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SS : Your Sincerely, Murder Part 10

June 3, 2012

The police pointed to the hole in the ceiling…”He may be still in the building, we have uniforms canvassing the entire area, he won’t go far…he is wounded…we were able to get a shot clean through his shoulder, so he will be losing blood fast…We already evacuated the building, I suggest you get her out of here…there’s a car waiting outside…”  

Arnav nodded and helped Khushi to her feet.  He leaned down and swept her up in his arms.    

“I am perfectly capable of walking, you know.”  

Her arms twined around his neck and her fingers raked the ends of his hair.

“I know, but you’re not going to…”  

Without a backward glance, Arnav carried her through the door and out into the hallway.  

There he took the private exit and let the fresh air soothe them both as a policeman met them outside and took them home in his car.


The policeman entered RM first to make sure no one saw them…

Khushi was still covered with blood, and she didn’t want to frighten the family members…

Arnav hurried upstairs, carrying her, clinging to her…

Once their bedroom door closed, Khushi spoke…”Arnavji, I’m fine…”

Arnav kept walking towards the bathroom…


Turning on the water, steam began to fog up the mirror in spite of the exhaust fan.

Not even allowing time to undress, He stepped under the shower and immersed their bodies in the hot flow…

They stood there for almost 15 minutes without saying a word…

Just holding each other…

Arnav looked up at her…

She was crying.

“Khushi…” He pulled her out of the direct stream of water.

He held her gaze locked with his.

Releasing her legs, her lower body slid down his as his other arm remained anchored around her waist…

He stroked her arm with his fingertips….

His heart pounded as he reached for her.

Carefully, he began to peel away the bloodied clothes until they stood completely bare…

Khushi’s tears were hotter than the blazing stream of water that showered them…

Her eyes lifted to his…

“No Khushi, enough now…please…”

He lifted her, cradling her head in his hand as he kissed her lips.

She tasted like tears.

Her arms came around his neck and she kissed him fiercely, clinging to him as though she was drowning.

The ache that had lived in his chest erupted into a dangerously obsessive downpour of lava.

He started to massage her body with lathered up shower gel…

Massaging her aching limbs, then pausing to hold her against him…

Her body was like silk beneath his fingers.

When there wasn’t another trace blood left on either of them, he gathered her closer…

He stroked her breast and pressed against the length of her, his hands sliding over her curves.

Circling her nipple with his tongue, he closed in…tempting and teasing, he would approach the tip until she could almost feel his tongue, then he reversed direction, widening the circle again.   

She let out a moan of frustration and he chuckled–a deep, sexy laugh that surged through her like pure lightning.

“Arnavji…” she pleaded.

Her husky murmur stopped him for a moment, and he studied her face, kissed her nose, her cheek, her chin, then homed in exactly where she wanted him.   

His tongue flicked her nipple teasingly.   

She arched toward him.   

Leaving that nipple, he went to the other, tormenting her the same way.

She said again, “Arnavji…”  this time louder, with more urgency.

He opened his mouth and laved the peak of her breast with a velvet rasp that made her moan.   

The sparks inside her that had begun with his kiss and spread to every part of her, ignited into small flames licking at her nerve endings.   

She could feel them everywhere.   

They danced, jumped, coalesced into one large flame that made her burn, pant, long for the experience to go on forever, yet also yearn for its completion.

Arnav’s erection was hard and fiery under her thigh.   

When she moved her leg, he groaned and she knew she could make his fires come fiercely alive too.

His face was dark with passion, his gaze alight with the same flames she felt.   

She played her fingers across his lips.  

His knee slid between her legs and opened her more, readying her for his more intimate touch.

“I love you…all I want to do, for the rest of my life, is take you in my arms and… enter your body…”

As he said the words, he lifted her leg over his arm, and slowly slid inside her…

She clung to him as he took control on her senses….

Now deeply impaled, Khushi tried desperately to start moving…the friction was causing her centre to throb relentlessly…

As he pulled her hips closer to his, penetrating her deeper, he whispered against her lips…”Every time I speak your name, my heart says ‘i love you’…every time my eyes see you, my heart says ‘I love you’…”

Khushi began to whimper, her muscles clamped involuntarily around him…and he hadn’t even moved inside her yet.

“I never want you to doubt the way I feel for you…”      

When her eyes found his, she urged him closer.

“I know how much you love me…P…Please…”

“I don’t want to fight with you…I was…I was terrified that…”


He buried his head in her neck and kissed her gently…

His lips were delicate, but his body was on fire…

Khushi was panting at the concrete hardness of him inside her…

Even though he wasn’t moving, she felt the electricity emanating from him…

He filled her completely.

Her inner walls molded around him.

Grabbing her thighs, he lifted her off the ground…

His gaze fired into hers…

She let out a shriek of pleasure as he pulled out and slammed into her again.

Without pause, he began to thrust inside her.

She rolled her hips, meeting him stroke for stroke until their bodies found a sensual, rhythmic dance that had her clawing at his back for release.

When he delicately pressed his lips on hers, her orgasm slammed into her hard and fast.

It was almost unexpected.

She knew her body and had thought she was still building to her climax.

Pleasure raced throughout her, sending tingles to all her nerve endings as she rode that high and finally crested into a numb freefall.

As her orgasm slowly subsided, Arnav’s  climax slammed into him with unbridled force.

He groaned loudly in her ear while his once steady thrusts became harder and uncontrolled.

She grabbed on to his shoulders and dug her nails in.

That set him off.

Another, more primal sound tore from him until his thrusts slowed and he relaxed and settled on top of her.

His dark eyes glinted possessively.

Khushi reached up and clasped her fingers around his neck.

As she did, he met her mouth and kissed her softly.

The tenderness of his tongue stroking over hers was in direct contrast to the hard, fast coupling they’d just had.

She sighed in contentment as their tongues continued the sweet, gentle kisses.

Reaching for the faucet, he stopped the water…

Pulling the bath towel of the railing, He wrapped it around Khushi…

Still anchored to him, he carried her to their bed…

He lowered their joined bodies down…

Arnav threaded his fingers through her hands and she felt him begin to lengthen inside her again…

With slow, deliberate motions he began to withdraw, then plunge back in…

Then he blew cool air on her stiffened nipples.

Her blood rushed through her veins, and she felt so alive for a woman who almost…she couldn’t think of it…she only gripped him tighter…

He laved her nipples with his hot tongue, one at a time, while pinching the other with his fingertips.

She tangled her fingers in his hair, her head tossed back on the pillow and eyes squeezed very tight.

He was licking slowly, taking long seconds to make each circle around her nipples, and the sweet agony of waiting for each part of her areola to be touched by that rough tongue was almost more than she could stand.

One sensation melted into another.

Desire built within her, engulfing her in a wave of pleasure.

The more he gave, the more she wanted.

She was aware of nothing but his tongue on her body, the feel of her breasts pressed against his mouth, and the heady intensity of their kiss.

From the beginning of their physical relationship, Arnav had tapped into some rich vein of feeling she had never known existed and Khushi wanted nothing more than to lose herself in the carnal bliss that surged through her.

The masculine scent of his skin, the strength of his arms, and the rock-hard solidity of his thighs — everything about him enticed her completely.

He moaned gruffly and moved faster…   

His erection rubbed against her G-spot and the pleasure climbed and wrapped like a vine, squeezing her into a tight coil of exposed nerves.                      

“Arnavji… I’m so close…”                       

Pinning her arms above her head, He immobilized her and slanted his body  to drive into her.   

The gasping keening sound that came out of her mouth made him stiffen even more…

Causing her legs to jerk…

“Come for me Sweetheart…”   

He knew she was partly in shock, and he couldn’t allow her to fall into fear…

So he didn’t let up, thrusting into her hard…   

“Come on Jaan…let go…you’re squeezing me so hard…I know you’re scared…but…Damn, you’re getting tighter. That’s it, let it go.”                       

The climax was excruciating and she tried to hold on to him, to stop the fall, but he wouldn’t let her hold back.

“I’m right here with you…”   

She gushed and clenched…writhing, sweating and groaning his name…

“I’m here…release it to me…”

She stiffened and jerked violently, almost unsheathing him.

He pulled her to him and cried out in a voice he hardly recognized as his own.

Intense pleasure shot through his body in quick succession, rendering him helpless.


“What part of our relationship has been the easiest? The time we met, where you hated me…the time we married, where you hated me…the time you were kidnapped, when you loved me and yet I couldn’t be with you…or now, when we’re in love and together but someone is trying to kill me…”

Arnav was livid, and yet at her constant chatter made him smile…

“Khushi…No one, is going to kill you…How much have we survived together? A whole bloody lot…”

“Well YOU can smile about it you nasty, stubborn Laad Governor…but…oh!”

He rolled onto her and she let out a gasp…

“I’m smiling at my chattering wife…I’m not and I will NEVER laugh off attempts on your life…”

Just as Khushi was about to reply, Arnav’s phone rang …

Private number

Khushi gripped his arm…

“Shh, it’s okay…I won’t let anything happen…” he reassured her, and then connected the call…

“Mr. Raizada?”

Arnav breathed a sigh of relief…

“It’s my friend from the police…” he gave Khushi a comforting squeeze…

“Look, Arnav…I think you had better get downstairs…now…you’ve received another message…”

Arnav sat up fast….“What!? HOW!?”

“You’re family are fine…There’s no need to worry there. But there was a gang of rowdy teenagers that drove past. They threw a huge rock towards the house…there was a note tied to it.”

“Did you get those bastards?!”

“No need. They were too young and stupid…they also had a ton of cash on them. They were paid to deliver this message. Uniforms have taken them to the nearest station for questioning…”

Arnav felt Khushi’s hands move along his arm…

Looking down at his wife, he saw her fear…”Can you bring it up…I’m not leaving Khushi…”

“Sure. But this is getting serious…I’m giving you more time than I should, because I know what you both have been through…But I will need to talk to you both very soon…”

Arnav knew his friend was right…but was thankful for the extra time…

“Arnavji…? Has something…”

“Another message.”

That moment, a knock thumped at their door.

Arnav took the message from his friend and shut the door to read the note…

Unravelling the crinkled paper, he read…

End of story?
End of life?
What I’ll make MINE, will be your wife…

Yours Sincerely,

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  1. June 3, 2012 2:28 am

    his bastard is not letting up loved the update that was so hot and sexy and beautifully loved it thanks for the pm

  2. June 3, 2012 4:13 am

    this one is such a creep dear.continue soonrukuswasthika(if)

  3. June 3, 2012 4:20 am

    intense and exciting…

  4. June 3, 2012 6:45 am

    thank you for the pm… the update was scorching and sensuous… the images evoked were mind-blowing! though scared for khushi and arnav, love this cat-and-mouse game… the suspense as to the stalker's identity is killing!

  5. June 3, 2012 12:23 pm

    Okay Murder is seriously getting on my nerves now. After such a passionate encounter between Arnav and Khushi he had to ruin the aftermath. Agrrrh….I hope the police put and end to him and his tactics soon. Loved the update rather hot.. thanks for the PM 🙂

  6. June 6, 2012 1:39 pm

    A Creepy update.A passionate encounter between Arnav and Khushi…:)(tinsel)

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