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SS : 6 Months Till A Kiss Part 18

May 21, 2012

“Please don’t say anything to Di…please…”

Arnav heard Khushi’s pleads, but he SAW Khushi’s red cheek…

Fury ignited inside him once again…”After THIS you expect me to keep pretending everything is alright?!! No Khushi, I can’t do that…”

She sat up fast and he followed…

Her eyes were starting to overflow…”No…no Arnavji. please please don’t do anything, Di is so close to having her baby, please…”


There was not even a slight chance he could resist her…

“Shhhh…” His arm snaked out and pulled her solidly against his chest.

He bent so close that their lips were almost touching…”shhhhh…”

He paused over her mouth for a moment, then crushed his lips to hers…

There was a terrible hunger in their kiss.

Starving lovers too long denied… they devoured each other.

They clung together, their soft cries of pleasure muffled against each other’s lips.

The love that they both had so stoutly denied came pouring forth in the kiss.

Arnav held her closer, branding himself with the glorious feel of her.

He buried his left hand in her hair and pulled her closer, reveling in the perfect fit of her hips against his, marveling at the sensations that rocked him.

He wanted to take her right there and then…

He wanted to strip off her clothes and taste every gorgeous inch of her body.

Desire rose in him so strongly that he thought he would explode.

“Khushi . . .” The word was half plea, half groan, spoken against her lips.

As their mouths continued their hungry course, he knew that she was as blinded by passion as he.

They were on the cutting edge of danger, about to plunge over.

One more minute of this sweet agony and there would be no turning back for him.

“Khushi?” Payal called out from outside their room…

Khushi snapped out of her entranced state and tried to pull away..but her husbands arms were immovable…

He lowered his mouth to her neck, sucking her hot skin…

“Arnavji…Jiji is at the door…”


Khushi moaned as he continued to kiss her neck…

“Jiji…I’ll be down soon…”

Every instinct drove him toward possession; but he stayed his hands from exploring her body further, knowing full well if he did not stop now, his passion would be beyond his control.

He tried for a light tone, but his voice was ragged with desire. “Come, Well…we’ll go downstairs now…”

He was rewarded by her heavenly smile as he held her hand bringing her to stand…

Khushi quickly tried to cover up the red marks on her face…

Arnav looked on, feeling his blood roar with fury…

But his hand softly grasped hers and they walked downstairs…

Anjali noticed straight away the flushed look on Khushi’s face…”Khushiji? Are you alright?”

Khushi looked up at Anjali…”I’m okay Di…I was just feeling a bit tired…after last night…”

Anjali looked over at Arnav and grinned…”Chote, You’ve tired her out…”

Arnav didn’t take his hands off Khushi until she was seated next to Nani…
His mind made up, he straightened as calmly said…”Excuse me please Di, will you stay with Khushi please?”

“Um, sure…why Chote?”

But Arnav had walked away…

His walked purposefully, with alarming calm.

Listening outside Anjali’s bedroom door, he heard Shyam talking on the phone to someone…

Not bothering to knock, he stormed inside, yanked the phone out of Shyam’s hand and threw it against the wall…

“saale saab? is there a problem?” Shyam said smiling…

Arnav’s eyes were glowering with disgust and rage…”You would DARE hit MY wife in MY house…?”

Shyam felt a shiver through his veins at Arnav’s deadly quiet voice…

“Did I do that? Did you see me? Or is she making things up again?!”

Hearing blame put back on Khushi finally shattered his calm…

He rushed to Shyam’s throat, gripping his neck tightly…”I swear, if you TOUCH, LOOK AT, OR EVEN THINK OF her again, I…WILL…KILL…YOU…”

Shyam smirked…”really… empty threats again…”

Increasing the pressue of his hold on Shyam’s neck Arnav’s quiet voice returned…”I gave my word to my wife that I wouldn’t create more stress for Di…You can stay at your office…sleep there, eat there, die there for all I care…But you are not allowed back in this house…leave…” arnav’s eyes glanced towards the door…”now…”

sorry it’s short…will be longer next time!!!

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  1. smita permalink
    July 9, 2012 10:38 pm

    That shyam ughhh
    I want him out of arshi’s life

    Really nice update 🙂 😀

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