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FF : I Feel Everything Prologue

March 5, 2012

Introducing…The SEQUEL to FF : I Feel Nothing

I would recommend reading the above FF first, so you can understand the history of the story 🙂

FF : I Feel Everything


It had been two weeks since Shyam had been arrested…Anajli was still very heartbroken, but she was starting to heal knowing her baby would be arriving soon…Nani was her constant support…Payal and Akash had started talking about starting a family…and The Guptas were finally starting to soften…

Arnav woke up and initially panicked seeing that Khushi wasn’t there, but he saw a small note on her pillow saying…”Goodmorning…Come and get it…Breakfast…and me…”

Arnav snarled with energy…he quickly went to shower and get dressed…needing his wife more than food…he rushed downstairs and saw his food waiting for him at the table…but it wasn’t food he was hungry for…

As Arnav entered the kitched he saw her…damp silky hair…glistening skin…
She sensed he was near and turned to look at him…
He strode towards her, took her gently in his arms and kissed her with as much tenderness he could muster, needing her acceptance. Her surrender. Khushi tried to crank the heat up, but he wouldn’t allow it. He gently bit down on her lower lip and briefly held it hostage between his teeth.

“Ah. Ah. Ah. My pace. And I’m wanting  slow, wet and sweet kisses from you right now, sweetheart.”

“Arnavji… I want more than kisses.”

With deliberate slowness, Arnav bent down, breathing on her neck before he placed his lips on it. “I love the way you taste right here.” Khushi shivered, releasing a husky moan.

“Khushi want you under me, on top of me, in front of me, every which way I’ve ever thought about taking you and then some…but the family will be up soon…and Akash made me promise last night, and i also remember YOU persuading me too, to go to the office today… “

“I was stupid…i was joking…” Khushi sighed…”I was right though…you do need to go out…everything is fine here. I am safe…”

“But…Khushi…” he pressed his body against hers showing his need for her…”i won’t be able to concentrate…i need…”

“We need to start regaining structure in our lives now that everything is safe…”

Arnav remembered all that had happened…how he’d almost lost her, how he’d broken her heart…Khushi saw him remembering …

“Jalebi!!!!! ” Khushi yelled completely shocking him…

“What the!?”

“did that stop you from reliving the past?” She grinned…

“I love you…”
“I know…”

“Khushi, i’m going to go crazy without you today…”

“You’re only going to the office for four hours…”

“four hours…”he sighed…”I’ll be home just after lunch…isn’t that when everyone will be out?” Arnav asked as an idea suddenly struck him…

“Yes, the family will be out…why?”

Arnav’s eyes became dark with passion…”when i come back…you better be prepared…because I am feeling devilishly desperate for you…”

“What…Wh..what are you going to do?”

“when i get home…” he started saying, his hold on her tightening as he started moving her backwards against the kitchen bench…”as soon as I walk in the door…you better be prepared…because i plan on making love to you…wherever you are standing, sitting, or laying…and if you run…i’m chasing you…okay Mrs. Raizada???”

Khushi was now pressed up against the counter and her heart was pounding and her thoughts were jumbled…she tried to reply… “…uh…uh…Yes. No. Umm. Maybe.”
Arnav grinned at her mindless response…he squeezed her slightly saying…”Khushi, Which is it?”
“yyeess…Oh God yes…”

He released her quickly picking up his laptop…”Where are you going?”

Arnav turned, his whole body now fidgeting…”I have to go…now…because being so close to you is going to make me combust…i need to work off all this extra energy…” he said pulling at his collar as he was not getting quite hot…

“I love how much you love me…and want me…” She said winking…

“Khushi…just stop for now please…” Arnav was getting annoyed…

“stop what…? Oh you mean reminding you how much you want me?” She was now beaming brightly…

“Khushi…stop…” his voice was rousingly agitated…

“ok ok ok…” and she looked him square in the eyes and licked her lips slowly…

Arnav quickly slammed his laptop back on the kitchen counter and shut his eyes trying to keep calm…

Khushi loved how riled she could get her husband…and seeing him almost begging his body for control made her start to giggle…

“You think this is funny!? i’m basically GLUED to the floor here!”

She stared at him for a second and then went back to hearty giggling…

Arnav couldn’t take his eyes off her…His brilliant, sexy, headstrong wife that troubled herself with too many responsibilities and too little personal time’giggled like his young and spunky Khushi.

That’s when Arnav knew he was done for. . .

He closed the distance between them and smashed his mouth to hers, kissing her with the passion that he could finally unleash freely whenever he wanted. 

She matched his every tongue tangling, lip gliding, teeth nipping move, adding a few of her own, until he was dizzy with desire. 

Why did he have the strangest urge to break out into song like some cheesy romantic comedy hero? 



He was far from being a hero, but it didn’t matter, because he already had the woman of his dreams…

Arnav eased back from the reckless kiss, pressing his forehead to hers.

“Is it lunchtime yet?” she murmured…

He chuckled, feeling elated that she was just as anxious as he was.

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  1. March 5, 2012 12:51 am

    I loved the start!Can't wait to read moreeeee

  2. March 5, 2012 3:51 pm

    loved it pls continue soon

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