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OS : Wild Repentance Part 8 (CONCLUSION)

May 31, 2012

OS : Wild Repentance Part 8 (CONCLUSION)

When Arnav saw her turn to face him, he almost fell to his knees…

She was beautiful.

With a few strands of hair framing her face, and wisps hanging all over her shoulders, it took all his strength to stay standing…

When she was sleeping, in the early hours of the morning…he held her close, willing time to stop so they could lay huddled together forever…

He looked at her suitcases…

“She’s leaving…” his mind rasped in despair…

At that moment, Khushi snuggled deeper into his chest…

His heart seized up inside him…

Eyes now alive with fire, he made the decision…

And now, as she stood before him in the morning light, he made his intentions clear…

Khushi looked down at her trembling hands…”W…what…I…I don’t…What do you mean?” she finally managed to stutter…

Arnav wanted to see her eyes, but realized she was scared to look at him.

Unbelievable and fascinating.

The mixture of innocence and sophistication had him totally enthralled.

He tilted his head to steal a glimpse at her body.

The robe had slipped off her shoulder to reveal the upper swell of one breast, the gentle curve of her stomach…

Fighting the direction of his thoughts, Arnav released his suitcase handle and started to walk towards her…

“Khushi…If you’re so deadset on leaving me…I won’t make you stay…But I know, that I can’t live without you, My heart would be incomplete, so what I’m going to do, if you’re really going to leave me…” he brought his hand to her face, lifting her eyes to his…”I’m going to pack up, and go with you…because i’ll only be LIVING, if I’m with you…”

Before she could respond, his mouth came down on hers and proved him right…

The sweet touch of his lips, the gentle exploration of her face with his hands showed her that truth, as did her fast beating heart.

He loved her. She loved him.

She reached for him, curled her fingers in the fabric of his shirt and felt the rise and fall of his very hard chest as he breathed in, breathed out, as his heart thudded to the rhythm of hers.

He was a beautiful man, he was a damaged man.

His kiss told her so many things, his bravery, his generosity, the heat of his skin, his strength.

All that mattered was the brush of his fingers along the curve of her ear, the press of his other hand to the small of her back.

He was hungry, his mouth, his body.

As their lips languidly drifted apart, Arnav’s voice washed over her…

“I have lived for years without happiness, and you came into my life and made me laugh…I have lived in this house, full of anger and bitterness, and YOU have made it feel like a home…If you are not here, then I CAN’T stay here Khushi…”

Before he could find enough words to convey his need for her, she slid her hands from his chest to his cheeks and pulled his head down, finding his mouth with hers.

This wasn’t a kiss like the others.

This one was simple, sweet and Pure.

A kiss of caring, not desire, though he couldn’t ignore the arousal winding through him with her touch, her scent, both as familiar as his name.

She instantly recognized his shock at her bold act…

She slid her tongue along the seam of his lips…

He wanted this, He needed this, the contact so intimately tender he thought he might break.

And then her kiss grew bolder, her tongue more insistent.

She worked her arms beneath his to massage the muscles on either side of his spine.

He pressed himself against her…

Khushi immediately pushed away…

Arnav let her move back, but not far…

“Arnavji…” her eyes were destroying him with her tears…”A week ago…it…it was too much, all these conflicting emotions. Wanting what I thought I couldn’t have…shouldn’t have…didn’t deserve…”

He pulled her closer…

“Wishing, and dreaming all my life…and…and then having you come into my life and turn my world upside down. Other’s happiness came at a cost to mine…”

She dropped her forehead to his chest and shuddered.

Arnav remained quiet…

She’d let him speak, and now he had to be prepared to hear what she had to say…

Lifting her face to his…”I only get happiness for fleeting moments Arnavji…but in these last 7 days of our marriage…you have made me happier than I ever thought I could be…”

His eyes flickered…his heart in pain and yet holding onto hope at the same time…

“I still am hurting…but I know what would hurt me more…” her hands tightened around his neck…”what would hurt me more, would be if I left you…”

His breathing became rapid…

“So…I can’t let YOU leave now…Please stay here with me…I love you…”

All tension and fear escaped him…

Unable to find his voice, he slowly leaned in to rub his lips against hers.

From one corner of her mouth to the other, the small brushes teased.

But each stroke started a spark inside her. 

Then he gripped the back of her head and masterfully pulled her closer, molding her body to his.

A rush of sensation turned the sparks into a giant fireball.

His mouth covered hers, tongue slipped past her lips to taste her inner, sensitive skin.

Shamelessly, she leaned closer to take all he offered.

The feel and taste of his tongue sent an explosion of need through her.

This was what had been missing in her life, and for once, she was going to be greedy.

There would be no stopping now…

Pushing away the past, Khushi pulled him closer.

Arnav dragged her higher against his body until her toes barely touched the ground.

His kisses, hot and possessive, hurled her straight into a timeless haze of sensations and need.

Pulse rapid, knees quivering, she hung on for dear life…

Nothing else mattered but this all-consuming passion.

Every single thing became secondary to the primal truth—the love between them was real, hot, and dazzling.

Every cell in her body screamed it, every beat of her heart answered to it.

Too soon, the kiss lightened but she didn’t mind.

He concentrated on her upper, then lower lip.

Rained hot, soft kisses along her jaw, and down her throat.

Khushi’s head dropped back as he nibbled on her earlobe.

An instant later, he lifted his head up, his gaze hot. “I…Love…you…I will never EVER leave you…I love you Khushi…Love you…”

She lifted her face to his and he crushed his mouth to hers…pressing and tasting and probing and swaying with the whirlwind that overtook them.

Her fingers curled into his hair and she arched upward to meet the demanding thrust of his tongue.

Arnav made a sound that was half agony, half ecstasy as he hauled her against his body, fitting her to his hard planes and muscular ridges.

Walls crumbled and reserve flew out the window as they clung together, savoring the wild passion that would bind them forever…

I may write an epiloge…



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  1. October 31, 2012 3:03 am

    "I have lived for years without happiness, and you came into my life and made me laugh…I have lived in this house, full of anger and bitterness, and YOU have made it feel like a home…If you are not here, then I CAN'T stay here Khushi…"u write so beautifully have not read the previous 8 chaps but will be reading all of this Undercoverhappy

  2. Rimz :) permalink
    December 27, 2012 12:47 am

    Hi! This was a really great short story/OS. 🙂

  3. March 25, 2013 2:36 am

    Wow! This was a great SS. At first I thought he was a cad for being physical with her and just wanted her for sex. But as you went on and his inner torment became clear, I felt this was perfect. Thanks for sharing.IF – kbtr

  4. April 7, 2013 9:23 pm

    loved it 🙂

  5. November 9, 2013 5:10 pm


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