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OS : Control Vs. Chaos (Another Arhi Mystery)

June 11, 2012

Control Vs. Chaos

There was a long, drawn-out silence as they stood there, so close they were practically touching, staring into each other’s eyes. 

Arnav wanted to kiss her so damn bad it was like a need as critical as his next breath.

He swayed towards her, his head tilting downward, closer to her.

Khushi’s lips trembled ever so slightly, and he could almost taste his anticipation.

But then she stiffened, and he knew she had mentally talked herself into getting spooked.

The dismissal came next.

She delicately cleared her throat. “We need to get going, Arnavji…”

He ran a hand through his hair, trying to offset the disappointment of his body with the movement.

Looking firmly into her eyes, he said, “You and I both know what’s between us Khushi, but if you need time, I’ll give you time.”

With that said, he stepped aside to let her pass.

She appeared stunned by his statement, standing there, staring, unmoving.

When she started walking, he let her come parallel with him, and then he grabbed her arm.

His face moved very near hers, his eyes fixed on her face. “I don’t know what’s going on in that head of yours, but I swear, I will never accuse you again, never distrust you again… I’m here now, not a part of the past, and no matter how long it takes, I will wait…” His eyes bore into hers, his intent to let her know he meant business.

He loved Khushi.

Ever since she helped rescue him from the kidnappers, their relationship had been on hold…

The search for Shyam was on…seeing as he disappeard.

He was needed desperately by Anjali, who was suffering from depression at the loss of her baby…

But there was one thing, amongst all this heartbreak, that he wouldn’t let slip away…and that was his wife… he was going to do what it took to earn her trust.
After several potent seconds, he released her.

And she took off like a scared cat.

They had begun their own search to track down Shyam…

The trail had led to a small office in an abandoned district…

Khushi began to pull and push at the door…

Arnav shot her a scowl. “That’s breaking and entering,” he reprimanded.

She shrugged and glared at him…

“Then have me arrested, but . . .” she paused and wrinkled her nose, “get the charge right. It was attempted breaking and entering, seeing as we haven’t got in! And . . .” she held up a finger, “if it had been unlocked, there would be no breaking-in to be done.”

Khushi scanned the street and then turned back to Arnav.

“Watch the sidewalk for me for a minute, and tell me if anyone is coming.” She headed for a window with a cluster of bushes offering coverage.

Arnav reached out and grabbed her arm. “What in the hell are you doing?” he demanded.

She shot him a frustrated look and yanked her arm free. “I’m trying to find a way in…” She  pointed towards the street. “Watch for people.”

“Khushi, no…” he said in an abrupt voice.

She rolled her eyes, and darted away before he could grab her again.

She was going to make Shyam pay for his actions…and if she got in trouble for going above and beyond, so be it.

Better that than the guilt of seeing a Psychopath go free.

Stopping in front of the window, her hands planted on her hips, she looked at Arnav, her instincts telling her he was going to be a problem. “Arnavji, trust me. I know what I’m doing.”

“NO Khushi!” he said marching towards her and holding her forearms fast…

“I will NOT have you in danger anymore! Do you know how crazy it made me knowing that you were out looking for me!”

“I know exactly how crazy it made you! Because I was going crazy looking for you!”

Their eyes fiercely began shooting heartfelt fire…

The sound of glass breaking soon jolted them back into the moment…

Arnav quickly pulled her behind him incase there was impending danger…

“Arnavji…” she whispered…”Look…”

Khushi pointed to a small window that was wedged open…

Hurrying over, Arnav was able to push the frame open and they managed to sneak into the dark office…

The dcor-free, musty room surrounded them like an empty shell.

A single metal table and four chairs sat in the middle of the lifeless walls, with one small empty storage cupboard…

Khushi impatiently tapped her foot on the floor which in turn made a loud thud every time because of the bareness of the space…

Arnav reached out and grabbed a chair and pulled her towards him… “Why don’t you sit down? It might calm your nerves a bit.”

Khushi shot him a glowering look. “My nerves are fine. I just hate wasted time. I wish we could just find some USEFUL piece of evidence!…”

“Khushi, There’s nothing here…” Arnav said quietly admiring her courage…

“Fine, let’s go then…” she said feeling like a failure…”Besides, it’s so dusty in here…”

Her nose was killing her.

They made it to the window’s edge when the lock on the front door started to rattle.

“Arnavji someone is…” Khushi whispered.

They scanned the room for their best escape route.

They would never make it out the window in time…

Arnav grabbed her hand. “Quick, over here…”

He yanked open a small door to revealing the tiny, storage room barely big enough for one person.

He reached for Khushi, pulling her with him as he stepped into the closet and pulled the door shut.

They were standing face to face, their thighs pressed together.

Arnav leaned against the wall, shifting Khushi with him, and Lord help her, she felt it in every inch of her body.

He looked down at her, and despite the dimness of the light, she could see the love in his eyes…

Their embrace when she’d rescued him for the second time was one of pure passion and relief, they had almost kissed but she’d talked herself out of acting then, a flare of second thoughts making her bolt.

Afraid he would revert to his past actions.

Afraid of believing anything he said.

But there was no way to hide from this moment.

Flattening his hands on her back, pulling even closer, he molded them together.

And she didn’t fight him, silently giving her approval of his actions.

Her heart was racing, pounding so loudly in her chest, she wondered if he could hear, or at this proximity, feel it.

Her hand settled on his chest, fingers spread.

They stared at one another, a mutual understanding, a need, shared in those moments.

Both knew what the other wanted.

“Where are you now?” A woman’s voice made Khushi stiffen as she listened, never taking her eyes from Arnav’s.

The voice was loud. Close.

“That girl and her husband are getting closer, she’s not stupid, she’s figuring things out…It almost makes me want to…”

Arnav slowly moved his hands up her back, sliding them around her waist, and then up her sides, barely skimming her breasts.

Khushi almost gasped from the sudden, intimate touch.

Arnav smiled down at her with a challenge in his eyes.

Surely, he knew he’d already won.

She wanted to surrender.

It was pure madness, but standing in a closet, surely about to be caught for breaking and entering, his every little move impacted her with such intensity, it took Khushi’s breath away.

His eyes were full of suggestion, and Khushi felt her body responding with a resounding YES.

The only thing keeping her from completely losing control and attacking Arnav was the voice on the other side of the door.

“I won’t…not yet…but I swear, if I see her again…” The woman was talking in a harsh voice…

Suddenly Khushi  felt the tickling of a sneeze.

Panic formed and overwhelmed her as she struggled to stifle her urge.

Just as suddenly as the sneeze had snuck up on her, so did Arnav’s lips.

Hungrily they met hers and she accepted them, her sneeze disappearing without a trace, passion replacing it in equally uncontrollable dimensions.

It was a long, sweet kiss that tasted of desire and temptation.

His flavor was perfection, and she wanted him to keep kissing her.

For a few moments she forgot they were in a Psycho’s house, forgot the investigation, and forgot the past…

His kiss was like a drug, making her out of control, consuming in its potency.
Whatever walls her mind built to protect her from her husband, her body dismissed.

The chemistry between them was like a live charge…it always had been…

Leaning into him she could feel every inch of his long, hard body.

The sound of a door slamming jerked their lips apart.

For several seconds they stared at each other, both breathing heavier than normal.

“She’s gone,” Khushi whispered but didn’t move out of his arms.

His answer came slow. “Yes, I believe she is.”

“Uh, we should get out of here.” She all but stammered the words.

Still she didn’t move.

“I suppose we should,” he said, in a husky voice as he pulled her tighter against his body and lightly brushed his lips against hers.

Then, nuzzling her ear, he whispered, “Mission accomplished.”

And she knew he was talking about winning her surrender.

“One mission at a time Mr. Raizada…”

He raised one eye brow and gave a small smile…”Lead the way Detective…”

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  1. June 11, 2012 5:39 am

    beautiful OS

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