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OS : FROZEN . . .Part 3

March 9, 2012

“NO! KHUSHI!!!!!”
Arnav ran to her…feeling like his very being had just been plunged into hell…
His mouth went dry…he felt his throat closing up…as soon as he reached her he held her face in his hands screaming her name…
“Khushi! Khushi! No no no! Please! Wake up! Open your eyes!!!”
The doctors hurriedly went to Arnav trying to pry his hands off her…”Mr. Raizada…please let us see to her! You need to back off!”
But Arnav wasn’t registering anything…His eyes were glued to his wife, his tears pelting her face…
Security came and pried him away as he kept yelling her name screaming, “NO! NO! KHUSHI! KHUSHI!!!!!!!!!”
“Please Mr. Raizada. Let the Doctors try to resuscitate her…”
“Get your hands off me! I need to wake her up! She doesn’t even know that i came for her! She needs to know that i came for her!”
The guards were used to handling anguished family members, but even their hearts were straining for Arnav…it took 4 of them to finally hold him at bay…where all he could do was wait and watch…
Arnav continued to struggle against them…he willed his own heart to stop…he wanted all this to be a nightmare that he could wake up from…
“Why aren’t you doing more! Work faster! What’s wrong! What has happened?!”
The doctors needed to tell Arnav all the facts … One of them approached him saying, “Sir, your wife’s heart appears to have stopped.”
Arnav let out a scream of despair…
“Please listen…we are trying to get her body back to normal body temperature since extreme hypothermia can suppress heart and brain function…please be aware that until then, we don’t know where she is…she may come back, or…”
“Sir, we have to be truthful. Once her body is back to the normal temperature, if her heart doesn’t start again, we have to pronounce her legally dead. i’m so sorry.”
Arnav’s whole body went into shock. He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t move…all he could do was look at her…Security continued to restrain him as Arnav watched in terror as they started Active Internal Rewarming Techniques…
No heartbeat.
His body wrenched in pain as the doctors attached intravenous fluids to her arms…as they pushed tubes into her throat…
No heartbeat.
Arnav’s breathing started to get faster…his rage building…his fear escalating…
He heard the doctors say, “Normal temperature reached. Begin resuscitation. . .”
This was it. With beastly aggression and strength, Arnav broke free from being held back and raced to her side…he carefully picked up her hand and held her lifeless pulse point  to his lips… His bloodshot eyes were fixed on her…
Security came to stop him , but the doctors motioned them to stop…”Let him…this may be the end…”

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