still rock hard inside her vagina.

Taking a shaky breath in, Arnav saw her eyes begin to glaze over again.

The heat in her core tripled.

He could feel her liquid begin to coat him once again…

“Oh God yes…”

And he slowly withdrew, and began to penetrate her once again…

Her lips parted to speak again, and Arnav shot her a warning glance…”Don’t…No words…You can moan…you can scream…that is ALL I want to hear from you right now…”

Taking a deep breath, she let it out, even though it was shaky.

He sank his hard flesh into her, over and over and over.

Knowing where she needed it.

“Look at me…”

Her eyes locked onto his…


Her pupils dialated.

He slammed into her harder…

“I said…cum.”


Sitting up slightly, he pulled her hips, slid one arm behind her lower back, arching it, and the other hand covered her belly, pushing down firmly…

“I said CUM Khushi!”

She screamed.

A frighteningly strong orgasm rocketed up from deep within her.

Her body tried to straighten her back, but Arnav pulled harder.

Sending her into a spasm of multiple orgasms…

When she could no longer draw a breath, he released her back and dropped his body back onto hers…

His hands smoothed over her hair and face as she whimpered and tremored, 

“Shhhhhh…just breathe…”

Her face was flushed and intoxicatingly beautiful…

“Damn…you’re divine…”

His words came out in a growl, his own self control beginning to slip.

Just as her eyes started to focus, he began to impale her once more…


He pressed his open mouth to hers, cutting off her words…”No words…

Endlessly moaning, Khushi’s senses relinquished all hold they had over her, and she spiralled out of control.

Arnav was becoming undone seeing her let go…

As she was panting and sobbing, her arms suddenly reached out and wound around his neck…

Struck with furious passion, Arnav roared…”God YES!!!!!”

He reached down and pulled her legs up around his waist as he pounded in and out.

Khushi pulled him closer and his eyes clouded up as he pressed a soft kiss to her lips, that was out of character to the brutal show of desperation his lower body was performing.

“I love you…my God, I love you.”

On a hitched breath, Khushi whispered, “I…I love you…”

Releasing her legs, he stay over her and slid and arm beneath her once more, tearing a scream from her throat.

And in seconds, a frightening series of multiple orgasms came crashing down on her.

Khushi shook.

Her body was no longer in her control.

Pulling her pelvis closer, Arnav remained inside her as her core began to squirt 

heated liquid from inside her.

Arnav moved slightly and felt her begin to clamp down hard on his phallus again…

“Yes…more Khushi!”

Shrieking in a breath, her body tightened once again and fluid shot out and around their joined sexes.

Arnav slid his other arm under her neck and pulled her to sit up…

Now straddling him, her quaking, sagging body now slumped against his as he began to pound once again.

Groaning out a loud moan, Khushi’s sex clenched ferociously tight.

The gush of her female ejaculate was too much for him, he threw his body onto hers as he pressed her back firmly onto the mattress and he yelled as his testes contorted and send firey darts of semen through his penis and into her pulsing body.

“Oh my God…Oh my God…” he repeated over and over…

Khushi’s body wouldn’t stop shaking.

The strength of her orgasms had rendered her inable to move.

Gathering her closer, Arnav pressed his lips to her sweaty cheeks, “I am here…I’m not leaving you…and I’m NOT letting you leave me…never…”

She wanted to speak, but nothing came out.

She wanted to look away, but her foggy gaze was glued to her husband.

“that’s right…” he nodded, “look at me…I said you wouldn’t move…and I said that I wouldn’t let you down. I’m here…”

Khushi’s fuzzy mind was ablaze with thoughts.

The feel of pulling her husband close.

The feel of him forcing crippling pleasure from her.

The feel of him against her.

The feel of his mouth against hers.

I can’t lose this…I can’t…I’ve never felt so alive…alive………….alive.


SS : The Moment Is Coming Part 6

September 19, 2015


“What?” Khushi asked breathlessly

Arnav moved in closer, “I said come back to me…I WILL love you the way you deserve…”

And for a moment, her heart softened…

Khushi felt a thaw crack at the ice…

“I…I just…” but a post orgasmic haze started to take over…”I…”

Arnav stopped her, kissing her firmly…

When the kiss ended, he kept his lips on hers, “…sleep…I’m not leaving you…”

She wanted to say so much, but two more breaths had her falling fast asleep.






“He broke Sheetal’s fast…”


“That means a lot to a woman!”

More laughter…

“While you were having fun, your wife was passing out in my arms…”

Laughing, screaming, banging on the door…

What was that banging…?

Why is is so loud?

Why is there a funny taste in my mouth?



So much Blood.






“Khushi! Khushi wake up!!!!!”

Arnav was beside himself with panic.

“KHUSHI! Damn it, wake up!” he screamed as he shook her hard…

The moment he saw her shiverring, he moved closer, trying to calm her…

Then when he saw tears coming spilling over her cheeks, his heartbeat began to thud…

Finally, her soft sobs undid him.

“Khushi!” he climbed on top of her and pulled her upper arms to sit her up…”Wake up NOW!”

And she did.

She woke up with a scream.

Her eyes popped open and she shuddered with fright.

But the fear soon morphed into full blown anger.

Her arm reared back and she slapped him devestatingly hard on the face.

Shocked and worried, his head turned with the impact of her hit.

“Get OFF me right now!” She screamed as she scooted away from under him.

Ignoring the sting, he felt no anger as he turned back to her.

“Khushi, it’s ok! I’m not angry! I’m not going to hurt you! Think! Think back! This morning we-“


He froze.

Her vulgar language stunted his brain again.

“How DARE you come back here and force yourself on me! You disgusting-“

“FORCE myself on you!?” with all the power he could muster, he wound his arm around her waist and yanked her back beneath his body, “FORCE!? I may have started without you being aware, but damn it, you responded!”

Khushi started to fight.

She squirmed and pushed…”Get AWAY from me!”

Arnav dropped his body weight onto her…”Khushi listen! You said you were still in love with me! Khushi, what happened!? Did you…” his expression changed…”Did…did you dream something?”

Her arms continued to push, but the flash in her eyes only confirmed what he had asked.

“Khushi, I didn’t…argh!”

His words were cut off as she clenched her fist and hit him across the jaw…”You have NO right over me! Just because you suddenly care NOW doesn’t me y-“

Arnav cuffed her wrists with his hands and held her arms down beside her head…”No right!? I may have no right to happiness. No right to think I deserve you. But DAMN IT I AM GOING to make sure you are happy!”

Khushi struggled as hard as she could, “Then get away! Get OUT of my life! I can’t take this! I can’t!”

Her breathing once again began to stutter.

“Khushi, No. listen! I’m SORRY! I said I was sorry! I’ve lived a whole bloody year without you and I-“


He stopped.

She had turned deathly pale.


“…blood…I remember hearing…hearing that…that there was a lot of blood…”

That horrifying image appeared in his head.

The paramedics pumping her stomach.

Pumping the pills she used to end her life.

And the blood.

So much.

Unknowingly, his own eyes began to drip with tears.

And Khushi felt that pain again.

She felt HIS pain again.

“Khushi…Seeing you like that…seeing…I… I just…If I…If I could have put myself in your place, I would have done so in a heartbeat.”

“I had to stop the pain…I didn’t want to do that…I didn’t…I would never…”

Releasing her arms, he held her face gently, “Khushi I know…I know you…you are the most beautiful women I have ever seen…the most beautiful soul…and I am…” he paused, staring hard into her eyes…”I am so so sorry.”

His thumbs moved softly over her cheeks.

“I love you. I’m in love with you. And I could not bear another year, another month, another day, another second without you beside me.”

She felt as though breaking point was imminent again.

“…ss…stop…please…I’m…I’m feeling…”

“Okay, okay…” he leaned down, kissing her forehead…”don’t think about this anymore…no more…”

Her heartbeat was racing.

He could feel it against his chest.

He needed to change the subject.

“Look, everyone is at our place. Why don’t we join them all for lunch? Payal hasn’t seen you for days, and I know that-“


His eyebrows lifted, “Really?”

She nodded fast, showing him how badly she was trying to stop the past from resurfacing in her head.

“Good…good…um…I’ll…I’ll just…”

“Please get off me…”

Even though his heart sank, he nodded and slid away…”I’ve still got my car here, so we can go whenever you’re ready…”

She quickly stood up and stumbled…

He was on his feet in an instant as she fell back against him…

Khushi’s eyes closed as she let herself enjoy the feel of his arm around her waist once more…

“It’s okay…I’m here…I’ll always steady you.”

Giving her head a quick shake, she pushed away and pulled her nightie tighter around her body…

“I’ll just…I’ll shower and…and…”

He smiled, “I”ll wait…take your time…”

And as she walked away, she felt her thighs rub together.

“My underwear?” she thought, and just as quickly remembered…







“This is wonderful!” Anjali squeeled with joy

“I’ve been wanting family time for a year and now, twice in a week!” Payal chimed in happily.

Khushi smiled, but there was an underlying worry that Arnav could see.

All throughout lunch he could see her trying to stop thinking about their morning together.

She would flush when he looked at her.

Her color would brighten when he spoke.

He could see plainly that she was responding to his nearness, but also the past memories of his denial and hurt wasn’t far in her mind.

As she exited the baby’s room, Payal saw Arnav waiting and squeezed Khush’s hand, letting her know she would wait downstairs.

“Can I talk with you?”

Khushi heard his question, but didn’t look up.

“Khushi?” he grabbed her hand.

She tried to pull away, but this time, he held on.

“I need to talk with you.”

“Fine.” Khushi muttered under her breath.

He led her into their room, and shut the door behind them.

Her eyes soon wandered to the bathroom door and she took a step backwards…

Arnav panicked and hurried in front of her, blocking her view…

“I didn’t bring you in here to cause you more pain…I want us to move past that…together…”


“No no…” his eyes widened…”No, I didn’t mean-“

Taking a decided step forward, Khushi hauled back her hand and slapped him so fast he never saw it coming.

Bells clanged in his skull as loudly.

Spinning around, she tried to flee from the room only to have him run in front of her.

“Khushi…I am in NO way making light of what I put you through. NO. FUCKING. WAY. I will never forgive myself for letting that happen to you.”

Her eyes burned as she glared into his eyes…”I tried to end my life over that pain! I hate that! I HATE that I did that!”

He took a menacing lunge towards her and pulled her into his arms…

She fought.

He held on.

Arnav didn’t say a word.

“Let me go! I mean it!”

And she struggled until her strength was gone.

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September 18, 2015

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SS : The Moment Is Coming Part 5

September 18, 2015

Her heart shattered.

Her senses exploded.

And she was left raw.

Slumping onto the mattress beneath her, she cried.

Full blown sobs that were loud and gut wrenching.

Khushi couldn’t keep up the act of anger, the act of hate, or the act of indifference 

any longer.

But the reality was too much to bear.

And seeing her anguish only brought Arnav’s heart down with her.


His mind flashed with memories of her gushing tears when she was in the hospital.

“Khu…Khushi…I’m here…I’m not going anywhere…let it out…”

She could hear him, but words were inconceivable.

Nothing would come out but cries.

Arnav’s heart bled as the sheet beneath her became drenched with her tears.

He remained where he was, on top of her, letting her feel his closeness, until she fell 

asleep from exhaustion.

Once she was finally breathing steadily, he rolled off her slowly…

He stumbled as he got to his feet.

His body and emotions were completely drained.

He walked to her bedroom door and carefully opened it.

Garima and Buaji were sleeping on the couch, but jerked to attention hearing the 

door open…

“Is she okay?” Garima said sleepily

Arnav’s voice was raspy…”I don’t know…She…she cried…a lot…”

Buaji didn’t say a word, she stood up and pulled him in for a hug, “It’s alright…she 

will be alright…you both will…”

Feeling weary and shattered, he raked his hand through his hair, “Can…can I…”

The ladies waited.

“Can I stay with her please?”

Garima smiled, “Ofcourse you can. You love her. She loves you. She is your wife.”

He nodded, “Thankyou…really…thankyou…”

They were about to leave when he had an idea…”Uh, in the morning, would you like to 

have breakfast with Di, Nani and Payal? I know they’d love to see you, and that you’d l

ove to see the baby again…”

Finally a smile crept on their faces, “Yes, we dearly would. And it will give you and 

Khushi some time to talk.”

Fire began to breathe itself into his heart…

Talk? Oh we will do a lot more than TALK.

“Great, I shall message my driver to come and pick you all up early and let my sister 


“Thankyou so, I’m feeling a lot less burdened now.”

“I’m glad I could lighten the mood, I shall say goodnight now. I told the driver to be 

here 7am.”

Garima smiled, “We will be ready. Goodnight.”


Arnav closed the door quietly as he reentered the room.

His heart ached seeing her.

He wanted to erase all the pain…

And tomorrow morining, I fucking WILL.

He had had enough of her sadness.

And after a year of being without her, he wasn’t about to let her go again.

Gently smoothing her hair away from her forehead, he leaned down and pressed a 

kiss to her lips softly.

“I love you…”

She didn’t even stir.

Positioning himself beside her, he carefully pulled her close and held on, until sleep 

finally took over.


A soft whimper woke him.

Cringing at the bright light, he moved to try and reach the window, but only found 

himself covered with a sprawling Khushi.

His heart brimmed with joy as he smiled.

For a year he had woken up feeling dead inside, and now, he wanted nothing more 

than to pause this moment forever.

“I know that when you wake up, we may face another day of tears, but right now, you 

and I are one. And I KNOW in my heart that you love me.”

He ignored the glaring sun, and stayed as still as he could, memorizing the way her 

body felt against his.

I have made love to this beautiful woman…she was mine wholly and completely and 

I…I gave that away…all because of…

And the anger returned.

The fury surfaced.

I lost over a year with you because of my fucking stupidity. But that ends NOW!

Gently moving her legs off his lower body, he rolled onto his side and stared down 

at her face.

“Damn you’re divine…” he murmured as he rested his hand on her stomach…

He waited.

Feeling her belly rise and fall as she breathed.

His mind triggered the memories of her crying, her jolting breaths that could hardly 

be caught…

Dragging his hand higher, he slid his palm between her breasts, resting his fingers on 

her heart.

He felt it beat rhythmically.

Again, he remembered her stuttering pulse.

The spasming staccato beat that only showed how traumatized she was.


“I NEVER wanted you to feel that way…and knowing I caused it…” he shut his eyes 

tight…”I want your breath jolting from pleasure…I want your heart beating fast for a 

climax you never thought was possible…”

And his eyes opened.

Seeing the small bow on the nightie she was wearing, he cautiously tugged on one end.

As it opened, he saw a clearer view of her chest…

But not enough…

Needing more, he started to unbutton the tiny buttons leading downwards…

“Oh…my…God…” he breathed as he saw her naked breasts…

Leaning down, he breathed in her scent…

He glanced up at her face and smiled before turning back to place a hot opened 

mouthed kiss on her chest.

“Ohhhhhhh damn you’re so soft…” he whispered against her skin as his lips moved 

along to the flesh of her breast…

She was his addiction, and now that he had tasted her again, there was no stopping.

Eyes closed and remaining gentle, he kissed, mouthed and dragged his lips along her 

breasts, avoiding her nipples…

But soon, his eyes popped open.

As he moved his face along her chest, he felt something hard pressing into his cheek…

A very peaked, swollen nipple.

Chancing a look at her face, he saw her cheeks flushed, even though she still slept.

“Damn I love this…to hell with it…”

He no longer could stop himself, and he opened his mouth over her nipple.

He waited.

Feeling her chest rise and fall once again.

I need to taste her…

And he let his tongue slide along the tip.

Not flicking, but a long, long slide.

His body nearly ignited.

Lifting his other hand, he reached over and rested it on her other breast, feeling his 

phallus get harder every time her nipple pulsed against his palm.

He growled unconciously as his mouth grew bolder.

His tongue licked harder.

And he began to suck…

Lifting his body higher, he alternated between breasts and smoothed his hand down 

over her stomach once 


This time, he pulled her night dress upwards and held her sex with his firm hand.

He felt her twitch slightly and he looked up, seeing her flushing with deeper colour.

“My gorgeous wife…you’re so b-“

His words halted.

His hand froze.


His palm was getting saturated.

“Yes…yes…that’s what I want you to feel!”

Having a newfound sense of power fill him, he reached inside her panties and ran his 

fingers along her pouting labia…

“Oh my God…”

As he continued to glide his fingers through her silky moisture, he felt her hips start 

to undulate.

Tearing his mouth away from her breast, he kept his gaze on her face…

Go on Sweetheart…wake up…

And she did.

Her eyes unclear.

Her face bright red.

She took a deep breath in and felt her body rush with heat…


Hearing her drugged response, he slid his arm beneath her neck and continued his 

gentle assult on her sex…

When her eyes finally found his, he felt as though he would explode…


And her neck arched as he parted her labia and massaged her clitoris.

As she shreiked, Arnav caught her parted lips with is own.

He devoured her mouth as if he could sate his hunger for the past year, delving into 

the recesses with a greed he had no control over.

Her deep moan only prompted his already ferocious need.

She shiverred as he massaged her clit faster…

Khushi was panting in his mouth and suddenly cried out loud as he plunged two 

fingers into her, feeling her swollen nether lips part easily.

He pulled back, starting into her eyes as he penetrated her slowly, deliberately, owning 

her pleasure as though it were tangible.

“All for you…”he whispered…

Her body was now shining with perspiration, her thoughts in disarray.

She remembered the feeling of climaxing, but this was stronger.


“YES!” he snarled…

Her shaky hands were now trying to reach for him…


He felt her tensing…

Her clitoris was hardening…

She was going to cum.

And she took one last deep breath before she fell into a climax with a violent full-body shudder, her inner muscles pulsing powerfully at his still-thrusting fingers.

Nothing she said made any sense…

All she could manage were sounds and screams…

He flexed the arm behind her neck and pulled her mouth to his as he continued to 

thrust his fingers inside her, lifting his thumb to rub her clit again.

And she screamed.

Coming again.

And again.


“Quiet.” he warned her…

He slowed his actions, not wanting her to pass out before he could be inside her.

Pulling his boxers down, his phallus bobbed out hard.

She was trying to say something, and he made sure she could see him taking 

complete notice of her…”I’m here…I’m not going ANYWHERE…”

He could still see slight denial in her eyes, and he needed to shock her into the 

moment again.

Pulling his arm out from under her, he reared back and tore her underwear, parted 

her legs and thrusted into her, no more waiting.

The weight of his body forced his entry.

He sank deep into her, touching her womb.

Eyes now wide and alert, her hands flew to his shoulders…

He paused, and hissed, loving her touch.

But almost instantly, her hands were gone.

His gaze turned deadly, “Put them back.”

Alert but not afraid, she replaced her hands…

“I NEED your touch. NEED it.”

He had never been so hard.

Never been so tense.


He breathed out…”I love you…Damn it…I love you…”

Digging his feet into the mattress, he thrust inside her, spearing into her body with 

mindless penetrations.

Her back bowed, crushing her breasts to her chest.

The feel of her body against his made his abdomen clench.

His blood raged as her inner muscles clenched around him, massaging his phallus.

Slamming his mouth to hers he groaned, “I’ve missed you…My GOD I’ve missed you…”

And a sob caught in her throat.

Roaring loudly, he shoved his arms beneath her, and smashed their bodies together.

Her pelvis was now completely restrained as he possessed her.

He withdrew partway, then shoved back inside her.

Finally she screamed…”Again!”

“Forever.” He said darkly, as he took her harder and harder.

His penetrations increased, faster and faster, until he was riding her relentlessly, 

nailing her to the mattress with his powerful drives.

He growled, unable to stop, needing to be deeper inside her.

“Come for me.” he demanded.

Screaming out loud, she spasmed violently.

“Yes, GOD yes!” he growled as she tightened around him, her body jerking like a live 


Her sex tightened harder and harder until it started convulsing, milking his penis.

Pinning her to the bed, he held her immobile as he drew out her climax.

He thrusted harder and harder until his own orgasm spiralled through him, electric 

shocks burned through his testes until he exploded inside her.

Screaming himself, he felt his eyes sting and his throat get gritty.

He might have lost all sanity if it weren’t for the woman beneath him.

Demanding consciousness from himself, he started down at Khushi…

“Shhhhh…I’m here…I’m…I’m here…breathe…”

She tried to even out her breathing, but nothing worked, she panted, letting his body 

calm her…

As she began to quiet, he tried to reassure her…”It’s just you and me here…your 

family left to have breakfast 

with Payal and Di…It’s just you and me…take your time sweetheart…”


He held her closer…

“I’m…I’m…still in love with you…”

Arnav froze.

“I don’t know what to do…”

Her tone was so tortured that he moved in closer…”I’ll tell you what you do…You come 

back to me…You let me love you the way you deserve…”

SS : The Moment Is Coming Part 4

July 17, 2015

Arnav could hardly believe what he had just witnessed.

He stood dumbly outside her house, in shock…

That wasn’t my Khushi…

Utter fury heated his blood…

I may have done this…but I will un-fucking-do it! She is my wife and I protect what is mine!

“Oh do you really? I was your wife before I ended up in hospital Arnav, and you damn well didn’t protect me then.”

His head shot up…”Khushi?”

“Yeah you must have picked up that ‘thinking out loud’ shit from me…”

He blinked hard, almost cringing at her vulgar language.

“Khushi, can we talk…please?”

She chuckled, “No. I’m going to bed.”

He was about to reply when she slammed the window.

That resounding bang hit his heart hard and he felt the tycoon inside him jump to life.

Turning around, his eyes aflame with anger, he banged on the front door.

“What? Bitwa? We told you-“

Pushing past Buaji, he growled, “This is UNACCEPTABLE. She is MINE and I will not have her turn into someone else or something else…”

Garima, who still sat on the couch in tears, lifted her hand to Buaji, “Let him…he may be the only one who can get through to her…”

Storming forwards, Arnav didn’t bother to knock on Khushi’s door…

Straightening his shoulders, he forced all this weight onto his footing and kicked her door open…

Khushi screamed as the loud crack shocked her into the moment…

The door flew closed behind him with the violence of his entry.

Standing up, Khushi’s expression grew livid…

 “What the HELL do you think you’re doing!? Get the hell out of my…”

Arnav prowled towards her with deadly eyes…

 “I’m telling you right now MRS. RAIZADA, that I will NOT let what has happened turn you into THIS…” the way he said the word showed his genuine disgust and sorrow…


It was Arnav’s turn to chuckle, “How dare I!?”

He caught her up against him in a motion that was almost too fast to see.

One moment she was pointing at him, and the next moment his arms bound her against him.

She tried to squirm away, but she couldn’t move…

“Let me go! I’ll call the police!”

Arnav’s gaze lasered into hers…”Listen carefully, MY WIFE, I don’t give a  fuck if I am arrested for my actions! I’m  reminding you who you are married to and reminding you just who YOU are!”

She had only a moment to inhale the warm scent of his skin and notice just how solid his body was before his mouth claimed hers.

His kiss was demanding.

His lips pressed hers apart while he cupped her nape and angled her face upward for the assault.

She struggled against him, trying to push him away, but he held her prisoner.

It was a ‘fight or flight’ attempt to maintain her sanity.

She was trying desperately to not let her discipline crumble beneath the teasing motions of his lips.

He wanted her mouth to open, to devour her the way he wanted, but she was still trying to hold him off…

But what was worse was the fact that she knew she wanted his kiss, and needed it to be harder.

Anger consumed her and she bit his lip hard making him pull back slightly…

“You want to play dirty Khushi…? You know I can!”

He walked their joined bodies backwards to the wall and pushed her against it harshly…

In sudden shock, she curled her hands around his shoulders, gasping with shock.

The kiss changed instantly.

His tongue thrust into her hot mouth…

He became more demanding, and it fanned the flames smoldering inside her.

Passion leapt to life inside her, as though they hadn’t parted at all.

It twisted and bit into her, potent as a drug.

Khushi unknowlingly let out a deep moan and Arnav growled a savage sound…

She shivered, the reaction instant and uncontrollable.

His grip continued to hold her in place as he raised his head and locked stares with her.

Hunger glittered in his  eyes, making them glow.

She was mesmerized by the sight, because it echoed her own longings so closely…

“YOU, the Khushi that is MINE, that I KNOW, is inside here!!!” he held her tight, sliding his hand up her chest…

She made an attempt to push him, but he wouldn’t budge…

“Oh no, My wife…I know your ways…And I am NOT going anywhere…I may have been a complete fuck before, letting you down the way I did, but that is NOT going to happen again!”

Her heart was involuntarily beating harder and harder…

“I will not let your fear overcome YOU, and they damn well won’t beat me! So get THAT through your stubborn, disrespectful head!”

He didn’t wait for a response but sealed her mouth beneath his own.

NO!!!!!!! He can’t do this! NO!!!! Ohhh!!!!! Oh his kiss…NO…oh….

Keeping their mouths pressed together, he snarled…”I don’t BLAME your attitude…I understand it Khushi, but I won’t LET you remain this way! I won’t LET you be this person!”

She tried to dig her nails into his skin to deter him, but he only kissed her harder…

The way she tried to fight him had their bodies rolling across the wall…

Had his legs blocking hers…

His arms flexing, muscles easily restraining her…

I can’t get away…oh God…I can’t get…get away…

And the ice in her heart began to melt, bringing forth a mournful sound from her throat…

The sorrowful sound of her cry drew him closer like a magnet…


Just hearing him speak her name made her eyes fill up…

He clenched his teeth…”Khushi…”

With nerves aflame, and heart beginning to spike, he spoke carefully, “Khushi…Khushi I’m sorry for everything that has hurt you so deeply…I know you are trying to  protect yourself, but I can’t let you do that…I am here to do that…As your husband, and as the man who loves you…”

“No…” she interrupted with a whisper…

Unable to bear the pain, Arnav tightened his grip on her body…

She blinked in shock as tears streamed down her face…

Before she could even breathe, he took her mouth in a brutal kiss.

His mouth was hungry, lacking the tenderness he had thought would be there…

Instead, he forced her lips apart and thrust his tongue inside, plundering her like a starving man.

Bending his knees, he ground his hips to hers.

A whimper filled his mouth.

One that spoke of hunger, of need, of unbridled control released.

Khushi’s resistance was weakening fast…

Knees beginning to shake, Arnav held her fiercely to keep her from falling.


Her mind woke up and startled her…

Planting both hands on his chest, she tried once more to push him away…

But he held firm, “No Khushi! NO! I WILL shatter that ice around your heart! I know it will hurt! I know you are afraid, but I AM HERE! I am not going anywhere!”

Khushi began to panic…her heart beating wildly…

“Khushi…I’m sorry, forgive me PLEASE!”

Her burning eyes hit his…”Sorry?! You are only sorry until the NEXT time you want to misjudge me or hurt me! NO! No I cannot be put through that again! NO! I can’t…I can’t let…let this happen…I need to stay this way…Or I will drown in pain…”

Taking a harsh breath in, she started to rebuild the frozen stance within her…

Arnav instantly saw, “No. NO!”

Gripping her body powerfully, he threw her onto the bed…

He had to play the only card he had left…

“Don’t you DARE try and turn off your feelings Khushi! You, are my wife! We are MARRIED!”

Eyes wild and arms flailing, she screamed at him, “Married! MARRIED?! This isn’t a marriage! You break my heart constantly!”

As she tried to move away, he dropped the weight of his body against hers, leaving her immobile…

“Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, I know it hurts to remember, but we have each other! Look at me! I am not giving up!…”

The spark that had been missing from her eyes was now flickering…

She mentally screamed at herself ‘”NO! This torture finally has to be put to rest!”

But Arnav was now in control…

“That year without you…my heart was no longer beating with life…It was beaten…and I will not let you feel that way!”

As he felt Khushi try move away again, he became desperate…

Holding her firmly, his mouth latched fiercely onto hers…

Khushi fought.

She pushed.

She twisted, writhed and physically demanded escape…

But Arnav’s grip was unyelding…

His power and strength was now dominating her with full force…

White-hot desire slammed unmercifully into his body.

His breath caught, tearing their lips apart.

Their eyes finally met.

Passion, hot and alive, smoldered between them.

And yet the hurt he had mercilessly bestowed on her was ripping her heart into shreds…

He could see her bleeding expression…

Heart pounding like a drum against his chest, he slipped his hands lower to brace her hips.

Holding her tightly against his hard body, he pressed their sexes together…

She felt so right, so perfect in his arms.

The urge to berate himself was warring with the need to possess her…

He lifted his lids and took her mouth in another scorching kiss.

Khushi knew she was losing…

Breathing was already difficult…

Emotions were now resurfacing in her heart…

Holding her down with his lower body, he began to trace his fingers up her rib cage…

He felt her gasp into his mouth as his hands covered her breasts..

His lips pressed more brutally hers at the same time he wedged her nipple between a thumb and forefinger and squeezed.

Devouring her mouth, he swallowed her cry and increased the pressure of his fingers.

All thoughts of where they were and the pain that surrounded them ignigted within her.

Trying one final time, she tried to shift, nugde and propel him away, but every effort was in vain…

His mouth fused to hers, teeth clashing, tongues tangling…

And as he covered her body like a second skin, she released a cry that touched his heart.

“I know it will hurt…It will hurt to release the memories…but I’m here…so you can do and say whatever you want, scream, kick, lash out, tell me you hate me, but Khushi…” his fingers tightened on her nipples and his hips pressed harder into hers, “I love you, and I’m not going ANYWHERE.”

And she broke.

SS : The Moment Is Coming Part 3

July 16, 2015
 Khushi’s face went bright red, as her lips trembled…
“Khushi…are you…does…this mean…I mean…What…”
With a sudden terror, she pushed away…
Arnav immediately tried to get closer, but her outstretched arms and frightened voice halted him…
“No…p…please…please…no…no more…”
“Khushi…Shhhhh…” he held up his hands in surrender…”I don’t want to scare you…shhhh…”
She shivereed and Arnav felt it all the way to his bones…
It took the strength of a nation to hold himself away, but he teetered on the edge as she spoke…
“I don’t…I…I don’t know why I said that…I…I don’t know why I’ve said anything tonight…”
Arnav mentally screamed at himself…”Quick! Do something! Change the subject before you scare her too much, or God forbid, before she changes her mind.”
Nervously, he held out his hand and his chest seized up in pain as she flinched…
“I will never hurt you again Khushi…I promise…Let’s go downstairs for dinner…”
Her gaze flitted from his eyes to his hand, and his heart crumbled as she rejected it and walked slowly past him…
Arnav opened the door but before he took another step, turned to face her…”I never intended to scare you tonight Khushi…”
She blinked a few times, but stayed silent…
But in her head, was a tumultuous whirlwind of memories, pain, love, and fear…
When the family saw Arnav and Khushi returning,  they all tried to look busy…
But she could barely focus, let alone speak…
Payal slowly let her away…
“Arnav?!” Nani whispered loudly, “What happened!? Is she okay!?”
His eyes flashed, “She is fine…we…talked for a moment…”
Garima motioned to everyone to be quiet and let it go…
“Amma, This is KHUSHI! How can you be allowing Arnavji-“
“Look at her! Look at her face! She has color. Look at her eyes! They are alive.”
Payal and Anjali both studied Khushi as they walked towards the dining area…
“It’s true…” Anjali said quietly…
“Whatever evil tore them apart, they were still meant to be together. Now let it happen.”
Payal eyed them both warily…”I don’t know…I don’t want to see her hurt again…”
Dinner had settled her nerves slightly, but Arnav’s heart was still soaring…
He couldn’t hold a conversation.
Couldn’t focus on food.
Couldn’t even breathe properly.
After a monumentally grevious time without her, to have this happen was causing him to hope.
“Well, we had better be going home now.”
And that shattered into his conciousness, giving him ALL the concentration he needed.
All eyes now rested on him.
“Chote, you’ve been quiet all night, and now you choose to speak?”
Ignoring Nani, his eyes went from Khushi to Garima and back again…
“It’s alright…It’s just late…we need to get some sleep…maybe you would like to visit in a few days?”
Buaji’s jaw dropped…”What!? Have him come over? I don’t think that-“
“Yes. Please… It would be an honor.”
Arnav’s words were shocking everyone.
His utter devotion to Khushi and his extreme attitude was a living thing that needed to be recognized.
“Then we look forward to your company…” Garima glanced at Khushi…”Khushi? We shall look forward to seeing him?”
Her timid eyes slowly rose and locked onto his.
Everyone began to get up and say their goodbyes.
Arnav stayed close to Khushi until it was just them left at the door…
“Come to the  car when you have said goodnight, we will wait…”
“Th…thankyou…for sending the car to pick us up and drive us home…”
Arnav was silent.
But his eyes wouldn’t shut up.
Her fingers fidgeted with her duputta…”Thankyou for a lovely dinner…”
Arnav took a step forwards.
“I…I guess…I will…will see you  in a few days…”
“I can make jalebi…if you like…”
She continued to step back, as he prowled forwards…
“And…and maybe…”
But her sentence hushed…
Her back was against the wall and her husband a breath away…
“I am more in love with you than ever…”
Unknowingly, tears began to fall from her eyes…
Lifting his hands, he held her face, gently wiping away each trail…
“What I feel for you Khushi…” he shook his head…”it is unending…this past year has been harder than anything I’ve ever had to go through…I NEED you to realize just how devestated I am over what I put you through…”
She started to shiver, her emotions straining…”I can’t…can’t be back here again…”
Pressing his chest against hers, he spoke firmly…”You won’t ever be back in that situation again…EVER…”
Her eyes widened as she recognized the power in his voice…
“I am telling you RIGHT NOW, that you will never have to face anything alone, you will never be a second thought, nothing will come before you, EVER again…”
Without warning, he slammed his mouth onto hers.
Overwrought with shock and fury, Khushi pushed him off and slapped him so fast he never saw it coming…”NO! NO I will not believe this!”
Bells were clanging in his skull as loudly as his heart had been thudding.
Muttering under his breath, he hurled her back against his body…
Khushi was already tired of crying…tired of remembering…
“I started out with so much control!”
“Neither of us have ever been in control when it comes to each other Khushi, I know I never have…”
Needing to get away before more tears could slip from her eyes, she begged, “Please…please just let me go…”
“Never…” It was a whisper, urgent and husky.
She tried once more to get away,  but he blocked her escape with his arm, her breath heaved still in her throat.
“W-what are you d-doing? Arnavji…please…” she stuttered.
“My heart is yours…and even though we have been apart this last year, you have been right here with me…in my mind, in my heart…”
His voice was strained.
“Damn it Khushi, I’m so in love with you I’m about to lose my mind.”
He stared at her hard, almost wild-eyed, and then with a mutter, he wrenched her close and kissed her so thoroughly, she had no time to make any protest.
Breaking away with a heartaching groan, he held her shoulders to the wall with a pained look in his eyes…
Taking her hand in his, he held it to his heart…”This heart…is yours…take it back…I’m begging you…”
“No…Nnnnoo…I can’t…” she whispered, heart thudding…
She didn’t dare breathe while he studied her intently for several moments, a muscle twittering in his cheek as if a battle waged in his mind.
His chest expanded and released with a slow, weary breath…
“I love you…” and as soft as the summer breeze feathering her skin, he lowered his lips to hers, his touch so tender that it stole the breath in her lungs.
And for a moment, she allowed her heart to feel…
But soon, one painful heartbeat struck her chest…
Shaking her head, she cried…”No…NO I can’t! I nearly died! I can’t be back here!”
Turning as fast as she could she ran away from him…
“Khushi, Please!” His chase was desperate, but before he could catch her, she had climbed into the car…
Watching her carefully, he saw Garima spot him behind the gate…
She nodded knowingly and turned back to Khushi, putting an arm around her…
And they drove away…
Arnav couldn’t move until the car was out of sight…
He paced back and forth…
Finally sitting down on the couch in his room
He didn’t even realize he had walked back inside.
Had anyone spoken to him?
He had no clue.
“I shouldn’t have  kissed her…” he grumbled and pulled at his hair…”YES! Yes I should have! She responded to me! She said my heart was still hers!”
Briskly standing back up, he walked outside to the pool…”Damn this!!!  This is my fault! This is that fucking woman’s fault! My pride, my anger…”
He stopped and let out a loud scream…
Staring at the sky, his eyes hardened…”No.”
His hands clenched into fists…”NO! I will NOT lose her. I can’t take another year without her.”
Khushi rushed from the car to her room…
She didn’t want to answer.
Garima slowly walked in, “Talk to me…”
Tears threatened again…”No Amma…please…”
Sitting beside her, she gently touched Khushi’s shoulder, “It’s me…You can talk to me…you always have…”
Happy memoires began to fill her head…
Only to be stunted by pain…
She could feel Arnav’s kiss on her lips…
Only to be blocked out by the image of him and Sheetal laughing…
“Get out of my room!!”
Garima flinched back with shock…”Wh…what!?”
Khushi stood up fast, her hair flying over her face, “I said, GET OUT of my room! This is MY room! And I wish to be alone! Do you understand!?”
Buaji hurried in, “What are you doing!? How DARE you talk to your mother like that!”
Khushi’s eyes turned a frightening color as she lost all familiarity with herself, “I will talk how I like! I will not have my heart and mind invaded anymore! Now LEAVE MY ROOM!”
Garima, who was starting to break down, quickly grabbed Buaji’s arm and led her out…
They heard Khushi’s door lock behind them…
Buaji hugged her sister tight at she began to shake…”I’ve never…never seen her like that…”
Garima tried to speak…”She is scared…I thought that she would allow love and happiness back in…but she’s shutting off…”
“What do we do!?”
“Jiji, it’s her minds way of protecting herself…”
Buaji scoffed, “This almost makes me WANT her horrid husband to come over and teach her a lesson.”
Garima stepped back, nearly ready to slap Buaji.
“Don’t you DARE say that about her. You KNOW what she has been through…Just because she isn’t handling things the way I assumed, DOESN’T mean we belittle her. She was put through so much, and she is SCARED!”
“You are right…” her voice was shrouded with shame, “I was angry…”
“Exactly…just like Khushi is…”
It rarely came to him…
And when it did, it was filled to the brim with nightmares.
Family together.
Family destroyed.
Love found.
Love lost.
Arnav slept fitfully…
Until his dreams took a turn…
Arnav’s heart began to shatter…
Perspiration broke out all over his body simultaniously with an ice cold chill…
“Hurry…Hurry to her…you may be too late…”
Arnav sat up, feeling sick with anxiety…
It had been two days since he had seen Khushi.
“I can’t…I can’t take it any longer…”
He stood up and stormed towards his car.
Driving aimlessly in the bleak night, all he heard was the haunting voice that filled his dreams…
“Hurry…Hurry to her!”
He pushed down harder on the accelerator…
In sheer panic, his  foot slammed on the breaks.
Furiously, he threw his car door open and stormed out…
All other feeling ceased to exist.
It’s too late to be calling on her…
Debilitating pain began to cripple his heart…
“Why must I hurry! What is wrong! Why does my heart feel strange!”
Exiting his car, he hurried so fast to her front door that he looked like a drunken person…
Knocking firmly, he saw lights were still on…
Buaji soon answered and He instantly saw how tired she was.
No longer ASR, and no longer Arnav, he became the desperate child he once was…”Buaji…I’m sorry…I’m so sorry to be visiting this late, but…”
“Who is it Jiji?”
As soon as Garima saw who it was, she froze…”Arnavji…You are here?”
Arnav quickly tried to explain, “I apologize for how late I am calling, but I just…I felt that something was wrong…I need to see Khushi…”
Garima was shaking with emotion…
“Please go from here…” Buaji said quietly…
Arnav’s clouded eyes darted from Buaji to Garima…”Please…” his voice was rasping…”please, I need to see Khushi…” he grabbed Garima’s hands…”I don’t know why, but I feel that there is something wrong…is she okay?”
Garima broke away from Arnav and collapsed onto a chair weeping…
Arnav stood and tried to comfort her when Buaji intervened…”NO…leave her…please leave here…”
He knew what was left of his soul would die if he left without seeing his wife…”What is wrong? Is Khushi alright?…Buaji, I’m begging you, talk to me please…”
“She’s not here.”
Arnav’s eyes shot over to Garima.
Pure dread filled his heart, “…Wh…What? Where…”
“Her body is here…but Khushi, my Khushi, the Khushi I know…she is not here anymore…”
“What? What do you mean?”
Buaji slumped into a chair next to Garima…”I have never seen someone so full of hate, so full of disrespect, so full of emptiness. She hates me, Garima, she even shuns her babuji. She is rude to the neighbours, to her friends…and…and feels nothing for anyone…”
“No…” Arnav shook his head…”She’s hurt…I’ve…I’ve hurt her…that’s what…I need to, I need to make it up to…”
“The night we arrived home, she changed…she is so scared that she is hiding her true self…she cried until she passed out, she collapsed to the floor and just faded away…”
Arnav clenched his eyes shut, not wishing to picture the love of his life in that condition…”Why…why didn’t you call me! I could have done something! I could have helped!”
“We thought she was in shock…we thought she just needed time to think…but the very next morning…” Garima continued…”a completely different person woke up…”
“No…No…I don’t believe…”
“What is all this noise! Can’t you call Shut Up!”
All eyes turned towards the new voice that filled the room…
“When you’re all done playing yelling like idiots, let me rest!”
Arnav was horrified.
“Khushi…” he whispered…”Why are you talking like…
Pacing slowly towards him, Khushi pointed a finger at his chest…”Don’t you DARE talk to me! I hate your very existance! So how to you think I feel about the SIGHT of you!”
“Khushi! Please…He has come here to…”
“Buaji! Enough! I’m not interested in why he has come, or WHO he even is!”
Arnav could hardly breathe…”I’m  your husband…”
At that Khushi began to laugh…
Laugh so hard that she thought she’d get a cramp in her side…
“You?” she tried to control her voice…”YOU? My husband? I think NOT…Now PLEASE keep it down!”
She turned to leave but Arnav caught her arm…”Khushi, I’m here to see you…I have missed you…”
Yanking her arm free, she turned to face him…”Missed me? Me? I mean nothing to you!”
“What?! WHAT!?”
Arnav was losing all hope..”Hurry…Hurry…”
“Khushi what has happened? Only two nights ago you said my heart was yours!? You said I still had YOUR heart!? What has happened!?”
Standing tall, not a single tear forming in her eyes, Khushi looked straight at him…”You had me. But you will NEVER have me again. Goodnight.”
She turned and disappeared into her room…
Arnav shook his head…”No…No this can’t be happening…”
“She has been like this for days….We know it’s her mind’s way of coping with her fear…”
“Fear? I won’t let anything harm her! I…I need her…I was…I was wrong…I…”
Buaji took Arnav’s hand…”You have to leave…”
As he was led out, Arnav pleaded again and again to come back to see her…
But all he saw were two grief stricken faces, closing the door to his life.

SS : The Moment Is Coming Part 2

July 15, 2015
Precap – 
Khushi shut the door behind her…
This is so strange…
Her thoughts were in complete disarray…
I haven’t been here since…
Memories flooded in…
“No Khushi…that is in the past…yes, I did it, but I am not in that place anymore…”
She took a deep breath and calmed her nerves…
Meeting her stare head on in the mirror, she was unblinking as she spoke, “how far have you come? A long way. You are not where you were before. You have made new friends. You have learned to look after yourself better. You have let go of all the old feelings.”
Her eyes slid closed…
“Then why have I started to hurt again?…why am I feeling pain…pain that isn’t my own…? I put him out of my heart…”
But even as she stood there, there was a heart beating outside the bathroom, that beat right alongside hers…
Love, even when let go, is never fully lost…
The reawakening had begun…
Opening the bathroom door, she cautiously walked out…
Surveying the hallway, she took her first step forwards…
But as she moved past her old bedroom, she saw the unmistakable shadow…of her husband.
Arnav had stood outside the bathroom, listening to the running water, hearing her soft footsteps, then hurried back to his room…
He tried to keep his panting breath as quiet as he could…
Khushi willed herself to keep walking, but her body would not obey.
His shadow visibly stiffened and she could hear his ragged breathing…
“Yes…it’s me…I’m sorry…I’m here…I’m…I’m not trying to scare you…I just…I wanted to make sure you were okay…”
His voice was unrecognizeable…
Unknowingly, she had walked closer, “I understand…I’m alright…”
His hand rested on the door handle, and he nervously opened the door…
Despite the sheer panic and fear in his heart, he’s clumsy as he presses his mouth against hers, breathing her air…
Even though her own anxiety was ripping into her heart, she could taste the sorrow on his lips.
Grief has slowed him, paralysed him, but his heart controlled his actions…
His mouth attached firmly to hers, seeking desperately…
Memory instantly jumbled with the present and she began to pull away…
Oh my God…what is happening!
“Please…please Khushi…” he said in despair…
She tried to back away once more…”No…n…no…”
His lips were still brushing against hers as he begged, “Don’t…don’t…please Khushi…”
Part 2
As he opened the door, Khushi felt her knees start to shake…
‘I’m going to be face to face with him…after…after so long…’ thoughts plagued her mind…
Arnav walked out slowly, terrified to scare her…
Her lashes lifted and their gazes met.
Lips parted, she tried to speak, but coudlnt’ manage to summon a single sound…
His eyes…
“That’s the pain I feel!” her mind shreiked…”Why am I feeling his pain!?”
“Khushi?” he murmered cautiously…
She began to breathe harder…
Arnav frowned, fright and panic slowly creeping into his expression…”Khushi? I…I’m not…I’m…I only wanted to…”
“He still loves me! His heart is dying without me! NO! NO! I don’t want to feel this…” her thoughts raged…
Moving towards her, he felt his pulse quicken even more, “Khushi…don’t be scared…please…I only wanted to make sure you were alright…Khushi?”
“His heart…he…oh no…” she felt her world caving in…
Unable to cope with her fragile state any longer, Arnav rushed forwards and lifted her into his arms…
The second he touched her, he felt warm…after such a long time…
The second he lifted her, he felt his strength return…after an entire year…
The second he held her close, he felt his heart explode with need and love…moreso than what he’d been feeling for her previously…
Rushing into his room, he placed her carefully on the bed, seating himself close…
Facing her, he lifted his shaky hands to her face, “Khushi…?”
Her eyes were almost flashing with the myriad of thoughts slamming into her mind…
He nodded, moving his thumbs over her cheeks, praying his heart wouldn’t give out on him…
“I…can…can feel it…”
“…what? Tell me…I’m here…I won’t let anything happen…tell me…”
She felt her eyes well up…”I can feel your pain…”
He froze…”My…you can…you…”
“Why can I? Over the last few weeks…I…I don’t understand…”
His own mind began to race with thoughts…”She can feel my pain!? She is still connected to me! She is!”
“Khushi, I don’t want you to feel any pain…How I feel…I deserve to feel…”
A fury unlike anything she’d ever felt began to sweep through her body, “What!? You aren’t allowed to say that!”
Feeling totally unmanned, Arnav began to shake, “Why? Why Khushi!?”
“I kept your heart safe! SAFE! Now it is only in pain!? You can’t do that! NO!”
His heart palpatations were deafening him…”Why?!”
“Because your heart is MINE!”
His hands dropped from her face as every ounce of strength left his body.
Khushi’s face paled with shock…
What did I just say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????
She stumbled as she pushed away from him, standing on trembling legs…
Arnav, with eyes that now dripped with emotions, he rasped out…”yes…it is…it always has been…”
Khushi covered her mouth, unable to fathom where all this was coming from…
“I need to…I need…I need to get out of here…!”
As though in slow motion, he watched in horror as she started to walk away…
NO! God no! Don’t leave me! Not again! No! please!
Reaching her before she could open the door, he spun her around into his embrace…
Their eyes instantly locked and he could bare it no longer.
Despite the sheer panic and fear in his heart, he was clumsy as he pressed his mouth against hers, breathing her air…
Even though her own anxiety was ripping into her heart, she could taste the sorrow on his lips.
Grief had slowed him, paralysed him, but his heart controlled his actions…
His mouth was attached firmly to hers, seeking desperately…
Memory instantly jumbled with the present and she began to pull away…
Oh my God…what is happening!
“Please…please Khushi…” he said in despair…
She tried to back away once more…”No…n…no…”
His lips were still brushing against hers as he begged, “Don’t…don’t…please Khushi…”
Her entire body began to tremble, “I…I can’t…I…”
“Khushi I love you…I love YOU, only you…forever…you…”
“NO! Khushi stop! Stop him from…” her thoughts come to a halt as her heart began to beat faster…”my heart…my…my Arnav…”
He desperately kissed her, and after a devestating few seconds, he felt her begin to kiss him back, finally accepting the love and comfort he wanted to offer…
His hands shook as he pulled her closer…
The sadness in his touch hadn’t quelled, yet fire burned past the tears in his eyes as he twisted their joined bodies and pressed her hard up against the wall.
For one crystal fragment of a second, Khushi felt fear…
“I have to stop this…but…but if I do…”
That’s when she realized…
If THIS ended, there would be no more kisses, no more touches, no future nights spent wrapped up in each other’s arms…
“No…” she began to murmur…
He vaguely heard hear and was out of his mind with panic, “yes…yes Khushi…please…I’ve been lost…completely lost in mourning, if you leave me, my life will end…”
Arnav pressed against her, his firm body leaning on hers, his eyes wet and hurting…
Not willing to wait for an answer, he pressed even harder into her body, tearing a gasp from deep within her…
“I need you…I NEED you…YOU…I am…I am so sorry…so…so…sorry…so…sor-” Defeat deadened his voice, whispered like a confession in her ear. “…sorry…”
The expression on his face was drawn in pain and loss.
She had gone to the bathroom to escape, just for a few minutes.
She needed her own emotions in order survive the night…but now…
“I told you I forgave you…all that time ago…I forgave you for everything…”
He saw her beginning to shrink away, her emotions remembering…
Swooping in, he kissed her gently, “I can’t forgive me…”
“Arnavji…please let me go…”
His voice broke…”I…I…I can’t…”
Finally, finally, he uncoiled, and holds her, sobbing.
“So long…so…so…long…”
The pain, that she felt before surfaced more…
“Khushi, I…” his hands tightened on her…”I love you…I have ALWAYS loved you, and I…I know, I was a complete idiot, but I’m telling you now, I WON’T hurt you again, I won’t! I will make you happier than is humanely possible…I will…”
Her mind felt close to exploding…”all these emotions…I am damn terrified…and yet…why do I feel like an emptiness is being filled…??”
As her heart beat hard in her chest, her eyes began to open wider…
“IT’S HIM! He never left my heart! I gave back his, but he still held a piece of mine!”
Her sharp inhale brought his attention straight back to the moment…
“Khushi?” he moved some of his weight off her, “Did I hurt you? Damn it, did I? Are you okay?”
The grip that she had on his shoulders was now growing tighter…
“You still had…”
His eyes narrowed as he nodded, nervously encouraging her to continue…
“You…you still…still had…”
“Still had what? Don’t be afraid to talk to me…please…please…”
“You still had my heart…”
He held his breath…”What…?…” his eyes filled with hope…”What!?”