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June 20, 2012

As Payal said goodbye to the last sales lady, Khushi sat quietly on the couch looking at all the tiny, soft, precious things which would soon be used constantly for the little life that was growing inside her…almost instantly, she felt her stomach tighten…

“Whoa…Hey in there, are you trying to stand up!?”

Khushi looked over at Arnav who was busy working with Akash…

He had given up so much…changed his life so much…

Khushi knew that Shyam was out there looking for a way to get to her…

And Anjali…yes she was happy with her new husband, but Khushi felt guilty…because of Shyam’s obsession with her, Anjali’s son couldn’t get to know his real father…

“How many lives have I changed, ruined, or confused…” she whispered …

Moisture formed behind her eyes as she suddenly became sad…

Trying to stand, she felt her stomach tighten again…”Oh please give mummy a break!”

Khushi slowly walked up the stairs…and paused outside her room…

Arnav looked up at her instinctively…

Tears. Khushi’s tears.

His heart began to race…

Not bothering to tell Akash, Arnav stood up and hurried to her…

The doors were locked.

“What the!? Khushi!?”

“Go away,” she squeezed through broken breaths.

“Khushi? Sweetheart?”

“Go.” She choked, catching her breath on a sob. “Away, Arnavji.”

Instead of him honoring her wishes, she heard a fierce pull and the doors opened…

“Dammit.” she whispered…”the man breaks everything…”

Attempting to swallow her emotion, she only managed to slow her tears.,,

“Jaan, what’s the matter?” The bed moved slighty beneath his weight as he sat down.

His warm palm smoothed across her back.

“Khushi, You’re breaking my heart. Don’t cry. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Talk to me, Khushi… Please.”

“Just let it go Arnavji….” she muttered and closed her eyes feeling her stomach tighten again…

“I can’t do that.” His strong hands wrapped around her, dragging her into his lap—into his embrace.

She pressed her face into his shoulder, refusing to meet his gaze.

His hands gently moved over her swollen, tight, pregnant belly…

“Shhh. Now where did all these tears come from?”

“Nowhere. Just pregnancy moods…” she quickly added.

“Nice try, sweetheart, but I’m not buying it. What’s really behind these tears?” He wiped a few lingering drops away with a finger.

Her breath caught as her belly tightened again, only this time, it was slightly painful….


Arnav pinned his gaze to her, worry creasing his brow.

“What’s wrong?” A sudden gush of wetness surged between her legs.

Followed by yet another spasm low in her belly.

“Oh God…” her moans became louder…

She was in labor.

Wasn’t it supposed to hurt more than this?

All she’d felt was a mild discomfort.

Minor tightening…

“Arnavji, I think my water just broke.” She tried to keep the anxiety out of her voice but knew she failed miserably.

“And it…it hurts…”

She stiffened in his arms again and moaned softly as another small contraction struck.

Arnav’s hand shook as he checked his watch. “That wasn’t even two minutes from the last.”

He looked at Khushi and squeezed her hand. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ll take care of you.”

“I know you will.”

“I won’t fail you again…breathe jaan, deep breaths…That’s it,” Arnav encouraged.

“Arnavji…I’m not in any real pain yet…Let’s just take things slowly and…”

“No we’ll go to the hospital now, I’m calling the…”

Khushi’s moan made his voice freeze…

“Oh God, that one was really tight…” she said trying to sound calm….

Regardless of her determination to show a brave front, she dug her fingers into the steel of his arms.

The muscles of her abdomen pulled fast, tightening over her distended belly like wet leather left in the sun.

Arnav quickly pulled their hospital bag out from under the bed, as he spoke to the hospital on his mobile…

“Well where the HELL is it!!!!! I don’t care…Just be ready, we’re coming…Yes, We’re on our way now…I’ll time them in the car!!!!”


He looked over, knowing that his angry tone had worried her…
“Nothing wrong Khushi…The ambulance isn’t available…”

“Well I am still 3 weeks from my due date…they woudln’t have known I would go into labour earlier…”

Arnav sat next to her…”I’m sorry…I’m trying to be calm…I just…”

“Ahhhh….” Her back arched and Arnav could feel the tension in her body, like a rubber band at full stretch.

She panted, and squeezed his hand…”Ohhh….that one hurt…Arnavji…that hurt…”

Her panicked eyes struck him…”We’re going now…Don’t worry…remember, I read up on this…”

The memory gave Khushi a quick laugh…

“Come, we’re going now…”


“It hurts… Oh, God, Arnavji it hurts”

Even her quick, rhythmic, blowing pants couldn’t stop the moans building in her throat.

When the pain ended, she collapsed and let her head loll onto Arnav’s shoulder, awaiting the next contraction.

One hand on the steering wheel, Arnav brushed her tangled hair from her face before checking her middle with his broad palm.

His caress was rough but tender.



She wanted him to stroke her forever.

She wanted him to keep his hands to himself.

Confusion reigned until she was certain of only one thing.

She wanted Arnav to hold her…

“How much longer?” she asked, her voice grating against her raw throat.

She needed a drink of water.

“Ten minutes. ” Arnav wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close to his side.

She grimaced.

Then groaned.

Another spasm ripped through her.

“Sweetheart, just concentrate and focus on something…”…

“Talk…Talk to me…” she listened to the low bass of Arnav’s voice.

But nothing helped.

She tightened her hand on his arm and squeezed.

When the storm subsided, she collapsed like a rag doll minus the stuffing.

“What time is it now?”

He checked his watch.

“They’re coming every seven minutes. One more and we’ll be at the hospital.”

“Oh, oh…Arnavji… I can’t wait that long. Just stop the car. I’ll have the baby here.”

Arnav chuckled. “That’s my girl.”

His words were sweet music.

Fighting back a rush of fear, she begged, “Arnavji please, please stay with me. Don’t let anything…”

“I will be with you. Every minute, every second of the way.”

Khushi smiled…”I love you…OH!”

“I’m here sweetheart…just breathe…” His voice was soft and loving.

A lover’s voice.

Six-and-a-half minutes of silence later, the next contraction sliced through her.

Perspiration soaked her back…

Sweat ran down her forehead and she squeezed her eyes shut over the salty burn.

When they pulled into the emergency entrance, Khushi whimpered.

Heedless of blocking the drive, Arnav whipped open his door and scooped her into his arms.

She buried her face in his neck and exhaled in short, sharp, agonizing pants.

“Hang on.” He mumbled the encouragement into her hair.

His long strides carried them through the sliding glass doors.

Sterile smells of pine and antiseptic soap swirled around.

Running steps squeaked and thudded on the tiled floor.

“Sir! Stop, please.” The deep voice commanded attention.

Muttering a low curse, Arnav shot a quick glance over his shoulder.

“Sir, you can’t leave your car in the emergency zone like that.”

Khushi saw only a gunbelt and a starched blue uniform before the next squeezing cramp ripped her in two.

She let out a deep scream, “Arnavji!!”

“Park it. I’ll be in maternity.” Arnav launched his keys to the security officer before banging through the swinging metal doors.

Khushi gasped.

The pressure on her lower body shot to the top of her head.

A crisply efficient obstetric nurse guided them into a labor room.

Scared, and hurting beyond words, she gripped Arnav’s shirt fiercely…

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Raizada,” the nurse said calmly…”Now, let’s get you delivered so you can see your feet again.”

Arnav helped Khushi into a hospital gown, and lifted her onto the bed…

Instantly she collapsed back onto the pillow.

After a quick prep and exam, the nurse proclaimed Khushi well on her way to motherhood, then left to call the doctor, thrusting a set of scrubs at Arnav on her way out.

Khushi reached for his hand, groaned and panted.

Yep…in the next update we’ll see baby ARHI!!!!!!!

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  1. June 20, 2012 8:43 pm

    yes finally baby arhi!!!amazing update cant wait to for arnav's and khushi's little bundle of joy!!!!!oh and yeah im the first one 🙂

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