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SS : I Can’t Let Her Go!

March 3, 2012

hey all… i wrote this in 5 minutes so i’m sorry if it aint any good Big smile

let me know what you think though Smile
This takes place
After 6 months are up.
After Arnav discovers Khushi’s innocence.
After Arnav Begs her forgiveness.
After Khushi refuses and moves back in with her family who are now desperately protective of her.
After Arnav begs Di to help him get her back…
The Raizada’s were awating the arrival of the Guptas.
Payal hadn’t seen them for a week now and hadn’t seen Khushi for almost 2 weeks.
Anjali could see Arnav’s face impatiently waiting for any glimpse of his wife…
She didn’t know the full story, only that her brother had done something so wrong that Khushi couldn’t forgive him…
The doorbell rang.
Payal was so excited and rushed to answer. She immediately embraced  Buaji and Garima…She knelt down to hug Babuji…and then saw Khushi standing behind them all…Payal ran to her hugging her tight…
As they walked in, Arnav’s eyes eagerly searched for Khushi…
And then he saw her…
His heart plummeted…
She was thinner…
She was pale…
She no longer smiled…
He went to greet the family one by one…their eyes held contempt for him, but they were respectful…
He finally stood before Khushi…”Namaste Khushi…”
Her eyes met his and his heart tightened…”Namaste Mr. Raizada…”
She started to walk past him…Anjali looked at Arnav, who looked like he’d had all life sucked from him…
Payal saw how weak Khushi had become…and offered to take Khushi to the kitchen to make jalebi…
Khushi smiled softly and accepted…
Arnav was about to follow…when he heard Anjali ask…”How is Khushiji? We miss her very much…”
Buaji spoke first…”i told her i’d never allow her to set foot in hear again! But she insisted to come to see Payal. Why she is even talking to ANY of us after the way we treated her is beyond me!”
Anjali looked away sadly…
Nani spoke up, “How is she though…”
Garima looked at Arnav saying, “I’m sure you will be glad to hear that she is quite sick. She has hardly eaten for 2 whole weeks! She gets dizzy, she has fainted at least once a day…”
Arnav stared at Garima in horror…he felt like he was dying…
“And she cries all the time! It’s breaking out hearts…the first time i have seen her smile in months is just now, when she walked off with her jij!” Garima started to sob as nani came to her and put her arm around her…
Arnav quickly stood…and said, “i can’t hold it in anymore…”
Looking at Anjali he said, “Di, i  don’t want to do this , but i love Khushi more than anything in my life and NO secret is worth keeping  seeing her like this…Shyam. He did all this. He decieved me. He deceived you. He was the one engaged to Khushi. He was the one who betrayed us. Khushi said she wouldn’t tell you and she would keep it quiet but i can’t do it…not seeing Khushi like this…”
Anjali was surprisingly calm…”Chote, i have known something was wrong for sometime…but i haven’t been wanting to believe it…”
“I’m sorry Di…”
The rest of the family were in shock. The Guptas confirmed Arnav’s story and gave more details to Nani who was astounded…
Garima looked at Arnav…
“Thankyou, for clearing Khushi’s name. But this changes nothing. We want you to end the marriage. That is final.”
“I can’t, I love her…please let me try and…”
“You will not make her suffer anymore! END THIS! Or we will find our own lawyer and end it!”
Arnav staggered back…Anjali came to him…”chote…the damage is too great…you need to let her go…”
“no. Di i can’t. I love her. I love her so much my heart is aching constantly…Di, i’m so sorry. i’m sorry for what …”
“no chote. i’m stronger than you think. You don’t need to be sorry…but you need to consider what Khushi needs…”
“She needs me. Not the ME she lived with before. She does. I know she does. I love her. And I Can’t let her go!”
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  1. March 3, 2012 11:52 am

    loved it awesome os

  2. smita permalink
    July 10, 2012 1:17 am


  3. November 13, 2013 6:15 am

    awesome story

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