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OS : Playing With Fire (One Year Special)

June 6, 2012

Arnav rose from his office chair, and walked toward his wife with slow, deliberate movements.

He stopped only inches from her, and his magnificent voice swept over her in quiet seduction.

“You honestly thought that I would forget…?” His hands reached out and captured her shoulders.

Khushi closed her eyes, anticipating his kiss…”I…I don’t…I thought…”

When she realized that he wasn’t going to kiss her, she opened her eyes and the full force of his gaze struck her eyes…

One of his hands lifted to her head and he threaded his fingers amidst a tangles of luxurious black strands of her hair…

His other arm was anchored firmly around her waist, holding her close.

She watched him for a few moments, enjoying the sensual lines of his face, the masculine power he radiated, the relaxed pose of his lips…

The thought of the pleasure those lips bestowed made a faint blush rise to her cheeks, even as her breath quickened at the enticing thought.    

Their love life had become their life…they spent hours learning every intimate secret about each other until they’d fall into an exhausted sleep.

She had thought it would be impossible for her body to crave anymore, but just the thought of his mouth on her sensitive flesh had the power to make her stir once again.     

Maybe he’d created a monster.     

“Keep looking at me like that Khushi and you’re going to get yourself into a hell of a lot of trouble here in this office…”     

Startled, her gaze darted around the room.

An amused glint sparked in gun-metal eyes, and his mouth curved in a hint of a smile.

Her blush deepened. “I …I only came to…to…”     

Reaching up, he began to push away the heavy waves of hair from her face…

“You came to…”

Khushi’s frustration tumbled out…”How can I remember when I feel your hungry gaze on my poor, defenseless body?”

Arnav laughed indulgently.

Again he was reminded of the elusive foxfire as she made a lightning transition from desirable to playful.

He thought about the wonderful providence that had dropped the woman of his dreams right into his arms…

Needing to regain control, Khushi stood on tip toes and lightly pressed her lips to his…

Her quick action rendered him still as a statue…

Her hands slid underneath his jacket and around his waist, tugging him slightly closer…

Just as Arnav was about to respond, she released him and pulled away from his mouth…

His eyes snapped open and his voice became a ravenous growl…”Ohhh no you don’t…”

He locked his arms tight around her and took a step forward, joining their torsos once again…

Her body shot up in an unconscious, erotic reaction which he watched with interest.

“You wanna play with fire Mrs. Raizada?”     

His mouth closed over hers and kissed her deeply…

She gasped as his kiss turned desperate and devouring…

Arnav was the first to break away.

Shaking his head slowly to clear his drugged senses, he let his arms drop away from Khushi’s irresistible form.

He took a step backward, putting a breathing space between them.

Khushi ran a trembling hand through her hair…

“You seem to like to play with fire Mr. Raizada…”

“Only since I met you.”

“If that was to prove to me that you haven’t forgotten what today is, well, then you’ve succeeded to convince me. I won’t need a second demonstration.”

They stood a few inches apart, their breathing combining in harsh cadence in his quiet office…

Khushi was the first to speak.

The sparkling smile she cast at him transformed her from beautiful seductress to fun-loving little girl.

“You want fire?” she said.

“I’ll give you fire. After tonight you’ll be the one that ignites! You may be ASR, But I am KKGSR! Twice the nightmare!”

She spun around and marched proudly out of his office…


Arnav anticipated Khushi trying to outdo his idea for a pressent, so his plan was to fly her to Paris, spend the night in a glamorous hotel, make love till they were spent, and say 3 words, which had taken him far too long to utter, as many times as he could…

He strode inside his house and Khushi bounded up to him expectantly…

Wanting to play it cool and tease her just a bit more, he yawned and said…”Any dinner yet?”

Instantly noticing the adorable scowl that wrinkled her brow, he heard her say…”You’ve been home only two seconds and already you’re becoming a mundane old married man. Not an ounce of romance in your soul.”

She began to turn and stomp away but Arnav gripped her dupatta halting her …

Walking up close behind her, he whispered…”I take that as a challenge…”

With long strides he carried her to their bedroom and kicked the door shut behind them.

“I’ll show you romance,” he said, and lowered her to the bed.

Their lovemaking was fierce, as if their passion could drive away any outside forces that threatened them.

Afterward they clung to each other, each taking courage and strength from the other’s nearness.

“Phew…Now THAT was fire…” she said smiling…

“I’m sorry, I had planned such a spectacular evening, I wanted our 1st anniversary to be really memorable, but what do I do…I carry you up here and …”

“THIS is exactly what I wanted…” she said smiling up at him…”I wanted you to be wild and carefree, I wanted you to take me and show me the depth of your love for me…”

Arnav came over her again and began to kiss her neck…”I love you…I’m so glad it’s just you and me home tonight…”

Khushi sighed and brought her hand up to his chest…”Yes…Just us three…”

And at that, he stopped his erotic exploration.

Beneath her palm, she felt his heartbeat kick into overdrive.

“Khushi” he ground out in a menacing whisper.

“I think that we should probably go and have some dinner now…” she said trying to annoy him…

“Khushi…” This time the growl was loud. And threatening. “Tell me.”

“I had already prepared all your favorites, so…”

He grabbed her shoulders. “Dammit, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada what the hell are you trying to say?”

She caressed him with eyes suddenly misty with tears.

“I’m pregnant, Arnavji…”

For a long silent minute he stared unblinking into her eyes.

Then he lowered his gaze to her stomach and drew his hand around to cover the imagined swell.

He blinked away the moisture from his eyes and ran a sexy finger in a circle over her belly.

His eyes ascended to hers…and the grin he gave, all sexy man and naughty boy, flicked a spark onto the coals of her desire. 

She wiggled against him, enjoying his delight as much as his hard body.

He swooped down to kiss her long and hard, then just as suddenly pulled away…

“Happy 1st Anniversary Arnavji…”

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  1. June 6, 2012 6:11 am

    OMG!!!!!!i am soooo excited its ipkknd 1st anniversary!!!!!Just loved the update thank you so much it just made my night! <3<3

  2. June 6, 2012 6:50 pm

    OMFG THAT WAS AMAZING!He gave her fire and she gave him the best present ever

  3. March 1, 2013 9:19 am

    luved it 🙂

  4. June 20, 2013 6:08 pm

    so sweet n entertaining

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