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SS : I Can’t Let Her Go Part 10

March 4, 2012

Khushi saw Arnav walking towards her again…slowly…earnestly…
She started retreating …the fire coming from his eyes was scaring and exciting her…
“stop moving back…”
Arnav’s gaze softened seeing she was about to trip…and readied him self to catch her…
As soon as She stumbled her reflexes instantly reached for Arnav…
He loved how, that without thinking, her body sought his help…
Arnav’s left hand caught her arm and pulled her firmly against him as his right arm went tight around her waist…Khushi’s hands were resting on his chest…
“you never have to worry…i’m here for you…”
She had tears forming in her eyes…Arnav held her and let his tears fall along right with hers.
Finally, she whispered, “I can’t do it.”
“You don’t know that,” he said desperately…”I’m only askin’ you to try.”
“How? By forcing me?”
“I’m not forcing you Khushi…I’m just trying to make you realize that you still have feelings for me…”
She pushed back firmly, secretly hating that his arms were no longer around her…”FINE! I DO! I do have feelings for you, my heart stirs every time you are close to me…but i don’t want to do this!!!”
Arnav’s heart jumped at her admission…
“Khushi…you have no idea…no idea whatsoever how thrilled i am to hear that…”
“I just said i DON’T want to do this!”
“you also said you do have feelings for me… And i’m hanging onto that! And you aren’t leaving this damn room until i have you again…heart, mind and soul!”
“Ugh!!!!!! You are infuriating!!!”
“Ohhh, i haven’t even STARTED tormenting you yet…” and Arnav moved to the couch and sat down, hungrily looking at her…
“Next challenge…”
2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 4, 2012 11:27 pm

    awww she admitted but he ain't going to stop this easily

  2. March 5, 2012 3:35 am

    loved it their aren't going to give up loved it (DUMAS)

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