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June 22, 2012

Arnav swabbed the sweat from Khushi’s forehead with a cool cloth.

“You doin’ okay?”

She nodded, grunted, and rubbed her tongue over her dry lips.

“You’d better see if the doctor’s decided to put in an appearance.”

At her command, Arnav bolted out the door, and the next thing Khushi knew, a battalion of attendants descended, shifting monitors and IV bottles for the trip to delivery.

Once inside all she felt was cold, but not enough to numb the pain.

Transition hit hard, and she barely recovered from one contraction before the next struck.

She existed in a pain-racked nightmare, the doctor between her legs, the nurses hovering close by, and Arnav at her head, brushing the hair from her forehead.

Her fingers bit into the sheet at her sides.

“Okay, Mrs. Raizada….” The midwife leveled her kindly gaze on Khushi, her gray eyes crinkling at the corners.

“When I tell you, I want to you use all your strength to push…”

Khushi looked up to Arnav, her expression of fear tore through him…”Arn…Arnavji…I”

“Shh,  Save your strength…”

“He’s right,” the midwife interrupted, her tone no-nonsense and firm.

“This little one doesn’t have time to argue. When I count to three, push for all you’re worth. Ready? One. Two. Three.” 

Pressing up on her elbows with Arnav’s arm to support her, pain knifed through Khushi’s body as she pushed…And pushed.

And groaned until the contraction passed.

Drained, she collapsed against Arnav’s steady arm…

He whispered into her hair…”You’re doing so well sweetheart…just breathe…” 

“SHUT UP!!!!” She yelled, then quickly turned to him as another contraction sliced into her…”Ar…Arnavji!!!! Oh God it hurts!!”

“We’ll have a beautiful baby! A little boy…”


Arnav laughed as her nails dug into his arm…“I honestly don’t care…”

Khushi let out an exhausted breath as the contraction ended, only to be followed instantly by another one…

“Oh my GOD!”
“Let’s do it again.”  …the midwife quietly commanded

And she did, pressing back against Arnav as she bore down, and down, and down.

Her cries echoed off the walls.

“That’s it… Once more and you’ll be a mother.”

The nurse to the right dabbed the sweat from the doctor’s brow.

Arnav did the same for Khushi.

Opening her eyes, she looked directly into his, red-rimmed yet full of  love.

Her own eyes welled in response, but before she could think any further her baby demanded her full attention.

“Please! please! Let this be all!!” Khushi’s voice faded into a scream of agony…

Arnav felt her screams of pain sever his heart…

As she pushed she tried to breathe…”I…I can’t do it…”

His eyes locked on hers…”Yes…Yes you can…Khushi you can…come on sweetheart!”

Using the last remnants of her strength, she bore down and let one final scream…

And no more than a second later…

Their baby slid into the doctor’s hands.

Khushi dropped back against Arnav…

Their eyes turned to the nurse attending the crying infant.

She finished, and lay the swaddled bundle in Arnav’s arms.

“Here…Hold your daughter while we finish up and deliver baby number 2….”

Khushi’s eyes shot forth at the midwife…”WHAT!?”

Arnav’s gaze zoned in on Khushi’s…

Almost instantly her face contorted with pain as another earth shattering scream pierced through the air…

Securely holding their little girl in one arm, he moved closer beside Khushi…

“Khushi Singh Raizada…Don’t think of anything else…I’m here with you, and you need to focus…Come on Jaan…”

Her face was pale, he could hear her heart monitor beeping crazily…

“Listen to me Khushi! Take strength from me! I’m here with you!”

Her eyes opened slowly and she weakly nodded…

“I need you to push! NOW!” The midwife said firmly…

As the contraction spasmed through her, her body seized up in pain and her voice was crackling as she let out another yell…

“That’s it…keep going…I’m right here with you…WE are right here with you…”

“Keep pushing Mrs. Raizada…3….2….1….”

Letting out an exhausted cry, Khushi fell back to the bed as her second baby slid out…

As the screeching sounds of babies crying filled the room, Arnav’s heart beat furiously as he lifted his hand to Khushi’s face…


She barely moved…


Her eyes twitched…”A…Ar…Arnavji…”

He nodded, tears running down his face…”I’m here…Please open your eyes…I need to see you…”

As her eyes opened she saw her husband…

Arnav could see her wonderment…”This would be our daughter…and this….would be our…”

“Your Son…” the midwife replied…
The babies were squeeling loudly…

Khushi stroked one infant’s cheek and nose….and ran her fingers along the other baby’s hand…

They both quieted, Arnav looked down and Khushi saw in his gaze a father’s love, love born in commitment and caring.

Arnav laid one tiny bundle across Khushi’s chest. 

Her daugher was so tiny…

A dusting of mahogany hair feathered over her head.

Khushi nuzzled her lips across the tiny fist and swept one finger down her daughter’s ruddy red cheek.

Tears matted her lashes as she looked up at Arnav….

Lifting the baby girl, Arnav passed Khushi their little boy…

His face was a little squished up and he was cringing at the light…”Hey…” she whispered as she fan her fingers gently along his forehead…

His features softened and his dark brown eyes opened…

“They…They’re so beautiful…”

Leaning down, Arnav brushed his lips across hers with an air of possession.

Khushi gasped and the midwife passed the baby back to Arnav…

“What’s going on?!” Arnav said anxiously…

“It’s alright, we just need to deliver her placenta…just wait over there…”

Exhausted and numb, Khushi suffered through the final procedures and watched through heavy-lidded eyes as the obstetrical team cleaned up her…

Soon they were finished…

“We’ll give you some time together…then we’ll take you upstairs to the maternity ward…”

At last they were alone.

Khushi gulped down a huge breath.

She glanced from her squirming red-faced daughter to her purple-splotched son to the man at her side, the man she loved.

She had so much to say but no strength to talk or energy to order her thoughts.

Exhaling long and slow, she found herself fighting to keep her eyes from drifting shut.

“Khushi? Are you alright? Do you want me to call the nurse?”

Khushi’s lids fluttered open.

She smiled weakly and shook her head. “I think I can manage ten minutes without passing out.”

Her gaze traveled from the blanket-wrapped bundle wiggling in Arnav’s arms to the similar one now nuzzling her chest.

Anxiety and anticipation weighed heavy on her mind, but nothing could push away the overwhelming love.

“Oh, Arnavji, they’re perfect. Absolutely beautiful.”

“You did a hell of a job, Sweetheart.” Arnav cleared his throat and swiped a knuckle across one eye, then laid their little boy next to their little girl on Khushi’s chest, cradling them both in the crook of his elbow.

“Okay, Mrs. Raizada…” the nurse with impeccable timing called from the doorway.

Marching into the icy delivery room, she scooped both wrapped bundles from Khushi’s chest.

“Let’s get these babies settled in and you cleaned up.”



Briefly alone again, he brushed the hair back from Khushi’s face.

“You get some rest.” Closing her fingers around his, she brought his hand to her mouth, kissing each finger, then pressing her lips to the center of his palm.

“How can…can I ever tell you how much I love you…?”

“You just did.” He repeated the gentle caress, then lowered his head.

Khushi closed her eyes and gave herself up, opening her lips to accept the pillow-soft pressure of his.

Cool and clean, his mouth touched the corners of her mouth.

Soft and stubbled, his chin grazed hers.

Warm and damp, his breath breezed against her upper lip.

A loud clearing of a throat penetrated Khushi’s fog.

Arnav lifted his head and, bereft of his warmth, the shakes set in.

In two steps the nurse was at her side, tucking the blanket around her shoulders before unlocking the wheels on the bed.

“It’s recovery time for you.”

“Wait…” Khushi managed to order between chattering teeth. “Arnavji?”

He squeezed her shoulder, her arm, her hand, and trailed his fingers from the tips of hers…”I’m not going anywhere…I’m staying with you…”

“No…Pl…please…stay with the baby…babies…” her voice was shaking…

He leaned in and held her gaze…”I don’t want to leave you alone…”

“Ple…ease…please….stay with….” her tears were not pouring out…

Unable to handle her tears, Arnav quickly agreed, but looked up at the nurse…”I don’t want her alone! Someone has to stay with her or check on her every 10 minutes…I mean it…”

The nurse curtly nodded and began to push the hospital bed out of the room…

Swiftly bending down, Arnav pressed his lips firmly to hers…”Rest jaan, after a few hours, I’ll bring our babies up and we will stay with you…”


Arnav watched the nurse wheel Khushi away…once out of sight, he turned to the two small capsules that held his son and daughter…

He had just witnessed the birth of his children…

The respect and love he felt for Khushi mounted to beyond eternal…

He’d seen it in her eyes, felt it in the trembling tips of her fingers, heard it in the shaky hesitation of her voice.

She loved him…

And now they had a family…

The need to protect his new family burst through his veins…

His little girl began to let out a deafening cry…

Instantly at her side, he placed his and on her small head and tried to soothe her…

“Hey…shhhhh….what’s wrong? Your brother here is all quiet…” Arnav looked over to the little boy…”And…slightly scowling…” he began to laugh…”hang on…I have an idea…”

Gently shifting his son to one side, he nervously lifted his daughter and placed them in the capsule together…

The little boys scowl softened…and the little girls crying began to quieten…

Arnav murmered…”better together…” under his breath…

They twins soon fell fast asleep…

“See…I’m a genius…” he beamed proudly…”Well, your Amma is…I see me in you, little man…and I see your Amma in you, baby girl….that’s how I knew…you’d be happier together…”


“Saale Saab, at least you’ll have a baby that will remind you of Khushiji…because now it when I take her…”

He walked slowly past one nurses station…

“I know you’re in here somewhere…and you know I love to play…Hide and seek…”

There’s more to come, I just thought I’d put you all out of your misery and update quickly!!!!!

Who want to help me name the babies!?!?! Leave your suggestions!!!!

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  1. June 22, 2012 4:45 pm

    lovved it!!!

  2. June 22, 2012 8:32 pm

    Babyboy name: Arya.. gurl: Arshi.. Loved the update xx ( Sona257 from IF)

  3. June 23, 2012 12:25 am

    Yes,! Arshi is the perfect name fr the baby girl and fr the baby boy: arushLoved the update and plz keep the son of a bitch away frm khushiSpecially when she is so weak

  4. June 23, 2012 12:29 am

    Aw loved the update!! Thankyou!! and what about combining both their names to make a girls name and a boys name :)…or you could do a khushi jr and arnav jr :p x

  5. June 23, 2012 1:28 am

    twin well done khushi loved the update but snake is here now hope he can protect them all loved the update

  6. July 9, 2012 10:54 am

    Please update soooooon!!!!

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