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SS : Yours Sincerely, Murder Part 7

May 26, 2012

“Is your family cursed or something?” The Lieutenant asked Arnav.

Arnav only glared at the man.

This Lieutenant worked in the special crimes division.

They stood at the back of an ambulance, where Khushi was being treated for shock.

She refused to go to the hospital.

Since the EMTs convinced him that she was fine, for the most part, he didn’t press the issue.

Smoke singed the wind, and heat from smouldering kitchen still melted the air.

Fire trucks blocked the street, red lights flashing.

Someone had finally turned off the damn sirens.

“You two okay?” Akash asked.

“No, we’re  ****ing NOT okay…” Arnav snarled…

He stilled when he felt Khushi’s hand on his arm…“We’re fine Jijaji…”

Arnav’s breath caught as it hit him how close, how very damn close he’d come to losing her.

If she’d been a few feet closer, or God forbid, standing IN the storeroom, when the blast happened…

He squeezed her hand.

His own were riddled with tiny scrapes…

He couldn’t care less…Khushi had scratches and cuts all over her…and one long slash down the side of her arm from a piece of glass.

Other than the shattered glass, and the ashed out storeroom, the radius of the blast had not spanned further than the cafeteria…and no one was severely hurt. Thank God.

Blowing out a breath, he tried to calm the rage pouring through him.

“All right, you’ll probably be sore for the next couple of days. Don’t be surprised if you have some bruising. Take some sedatives if you start to feel shock again…If something else comes up, go see your doctor,” the EMT stated.

Khushi nodded and Arnav helped her up, pulling the brown medic blanket together at her collar.

He looked around.

Akash was shoving journalists out of the way.

Reporters stood off to the side behind a barricaded area.

He cursed.

His family.

He needed to get hold of them so they wouldn’t see or hear about this on the news.

He didn’t want anymore stress added to Khushi…

Holding his trembling wife close to his body, he turned to Akash and told him to inform the family that they were all safe…he didn’t want them to see it first on the news…

Arnav focused all his attention to Khushi…

She still stared blankly towards his office building…

“Khushiji?” Akash asked, his voice hard. He too was feeling shaken and was about to demand the truth about what had been going on…

Arnav roughly grabbed the his brother’s arm.

“I will handle this…don’t you DARE bring this up with her…I’ll handle it…”

Akash’s angry gaze pierced him…“Will you? Can you?”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Bhai It just means . . .”

“Excuse me…” A voice interrupted them…

“I’m the detective in charge here…I need to ask some questions…” The man said into the yawning silence.

“What do you need Officer…”

They both turned to the cop, except Khushi.

The man rubbed the corner of his mouth with his finger. “Well, I was on my way to talk to you all…I’m not a big believer in coincidences and I saw that a complaint, regarding threats, had already been filed by Mr. Raizada yesterday…”

Akash raised his brows at Arnav and angrily walked off.

The policeman looked to Khushi, and Arnav straightened as a spurt of possessiveness shot through him.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped closer to her just as the other man did.

“So? You came to talk to MY WIFE, about what?”

Arnav stood between the two of them, noting she never so much as shifted.

“I will need to speak to HER about what happened…. But right now, it can wait for a bit… If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to talk to my Chief…”

With that, the smug man walked off.

Arnav pulled Khushi tightly against him.

She was stiff, reminding him of how she’d been during the first few days of their forced marriage….

Her hair smelled like smoke, but he didn’t care.

God, he’d been beyond himself by the time he’d reached her.

She’d been on the floor, dazed for several moments, stunned from the blast, covered in glass and wood from the door.

In those seconds she hadn’t answered and he’d tried to find a pulse . . .

He hoped to God he’d never, never have to go through anything like that ever again.

Finally, he pulled back and cupped her face.

His eyes sought hers…

As their gazes locked, he felt pain pulse through him…

Her tears.

They had been so happy that he hadn’t seen her tears for months…

And now…seeing her this way, he felt more protective than ever….

Gently, he held her.

“No no sweetheart…Don’t…Please don’t cry…please…. I’m here. I’m here with you….”

“Wh…what if it had been you?” she asked on a broken whisper.

Arnav held her face in his hands…”I would rather it HAD been me!”

She swallowed once, then again.

“Ok Mrs. Raizada we need to talk to you…What happened?”

Anger flared… at what could have happend, at some faceless coward who was causing this..

Arnav lashed out at the detective…“What the hell does it look like?”

“It looks like you have an enemy,” the man replied, crossing his arms, his look as chilled as the day.

“Oh You think!!!”

“I’m sorry Arnavji,” Khushi whispered. “I’m sorry.”

Tears ran down her cheeks. Arnav held her tightly.

“Shhhh, there is NO reason for you to be sorry…”

Her sobs were hot against his chest. “If I had been standing closer—” 

“Don’t say it…don’t even say it…” Arnav snarled.

“Sorry to interrupt again,” said the returning policeman.

Arnav didn’t want to like the guy, he really, really didn’t.

But the fact was, that the cop was doing his job and trying to help….

“Look, can you question us later… please… she is still in shock…I’m taking her home….” Gently he started toward his car…

Checking his watch, he saw it had been almost an hour since the explosion.

An hour?

As they drove home, the hum from the car put Khushi to sleep…

His eyes continuously looked over to her…

“I will find out who is doing this Khushi…I will defend you…” he said in a low voice…

When they reached the RM, Arnav noticed that policemen were already gathering outside his house…

He was furious…

Pulling into his driveway, he lowered the window…”You had all better get the ****out of here! Right now!”

The policeman remained calm…”Sir, we aren’t here to cause any stir, we were sent by…your friend…we checked over your house to make sure there were no threats here…”

Arnav’s expression softened…

“She’s safe here sir…we looked over everything thoroughly… I give you my word,” the cop said.

Arnav simply nodded and drove in…

He walked to her side of the car and kissed her lightly, making her stir…

She sat up with a start…

Reaching out to her, Arnav soothed her…“Shhh…we’re home…”

Khushi looked around…”Why are there…”

“They checked over the house…Everything is safe…”

Khushi made an attempt to step out of the car, but Arnav quickly swept her off her feet…

“I’m ok Arnavji…I can…”

Ignoring her, he held her close and strode inside his house.

The moment they entered, Nani and Anjali ran to them…

Their voices became muffled as they began to frantically question Arnav about the explosion…

Khushi tried to focus on what they were asking, but all she heard was a loud crash…

Her body jerked, she shut her eyes tight, inhaled sharply and clung to Arnav’s shoulders forcefully…

All went silent.

Arnav instantly pushed past everyone and took long strides to their room…

His knew she was still in shock…

He inwardly raged…

This damn attack almost killed her.

Had this been the plan? Or was it another warning?

God, he wanted to tear whoever it was into pieces and claw their eyes out.

Arnav sat on the bed, pulled their thick quilt up around them and just held her…

Khushi opened her eyes and literally felt nauseous.

Anger pulsed through Arnav, thick as the blood in his veins.

He could feel the chills racing through her.

She tried to stop the tremors, but her hands shook…

Nani softly knocked on their door…

“Chote, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but your friend is here, needing to talk to you urgently…”

Arnav didn’t look up and just said…”Not now…”

“Mr. Raizada, it’s important…”

Arnav looked up and saw his friend through the door…

Khushi moved to stand and Arnav held onto her…

“No sweetheart…stay here…”

Nani walked in, “Chote, I will stay with her…I can see how you are feeling, but please just quickly talk to him…”

Arnav took one look at Khushi…

She smiled slightly and said, “I’m okay Arnavji…Just…just…”

He leaned in close, “what…”

“Please don’t be too long…”

He cupped her face and kissed her delicately…


Nani passed Khushi a cup of hot tea…

Khushi stared into the cup, breathing in the scent wafting with the steam.

“Nani…how…how long has it been…?”

She put her arm around Khushi…”It’s been 10 minutes…I know he will be back soon…”

Khushi shiverred…

“Here we are talking…and what you really need is a hot shower and a rest in bed…”

Nani stood up and held her hand out to Khushi…

But her thoughts were bombarding her…

The path that seemed so very calm and peaceful earlier that month, was now was shadowed, uneven, and overgrown. 

Her breathing became difficult…


She needed him. Now.

At that moment, the door opened, and as if from merely needing him, he was there.

“I don’t care,” he was saying over his shoulder to his friend….

His eyes met hers and hers instantly filled with tears.

Without stopping to say another word to anyone, he strode to her.

Nani, thankfully, let go of her hands, right before Arnav crushed her to his chest.

Neither of them said a word.

His arms held her so tight, she could hardly draw breath, but she didn’t care.

She could have died.

What if she had walked to the store room sooner rather than later….

A shudder danced through her.

Arnav pulled her closer…

Nani walked towards the door and said…”Anjali is making up some food for you both…”

Which translated to: You will eat.

“Ok Nani…” Arnav replied as she walked out the door and into the hallway.

“Come on, we both need a shower.”

“But your office, Akash, your staff…don’t you need to…”

Arnav steered her towards the bathroom and opened the door …

“No, I simply told everyone there I was leaving. The police are there…Akash is in charge, and no one was severely injured…and there is no way in hell I’m leaving you right now…”

Khushi opened her mouth to speak but Arnav lifted his finger to her lips…

“Shhh, We’re going to have a shower, I’m going to make sure you get to go to sleep, and then I need to make a few calls…but I am staying…no arguements…”

“Arnavji. . .”

He flicked on the light, stepped around her and turned on the shower.

He gently and carefully shed her clothing, then quickly removed his…

Holding her firmly around her waist, he pulled her against him as he moved them into the shower…

She closed her eyes and sighed as the hot water sprayed her, enveloping them both in steam.

“Khushi…” his voice was heavy with emotion…

She looked up, but didn’t open her eyes.

Water trickled over her face, dripped off her chin, ran down the long column of her neck, slid down her fantastic body.

Arnav’s control snapped.

When he’d seen her fly through the air, couldn’t get her to respond . . . those seconds had been absolute hell.

He kissed her hard.

What if he’d lost her today?

Pulling back, he leaned her against the wall.

“My God Khushi…I…I…” he said.

He couldn’t speak, her lips trembled and Arnav coudln’t take anymore…

Their mouths were hot and fast, demanding and giving in turn.

His teeth skimmed over her as quickly as hers did him.

Mouths met and fought for control.

Hot water slicked over them, heated the air around them as the blood, the need to protect roared through him.

He slid his hands down her body, softly rubbed her nipples with his fingers.

Grabbing the soap, he lathered them both up, until they slid and moved against each other in a glide.

Her nails bit into his shoulders as he lifted her, bracing her against the tiled wall.

He kissed her breasts.

“I can’t take much more of this,” he muttered against her.

The fear and anger clawed and taunted the desire in him.

He spread her with his fingers, flicked his thumb back and forth until her eyes clouded and she moaned.

“Please, Arnavji…”

She wrapped her legs and arms around him.

Arnav surged into her, their mutters and pleas mixing in the steam.

She vined around him, vised all of him, until he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see, could only feel the tight pulsing of her inner muscles.

He groaned and emptied himself into her, bracing one hand on the wall and praying they wouldn’t fall to the floor.

Under the heated spray of water, they washed away the horrors of the day.


Somewhere dark…

Somewhere empty…

In a place that echoed of bitter cries…

There sat “Murder”…

Wrapping a wire around his gloved finger, he continued to work on his new ‘project’…

The new note, meant for Arnav, lay next to his hand on the table…

“Murder” lifted it and smiled as he read it aloud…

Beat me to it…
Heat me to it…
The day will soon end…

Yours Sincerely,

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  1. May 26, 2012 2:05 am

    I think i'm going to murder this "Murder". 🙂

  2. May 26, 2012 6:23 am

    Wow! I haven words to say how awesome your writing is! I am in love with all your ff's. They are simply outstanding, Thank you so much for sharipng such wonderful workAnd please update soonI am dying to see who this murder isHope he rots in hell

  3. May 28, 2012 7:42 pm

    I love all your ff's…you have magic in your hands!!Eagerly awaiting your next update…can't wait to find out who "murder" is…though I have a feeling I already know who it is…

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