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June 14, 2012

Arnav couldn’t catch his breath…

His eyes rolled back in his head as his heart began to accelerate…

“Khushi! God!”

“Shut up Arnavji…” She opened her mouth and took him deep, swirling her tongue around the rigid lines of his pulsing rod, loving his taste and his texture and the low curses ripped from his lips that revealed his pleasure.

He dragged her back up atop him with frantic motions, moving her carefully so she straddled his hips…

He paused as he stared deep into her eyes.

Then brought her down slowly on his throbbing length.

She let out a long and throaty moan….

He pulsed inside and her muscles clenched in welcome.

Fierce desire stabbed through her as he clasped her hips and moved her up and down.

He was harder than concrete inside her body…and he knew he’d  be lucky to last 10 minutes.

Make that 5, he silently amended, giving himself up.

She moved against him, rubbing, grinding, riding high, then sliding low.

He kissed whatever skin he could reach, caught between the pull of her body and the need to drive deep, touching softly, not touching at all.

He was drunk with wanting her.

His hands hovered over her body, kissing places he wanted to kiss, licking intimately at her skin.

Being buried within her wasn’t enough.

He wanted to open her fully and crawl inside.

She nipped at his skin, her impatience rising with his.

He shifted slightly…lifting her hips, he thrust upward.

Then his surging slowed in speed and became grace and power.

He answered her cries with his body.

She shrieked out and bit down on her lip as the motions grew quicker, and she threw her head back and shook out her hair, screaming as she orgasmed around him.

He slowed his thrusts, but continued to penetrate her as her muscles spasmed powerfully…

Her contractions ripped him, shredded him with pleasure, and he spilled into her, wishing he could give her more than this fleeting bit of himself, wishing he could give her his entire heart and soul…

Her knees and legs trembling…

He pulled his body up to face her, but kept himself firmly inside her…

Arnav pressed kisses over her bare skin as she practically purred with satisfaction.

She lifted her eyes to his…

He didn’t say anything, just kept looking at her.

“Sorry about that…” she whispered…

Arnav held back a laugh and gripped her neck, pulling her close for a kiss…

“I don’t think that is something to be sorry about…” he breathed against her lips…

“But, you were…you were busy, and I…I…”

“I never liked that shirt anyway…” he grinned…

Khushi lifted her hands to her face and covered her eyes feeling embarrassed…

“I can’t believe I did that…” she muttered as she remembered what she had done…

“Khushi…” he held her wrists gently and unveiled her eyes…”If you ever…EVER want me that bad again, just say so…you don’t need to literally tear my clothes off me…”

She looked up and saw his smile and her embarrassment faded…

“I love you Khushi…”

As he spoke, her body clenched around him and his eyes widened as his body ignited…

Everytime she heard him say those three words to her, her body would respond…


Khushi stared at him nervously as her desire began to rise again…”I…I don’t know what’s gotten into me…”

Pulling her close, he growled in her ear…”That would be me…”

Her insides tightened fiercely…

“My turn to ravish you sweetheart…” he grinned


“I’m due in  3 weeks…” Khushi said nervously…

“I know Khushi…I’m just so so excited! Please can we just ask Arnavji…I’m sure he’d be willing to go with us!”

Khushi shook her head, “Jiji…I know he’d never agree…”

“But you’ve been stuck in this house for months now! Don’t you want to go shopping for some things for your baby!?”


Payal smiled as she ran to the doorway…”Akash!”

Akash soon walked in with Arnav tagging behind…

”What’s going on Payal? We have work we need to do…” Arnav stated plainly

“I wanted to ask if one of you would be willing to go out with Khushi and me to do some shopping…” Payal said hopefully

“No.” Arnav turned to leave

“Arnavji!” Payal was determined…

“I said no.” His voice was actually calm…“You can have things delivered here. You can have catalogues sent here. But Khushi is not leaving this house. NO.”

Without saying another word, Arnav turned and left the room.

Akash shrugged and said, “You tried…but I actually agree with Bhai…”
Khushi lifted her brow at Payal…”told you…”

Payal scrunched up her nose…”fine fine…you win, BUT he said we could have things delivered here! Lets go and phone up a few places!”

Khushi’s eyes lit up…”Now that is a great idea!”


Another knock at the door.

The 4th time in an hour…

“Payal, Khushi…HOW MANY MORE!?” 

Arnav’s frustration was mounting rapidly…

“YOU were the one who said we could do this Arnavji…” Khushi said flashing a smile…

His eyes narrowed as he yanked open the door open to see 5 different Baby Clothing suppliers standing outside…

He sighed and glanced towards the police guard…”Have you checked through everything? Are they all clear?”

The man nodded.

Arnav let them enter and watched warily as they began to set up in the lounge room.

He watched Khushi and Payal look through almost a million baby clothes and couldn’t help but smile…

Each time Khushi found something she liked, in neutral colors, she would look over to Arnav to seek his approval…


Arnav’s concentration snapped back to Akash…

“Sorry, Akash…I’m just…”

“No, I was only going to ask…what are you going to do when…when it’s time for her to give birth…are you going to stay here still, or go to a hospi…”

“Hospital.” Arnav said firmly…”I’m not taking any chances with Khushi’s life. I have a secure ambulance on standby. All staff has thoroughly been checked out…”

Akash nodded, but knew Arnav was far from feeling at peace…

“Are YOU doing okay?” he asked feeling truly concerned…

Arnav’s eyes wandered to Khushi again…his hand clenched into a tight fist…“No… I’m not…He is still out there… I have only heard from him once…and…the threat…WHY can’t the authorities find him!”


A dark figure stood outside the RM.

A slow smile crept across his face…“Mmmm…It feels so good to be home…”

sorry it’s short! will be longer next time!!!

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  1. June 14, 2012 1:57 am

    awesome update haha khushi knows arnav so well shyam back at rm damn n she due in 3 days wonder wat gonna happen nextdrunkiiebabe

  2. June 14, 2012 10:03 am

    craps she due in 3 weeks and snake is outside what the hell type of security is that loved the beginning very hot loved it awesome thanks for the pm

  3. June 14, 2012 12:28 pm

    awesome update!(tinsel)

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