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SS : Yours Sincerely, Murder Part 13

June 5, 2012

SS : Yours Sincerely, Murder… Part 13

Arnav’s control snapped. 

His body went rigid.

Turning to face the Police officer in charge, his voice was demanding in its tone…

“Where has he taken my wife! You bloody-well better tell me NOW”

Noting Arnav’s complete change of persona, the policeman quickly took the phone and read the new message…

Arnav’s eyes turned black with hate…

“Sir, he’s taken her to a small, run-down hotel about 20 minutes from here…”

His voice growled…”Trace this message! I’m going to find my wife…!”

Arnav was now Arnav Singh Raizada. 

His business like, power-commanding character was now dominating his body.

Arnav marched furiously out of his house…

“Mr. Raizada! STOP!”

Arnav brutally shoved one of the men out of his way…

Commandeering a patrol car, he stomped the accelerator to the floor…


“You’re awake, finally!” a low rough voice rumbled out.

Khushi’s worst fears flashed into focus. 

She was face to face with Nikhil… 

She gasped in a ragged breath as she felt his hands move against her hair…

Khushi struck out at the hands capturing her head. 

His big hands pinched, pulling strands of hair tightly away from her scalp. 

The pain pierced Khushi’s head with a yelp of protest.

His other hand savagely pushed down and clamped around on her throat.

With the air being choked off, Khushi desperately gouged at the eyes and mouth of her attacker.

The hand released and Khushi groggily crawled across the bed, away from the assailant.

From a distance, Nikhil’s gaze scorched across the darkened room.

Even in the obscure gloominess of the room, she knew he was watching her…

“Please let me go…I’ve done nothing to you!!!” Khushi rasped.

“Relax, Khushi,” the man said silkily. “You can’t get away from me.”

“I don’t want to relax, and STOP saying my name!!!” Khushi complained defiantly.

“Well you WILL say my name…When we’re finished you’ll be screaming my name…” His hand snaked out to pull her to him.

“Get away from me!” Khushi screeched.

Her shrill voice sounded alien to her ears.

She slapped his hand away from its proximity to her face while she inched further toward the edge of the bed.

“Don’t fight me!” the man barked. “You won’t like it. I will get my way.”

Shooting upward, she tried to make sense of the gloomy shadows surrounding her.

Nikhil grabbed her and threw her back against the bed…

She rolled her shoulders and pain burned deep inside the bruised muscles.

Khushi tried to push away from the maniac holding her…but soon ran out of strength…

Minimizing this madman’s impulses might save her life if only she could think things through.

She was scared out of her mind, and Nikhil had the upper hand.

She thought of Arnav…

Was he hunting for her now?

She had to think if she was going to get away alive!

She had to get away from this man…but how…

She had to focus on getting away.

But when she opened her eyes, his face came within a couple of inches of hers.

She could feel the moist heat of his coffee breath on her lips.

Nikhil’s eyes gleamed like an inferno.

Had his’s eyes reflected slivers of light or did they naturally glow with evil?

Khushi closed her eyes and blocked Nikhil from her mind.

Her thoughts returned to escape.

She had to escape this madman.

Attempting to push at him again sent another wave of nausea gushing through Khushi’s body.

The movement was too much.

She toppled over on to the pillow and stayed down while her head cleared.

Khushi snatched her wrist in his hand with the speed of a striking snake.

She was going nowhere.

“You’re hurting me!” Khushi said angrily.

“Tough! Get used to it!” Nikhil bit out. “We can do this the easy way or the fun way.”

The yank on her arm set the nerves in Khushi’s shoulder screaming to her brain.

“OW!” she cried out.

Nikhil laughed. “See? I told you this could be fun.” 

He hauled her struggling body further up on the bed. 
“Arnavji will come! He will save me! You will fail again!!!”
“Again…? Ohhh right…well, Here’s something to cheer you up…I am not ‘murder’…he’s still looking for you…I just saw this as an easy opportunity to get you…”
Her eyes bulged open wide…”…what…”
He smiled as his head lowered towards hers…
“NO! NOOO! Arnavji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


The afternoon sunlight was thinning out and soon the temperature would drop and darkness would come…

The 20 minute drive was the longest of his life.

“God…please…keep her alive…”

The hollow feeling of thinking about losing her overshadowed his thoughts…

“Mr. Raizada, we know you can hear us…” the police radio resounded…
Lifting the receiver…”I’m not stopping…you can arrest me once I’ve rescured my wife…”

“We are 5 minutes behind you…he is still in his location, you need to be calm! If you react like this she may get hurt…my backup gun is under the passenger seat…”
His heart threatened to give out…but he tried to pull his detachment around him like a cloak…still, worry squeezed around his heart.

He had to get her back…

It was the only option he could live with.

Arnav’s mind seethed with rage…he couldn’t wait to get his hands on this son of a bitch…

His betraying friend didn’t deserve to make it out alive.


Just as Nikhil lowered his head to kiss her, their hotel door shattered inward.

A man burst into the room along with a cold blast of air.

A ray of light profiled the larger than life figure.

A ski mask shielded his face.

“Put your hands up!” the man ordered.

His hand held a pistol and it was pointing at Khushi and Nikhil.

Nikhil’s hands flew out defensively. “Don’t shoot, I’m unarmed…I’m a police officer! Don’t shoot!”

Nikhil slowly rose from the bed…

Afternoon sunlight gleamed on his sweaty body, outlining every feature.

“Put your hands up, scum bag! Do it now!” the intruder yelled.

“Help!” Khushi begged.

“Shut up, bitch! Or we’ll replay the ‘conference room’ drama right now!.”

Khushi froze…”No…no…not…”

“I said shut up! The next time either one of you opens your mouth, I’m going to shoot.”

Khushi snapped her mouth closed.

She couldn’t see the man’s face with the sunshine streaming in behind him.

“Fine! Shoot her! I was leaving anyway!” Nikhil said as he glanced back at Khushi…

His look could melt titanium.

“Really?” the man hissed.

“Good, then we’re done here…” He took aim and squeezed the trigger.

The deafening blast pierced through Khushi’s ears and into her brain as the intruder’s finger twitched against the trigger of the weapon pointed in their direction.

Khushi squeezed her eyes shut and emitted an ear-piercing squeal.

There is more coming…I just thought I’d update as I go Smile
Provide more tension and suspense Big smile
Yes, you may yell at me Tongue

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  1. June 5, 2012 12:01 pm

    awesome!!1i really appreciate your fab and speedy updates/writing thanx once again

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