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OS : Wild Repentance Part 5

May 19, 2012

“I’ll be back in a little while Di, I’m bringing Akash his lunch today…”

Anjali nodded and smiled, then had an idea…”Wait…”

She walked to Payal…“Try and talk Khushiji into going with you…I sense tension between her and Chote again…it may enlight him to see Khushiji visit…”

“Oh…I can do that…I will tell her that we’re going shopping …she won’t suspect anything…” Payal said confidently…

“I don’t understand them at times…” Anjali said shaking her head…

“Who don’t you understand Di?”

Khushi walked into the room with her  phone in hand…

“Oh, nothing we were talking about some of Akash’s office workers…”

Payal quickly intervened, and grabbed Khushi’s hand, dragging her away…”Come, I’m going shopping and you are coming with me…”

“Jiji, release my hand! I’ll come! you don’t have to drag me!”

Payal stopped and her expression softened…


“What are we doing HERE!?”

“I have to take lunch to Akash…” Payal said as innocently as she could…

“YOU KNEW! and you brought me!?”

“Khushi, I know something isn’t right between you and Arnavji…you need to fix it…it’s making everyone worry, especially Di…”

Khushi felt concerned for Anjali, but the thought of seeing Arnav again after their morning kiss was concerning her more…

“I only have to drop it off…We don’t have to stay…I will say hello, and then we can go home…”

Khushi reluctantly stepped out of the car…

As they entered the building, Payal was allowed in, but Khushi was stopped by security…

“We can’t let you through Mrs. Raizada…”

Khushi eyes popped with shock…”What did you say?”

“Weeks back Mr. Raizada told us not to let you through…”

Payal looked truly surprised…

Khushi remembered and quickly snapped at them…”You can let me through…I know he won’t mind…we had an arguement that day and…”
“No Mrs. Raizada. You are not allowed to enter.”

Payal spoke to the guard…”Excuse me, I am her sister, she will be with me so there’s really no need to…”

“We are not allowed to let her enter with anyone.”

Khushi’s anger towards Arnav had now begun to surface again…”Please CALL him and tell him!”

Payal nodded, “Yes, I know he will tell you this is all a mistake…”

“No. He is in a meeting and we aren’t allowed to disturb him. We don’t want to lose our jobs…”

Although Khushi felt herself becoming livid, she also realized that tears threatened to flow…

“He says he loves me, he says he wants me to stay with him, and yet…”

“What? what did you say Khushi!?” Payal had heard her mumble and looked up…

Trying to appear at ease, Khushi said, “Nothing Jiji, you go to Jijaji, and I will wait here…”

Payal hesitated but Khushi pushed her along…

“I’m sorry Mrs. Raizada…He gave us strict instructions…”

“It’s fine. He gets everyone to do his dirty work for him. He’s not man enough to do it himself.”

With that, Khushi stomped out to wait at the car…

When Payal came out, she quickly sat next to Khushi in the car…

“He WAS in a meeting, Khushi…” payal said after sometime…

“It’s fine Jiji…How was Jijaji…?”

“He was surprised about you not being allowed in…”

“Let’s not talk about it again…”

The rest of the drive home was in silence…


Arnav marched down the stairs almost 5 hours later and was soon approached by his security…

“Whatever it is, you can tell me tomorrow…I’m going home to my wife…”

“Mrs. Raizada was here.”

Arnav immediately stopped and stared at them…

As the words sank in, his anger erupted…”What! Why didn’t you tell me!?”

“You told us not to disturb you, as you were in a meeting.”

He balled his fists feeling furious with himself again..

Stepping forward, he snarled at the men…”When it concerns my wife, you are to contact me NO MATTER WHERE I AM!”

“Yes Sir. We are sorry sir…” The guards voice shook…

“Did she wait long?!” Arnav tried to regain his composure…

Hearing the question, the guards looked at each other…terrified to talk…

“She…She came with her sister…her sister was leaving food for Akash…and…”

Arnav straightened…”what are you not telling me…”

“Sir, the last we heard from you, you told us she wasn’t allowed in the building so, we told her…to…to stay….out…” 

Arnav’s eyes turned red with fury.

His entire countenance was preparing to burst with rage…

With every ounce of control he had left, he tried not to maul his staff as he spoke…


“Sir, we are so sorry, we were only doing…”

Their sentence was cut off as Arnav harshly shoved past them…

As he sped home, he mentally prepared himself for the confrontation he would have…

She was already furious at him, and rightly so, but now this…

“Stupid! Why didn’t I tell them! But I never expected her to come to…” He let out a frustrated groan…



“Di, where is Khushi?!”

Anjali frowned…”Is everything okay?”

“Where is she?!”

Now scowling, her voice tensed…”She’s in the Kitchen…What is wro…”

Arnav didn’t stay to listen…

As soon as he saw her, he rushed to her and, gripping on to her shoulder, he turned her towards him…

She yelped…”What…Let me go! I’m cooking!”

“I’m so sorry, I forgot to tell them…When I told them you couldn’t come in, well, it was before, before I found out…”

Her eyes narrowed…”Oh, well since you ‘didn’t know that I was also a victim then’ that makes it all better…” her tone mocked him…

“Khushi, I know what I did was wrong, I had no right to doubt you, I am truly sorry…”

“Let me Go.”

“Khushi, please, I’m trying!”

“I told you before, at the end of this week I will be…”

Her voice stopped and she stepped forward to embrace him…

Stunned to silence, Arnav didn’t bother to question it, he wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips to her hair…

“Khushi forgive me please…” he whispered

Her hands caressed his back and although he was suspicious of her motives, he relished her touch…

“Chote? Khushiji?”

His heart sank.

Anjali had been watching.

He knew he deserved this, he had put her through the same torture…

“It’s so good to see you both happy again…I’m sorry to keep disturbing your intimate moments…” Anjali smiled and turned to walk out…

When she was out of sight, Khushi tried to pull away, but was encased firmly in her husbands arms…

“Let me go…”

“Khushi, forgive me…”


“Stop this! What kind of man are you!!!!!!!”

“I know that I’m the only man for you Khushi! I Love you!”

Her eyes were lasers…”The only man for me!? You aren’t man enough to love me!”

Her last words exploded in the air between them.

His clear eyes turned hazy, his jaw clenched, his body locked.

His hands lifted until they grasped her upper arms.

He looked like he was ready to shake her or do something else, something completely…irrational.

Her body lit up like an electrical current.

Her lips parted to take in breath.

And she waited.

“Not man enough to love you!?” His mocking tone raked over her.

He lowered his head so his mouth stopped inches from hers.

With slow purpose, his hands moved from her arms and upward to circle her neck.

Linking his fingers around the sensitive flesh, his thumbs tipped her head up, so he clearly spotted the wildly beating pulse her dress didn’t hide.

He watched her frightened face while he continued the torture by tracing the line of her collarbone, the slope of her shoulders.

Then moved lower.

Both palms slid down her front and cupped her breasts in his hands.

Excitement and terror danced over her nerve endings.

Her muscles softened and grew weak.

Her breasts swelled and ached, rising to meet him.

His thumbs grazed the tips, and a low groan rose from deep in her throat.

He made a low murmur of satisfaction as he continued the stroking, teasing motions.

She felt him harden, rise and press against the sensitive apex between her thighs.

Liquid warmth rushed through her as he backed her up against the opposite bench…

“Maybe I should PROVE to you just how much of a man I am…” He thrust his hips against hers to give her a taste, and she shook in response.

“Don’t you EVER say that about me again…” Her tummy plunged as his talented fingers plucked at her nipples and stroked her, his motions gentle and tender even as his words held anger.

She trembled before him, a bundling mass of emotion and sensation, but her mind stayed icy clear.

He was going to kiss her.

He was determined to give her so much pleasure she’d beg for more, and he would leave her pride and sanity shredded, giving her no room to think about walking away from him…

His love, power, and manhood had been threatened, and he wanted them back.

After all, he was still Arnav Singh Raizada.

The wild call of mating and male dominance beckoned him, and she was stuck in his path.

His body heat pulled and tantalized and tortured her thoughts.

She needed to get away…fast.

Plastering on a fearful expression, she pretended to see someone behind them…

Arnav turned to find the source of her fright and the moment his arms released her, she stepped far back from him…

Khushi looked straight into his eyes and cracked the final whip. “I need to finish cooking… You repulse me… so STAY AWAY FROM ME…” Her icy tone contradicted the unspoken words of desire pulsing in the air between them.

He broke.  

Arnav walked toward her with a steady slowness that made her move away for every footstep forward.

Her back slammed against the wall when he reached her.

Slowly, he splayed his palms flat against the wall on either side of her head.

His body caged hers.

His wide stance trapped her between his legs.

He bent over and directed his words right against her lips.

“You may very well hate me…but you also know that you love me…”

Her entire body stiffened. “I feel nothing for you”

The wildly beating pulse at her neck contradicted her words.

“Try again.”

“Go play your head games with someone else”

“You love me Khushi. Why don’t you finally admit it?”

Fury spat from her in waves. “I don’t want you. I just wanted your money remember! I just wanted to trap you! I was a low class nobody who had a characterless heart!”

He then realized…that she was hiding behind all her pain…he had broken her heart so badly that he needed to shock her into believing in love again…

She had used her pain to stop him before, but tonight…that wasn’t going to work…

He closed the distance another tight inch.

Her breasts pressed against his chest, and her nipples were hard little points stabbing out of her thin night dress, begging to be freed.

Her breath came in ragged gasps, her perfume swamped his senses.

He grew hard, and her eyes widened as his full length throbbed against her leg in demand.

“I’m calling your bluff, Khushi.”

Pure shock registered on her face as he removed one hand from the wall to casually unbutton his shirt, slide off his tie, then grasp her chin with a firm grip.

She refused to believe it…her defiance resurfaced…“Prove it.”

He stamped his mouth over hers, not giving her a chance to think or back off or push him away.

He invaded her mouth, plunging his tongue inside the slick, silky cave, then closed his lips around the wet flesh and sucked hard.

She grabbed to push at his shoulders and made a little moan deep in her throat.

After a few seconds of resistance, he squeezed her harshly and she surrendered…

Khushi reached up and tangled her fingers into his hair, holding his head as she kissed him back and met demand with demand.

Her hips rose up to thrust against him, and his taste and smell invaded her like a drug.

Her skin burned as all the pent-up desire she’d buried deep burst out of her body in a flood of heat.

She was ravenous for his taste, for his hands to strip off her clothes and take her right there against the wall, and she reveled in his wild response.


An alarm bell rang in her head and cut through the mist of sexual fog.

He’d backed away from her before…

He’d dismissed what had happened between them before…

This knowledge skated along the edges of her mind, until she dragged her mouth from his and yanked the hair at the nape of his neck.

His head shot up.

He blinked as if coming to from a long sleep, and she caught the question held in his eyes.

Khushi made herself say the one thing her heart didn’t want her to say. “I don’t think this is a good idea…”

She held her breath and waited for him to step back, waited for the fog to clear from his mind, waited for him to agree. Waited for him to tease her and tell her that it was all an act…

She got her second shock of the night when he smiled down at her—a dangerous, masculine smile that promised unspoken pleasures and raw, hungry passion.

“Right now Khushi…I don’t care what you think….” He easily tossed her over his shoulder…

With a surreal grace, he climbed the stairs and headed straight for their room….ignoring the gasps and questions of his family…

Her breasts bounced against his back and her belly was crushed against the hard bone of his shoulder, but she couldn’t dredge up any words to inform him this was ancient caveman behavior and no longer acceptable.

Because her body was pulsing with electricity…

As they entered their room, he stood her in front of him, spun her around, unwrapping her from her sari, and then tossed her on the bed…

Unbuttoning his shirt, he threw it to the floor…

She sprawled in the center of the bed wanting to get away before he completely destroyed her resolve….

But shock held her immobile and he used this to his advantage…

He crawled onto her and with one quick thrust of his tongue, he parted her plump lips and entered her slick, feminine, heated mouth…

Drugged on the taste of him, she circled her tongue with quick, urgent strokes…

As if a tightly closed door opened under a sharp kick, Arnav almost heard the shatter as their control broke.

She opened her mouth and drank, then made her own demands as a low growl of hunger escaped her lips.

He pushed his body hard against hers and challenged each thrust of her tongue as her arms wrapped around his neck and her back arched.

Her breasts tilted upward for full offering.

As her back arched, he snapped open her bra and tugged at the remainder of her clothes…

His head spun as her flavor swamped his senses.

His hands came around to cup her heavy breasts, and his thumbs began to rub her tight nipples.

He became mad for the feel and taste and sight of her.

His crazed heartbeat just a secondary noise to the roar in his blood.

He tore his mouth from hers to sink his teeth into the delicate line of her neck.

A shudder wracked her body, as the new sensation took control of her…and he made a low murmur of satisfaction as he moved lower to feast on her breasts, his tongue delicately licking the tip, nibbling, while she squirmed against the bed and urged him on.

His mouth opened over her and he fed, sucking hard on her swollen nipples as his hands slid around her back to grasp her waist, forcing her hips up to cradle the length of throbbing, hard flesh begging for entry.


“Don’t … stop.” her voice strained…

He looked down at her….

Her breasts were slick from his mouth, her nipples tight and aroused by his attentions.

Her belly quivered.

Swollen lips parted, allowing panted, ragged breaths to escape.

His voice scraped like sandpaper over her ears, one side rough, the other smooth.

“Stay with me Khushi…”

Her eyes flew open and locked on his…

His gaze scorched her as he drank what her eyes revealed.

He had broken her heart…and that was what was driving her to leave him…

Their breaths rose and fell together in an uneven, choppy rhythm.

He hooked one leg around hers and moved over her in one quick motion.

Each delicious inch of his arousal was now cradled between her legs.

He combed his fingers through the strands of her hair so the waves tumbled over her shoulders.

He covered her lips with his and plunged his tongue deep into her mouth.

She arched like a bow as the lightning crack of energy ripped through her.

Her fingers clung to him as she held on and kissed him back, drowning in the taste of male heat.

He parted her legs and tortured her with lavish pleasures…

He poured out his heart into loving her until she became crazed with need, until there was no more pride or logic, just this ache to have him inside her.

His mouth moved on her breasts, sucked her nipples, and nipped with his teeth.

A shudder rocked her body when his hands moved lower…

He began to pull away the last barrier between them…

She gasped and tensed as his fingertips grazed her silken folds.

She was hot. Slick. Ready.

He wanted to spread her wide, explore her secrets, and lose himself so deep in her until neither of them could tell where one started and the other ended…

She made a sound deep in her throat as the pads of his fingers circled and teased the crevices of her sex.

Slowy and cautiously, he slid a finger inside her, slowly stroking her inside walls and rubbing the outside sensitive nub with his thumb.

Khushi squirmed and whimpered…

He pushed in a second finger, pushing deeper and deeper.

Her nether muscles clenched around his hand, her hips jerking and her breath hitching.

She encouraged him with soft sounds,  and unconsciously matched the movements of his hands, rocking and grinding.
Khushi  let out a sobbing wail, her thighs clenching around his hand.

Her orgasm was dangerously close…

Withdrawing his hand, He interlaced all ten fingers with hers, and pressed their joined hands deep into the pillows.

Khushi blinked…she could feel his damps hands against hers…The evidence of her body’s need for him…

She gazed into the endless depths of his eyes… a deep, dark brown that held an array of secrets and a gleam of tenderness she’d only ever seen when he looked at her…

Having freed his throbbing erection, Arnav pressed himself slowly into her…

Liquid warmth rushed out to ease his entry…

He pressed an inch, then another.

Her body tightened around him and she panicked, knowing she’d finally belong to him, knowing he would be a part of her for the rest of her life…

He paused, almost as if he sensed her emotions. “Khushi…I know you are scared…Talk to me…”

She shuddered with pure need as she felt him retreat one precious inch.

“No, I just, I need to know…”

“Tell me.”

A fine sheen of tears filmed over her eyes, her emotions now raw and easy for him to read.

“I wish you wanted me… Only me… Not because you’re protecting Di, or because you want to punish me or…”

“Oh, God….” He closed his eyes.

Khushi watched sheer agony and guilt ripple over his face.

He stopped at her entrance and bent to kiss her.

He tenderly mated his tongue with hers, stroking, tracing the swollen flesh of her lips in an action that bespoke pure humbleness.

And when he opened his eyes and looked into hers…she saw him…his heart…she saw…

The truth.

“It’s always been you. I don’t want anybody else… I don’t dream about anybody else… It’s only you….all my heart has ever wanted…is you…I am in love with you Khushi…”

He saw his words begin to sink in to her heart…

Blinking once more, she sent new tears down her face…

“Stay with me…”

Before she could answer,he buried himself to the hilt inside of her making her cry out…

Her body opened… accepting his engorged length, hugged him deep as he severed her virginity…

His fingers gripped hers and pressed harder into the pillow as he held himself still, remaining deep inside her…

He could see her whimpering…soft tears falling from the corners of her eyes and falling to the pillow…

“You…love…me…” she breathed…

He slowly moved out and slid back in again…

She clenched her teeth and hissed as the sting pinched her body…

He moved carefully, slowly at first, letting her get accustomed to the rhythm.

What started out as a brutal act to convince her, had now turned into a deeply passionate entwining of souls…

The twisting spiral path tensed her muscles, stopped her breath, and teased her with each inch as she moved closer to release.

It was a raw combining of needs, rough and primitive, and she reveled in the honesty of their lovemaking as sweat slid down his forehead and her nails dug deep into his back until she exploded.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her…

Seeing her lose herself was worth everything.

She collapsed against him, gasping and shaking, chanting his name.

Exactly what he’d wanted to see, except she’d humbled him.

Unmanned him.

He’d never seen passion so raw and real.

His erection throbbed relentlessly, begging for release.

He ignored his own needs, his arm tightening around her, supporting her and holding her close as her climax ravaged her body…

Finally her breathing became less jerky and her hands relaxed, then fell away.

He began to move inside her once again…

Almost instantly her muscles clenched around him.

His eyes widened…she was so responsive.

He knew that making love to her would be an earth shattering experience.

Her hands came up to grasp his shoulders again…

“Khushi…open your eyes…”

She shook her head…

He increased his pace and her moans became louder…

“Open your eyes!”

Her eyes flew open…

One final plunge of his hips and he took them over the edge.

He pulsed inside her as her hungry sheath clenched him over and over again and her hot liquid bathed him.

Her eyes were on his as she shook with the force of it, her entire being centered on the clutching tremors in her body, and the thick, heaviness of him filling her.

As their bodies recovered, He rolled so she sprawled on top of him, her cheek against his slick muscled chest, her hair spilling over her face, their hands still entwined…

No thoughts claimed her in this moment, and she treasured the deep peace as she let herself go, safe in his embrace.

She slid toward sleep as he held her tightly. …


Arnav inched out of bed, careful not to wake his wife, and walked out to the poolside to watch morning light rise.

He considered this marriage officially consummated.

Arnav rubbed a hand over the back of his neck and tried to think rationally.

He sure hadn’t thought things through last night.

Not that he had any regrets.

The way her body fit his, the way her pleasure satisfied him.

He loved the way she looked into his eyes and dragged her nails over his back and experienced multiple orgasms.

He loved the way she screamed his name.

They had reached for each other many times through the hours, their hunger insatiable.

But it wasn’t just the physical that made the encounter so mind-blowing.

It was the other connections, to her mind and soul.

The way she let him see her vulnerability, the way she let him in even though he’d crushed her heart…

He hated that she still feared him, but the God honest truth was that SHE actually scared the hell out of HIM.

He needed to talk to her…

Their relationship couldn’t end.


And after the hours  he’d spent in her arms, he knew  he could never turn back….

But would she? At the end of this week, did she still intend to walk away?

He turned when he heard her moan…

Khushi mushed her face deep into the pillow as the reality of the situation hit her like a freight train.

She’d slept with her husband.

Not once.

Not twice.

But at least three times.

Too many to term it a crazy mistake.

And too wildly intense to pretend it wasn’t real….

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  1. May 20, 2012 12:28 am

    Wow the last sentence caught me She slept with her husband not once , twice but more than thrice to call it a wild mistakeHa ha after such a passion full nite she is thinking like thisSlly goose hope she can get over the fact he don't trust her in the beginning Hope they start fresh…..Smileyhug7679

  2. May 20, 2012 1:18 am

    awesome sarah…..i hope they realize how much they mean to each other…..especially after a passionate night..shy

  3. May 20, 2012 1:32 am

    She’d slept with her husband. Not once. Not twice. But at least three times. Too many to term it a crazy mistake. awesome update loved it that was so hot hot hot and beautifully done loved it hopefully they can start over loved the update thanks for the pm

  4. May 20, 2012 7:24 am

    i thought you'd go all cheesy with this as usual, but this was fantastic! good job!

  5. May 20, 2012 5:46 pm

    awesome…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excellent wordings and writting…!!!! 🙂

  6. May 20, 2012 9:42 pm

    like probably everyone else i love the last comment khushi made!

  7. May 21, 2012 12:36 pm

    A Hot update!(tinsel)

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