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SS : Control VS. Chaos Part 6

June 27, 2012

“You’re actually catching on quite quickly…”

The Bomb Squad Chief, Sergeant Kelan, was impressed.

“Not many people retain all the device, detonation etc information so easily…”

“Well, I NEED to know what to do if faced with a bomb again…anyway, I need to go and…”

“See your wife…I know…Seeing the connection you both have, I’m actually amazed that you’ve both lasted two days …”

Arnav grinned…”She’s crazy…But She’s mine…”

“Now, It will be best if you don’t use your car…two of my officers will take you in one of the vans.”

Arnav nodded and stood up…”I’m ready to go now…”


There was a knock at the door of the Gupta house…

Buaji opened the door…”Yes? Who are you?”

The two men that stood in the doorway were dressed as police.

“We need to Speak with Mrs. Raizada. NOW!”

Buaji flinched at the volume of their harsh voices…

When Buaji paused, they pushed past and barged into the house…

“What is going on!?” Garima rushed in…

“AKASH!!!!!” Payal screamed following closely behind…

The men kicked in Khushi’s bedroom door and found her standing at the window staring outside…

Khushi spun around…

“What? Who are you!? Jiji!!! Amma!!!”

The screams became struggles, and the struggles became futile…

Akash attempted to dislodge Khushi from their grasp, but was knocked back against the wall…

“Buaji! Jiji! HELP ME!!!….ARNAVJI!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That was the last that was heard from her lips, as she was hauled into a car…


During the drive, Arnav began to feel nervous…”Uh…please speed up…I feel that something is wrong…”

“Ofcourse sir…”

As they neared the area, Arnav saw people running in all directions…

He yanked the side door open and bolted …

Running inside her house, he saw the commotion…

“Where is she?!” he ordered

“Arnavji…” Payal began to speak…

Arnav saw Akash’s bleeding cheek…
“What the hell has happened here! Where is Khushi!!!!”

“Damadji…They took her…two men…she’s gone…”

Garima’s words sunk in…

Arnav turned on his heel and screamed towards the police that had travelled with him…

“They’ve taken her!!!! Not long before! They can’t be that far away!!!”

As the officers began talking furiously into their radios, one of them threw a dispatch reciever towards Arnav…

“We need to work fast, and I can’t have you constantly asking questions…You’ll hear everything we hear on that radio! Now get in the van…”

Arnav nodded, “What about the family here?”
Before he heard his answer, he saw his answer…

Four teams of police had arrived as well as paramedics.

Arnav was trying to remember to breathe.

It was night.

It was dark.

And she was gone.


Constant and overlapping messages were flying freely via the radios.

Arnav could barely make out what was being said…

He strained to listen, but soon his train of thought was broken by the officer in charge…

“Highway Patrol reported a woman matching Mrs. Raizada’s description walking east on a road not 2 minutes from where we are!” the officer told him.

Arnav felt relief followed by worry…“She’s Alone?”

The sergeant nodded.

Arnav bolted from the search van and ran down the drive to the main road.

He turned right and kept jogging.

Flashing lights at the crest of a distant hill told him the cops had shut down the road.

He rounded a bend in the road and saw Khushi walking up ahead.

“Khushi!” he called, relieved to find her.

She didn’t acknowledge him.

What had happened to her?

Why wasn’t she responding to him?

She kept moving forward in a slow, determined stride, like a sleepwalker.

She wore a shirt that was too large for her—one he didn’t recognize.

“KHUSHI!” He came even with her.

When she didn’t acknowledge him, he caught her arm and pulled her around, revealing the thick belt of C-4 tied to her waist.


He recognized that particular configuration of explosives.

A paralyzing bolt of fear shot through Arnav.

His biggest nightmare was about to play for real.

His body felt brittle…

When she saw his reaction, Khushi drew a ragged breath.

“I…I can’t stop.” She shook her head. “He said I had two hours to get back to my house.”

She kept moving, but backward.

Arnav looked up at her as the distance between them slowly increased.

“Who said?”

“One of Shyam’s men. I don’t know his name.”

“How many men were there?”


Arnav was sure he was about to die from horror, but his eyes quickly zoomed in on the bomb…

“Khushi Hold still.”

“I can’t. He said he’s watching the progress the belt is making. If it stops, he will detonate it. And if anyone tries to disarm it, he will detonate it.”

Arnav marched forward faster…he glanced around them, shoving his hands into his hair.

The road now looked like a war zone.

Cops were everywhere.

Several black SUVs had parked in haphazard places across the road.

The trees were crawling with police and search dogs.

He could hear various radio conversations.

He couldn’t tell if the bomb disposal team had arrived, but he wasn’t waiting another minute to get Khushi safe.

“I can disarm it.” Arnav said sternly

“No!” She turned around. “No. Don’t come near me.”

Arnav jogged to get in front of her, walking backward as she continued her relentless stride forward.

He opened the edges of the man’s shirt that she wore.

Khushi shoved him away. “Please, Arnavji…Pl… Please, go. You don’t have to die, too.”

“NO ONE is going to die.”

A sob caught on one of Khushi’s exhalations.

A tear splashed on his hand.

He looked up at her.

“I love you,” she whispered, lifting her hands to cup his face. “I want you to live. I want you to find the joy that’s been denied you so far.”

Arnav clamped his mouth shut as he tried to stem the tidal wave of hatred that filled him for Shyam—the man Khushi had once been expected to marry …

The bastard needed to die a bad death.

“Look at me, Khushi…” She did, then dropped her gaze again to the belt of explosives.

“Don’t look down. Look at me. Only me.”

She did as he ordered.

Tears were pooling in her eyes, drowning her gaze.

He clamped his jaw shut, calming the rage that simmered so close to the surface.

He pulled the detonation wires from the blocks of C-4 and twisted them away from anything they might touch, then he pulled the cell phone free and pocketed it.

Finally, he unbuckled the belt and set it on the wayside.

Khushi wavered on her feet.

Her face had gone pale.

Arnav instantly pulled her into a tight hold…


The police sergeant’s voice came booming through the radio they gave him…  

Arnav lifted the radio to his lips…“I got her. She’s safe. They’d strapped a bomb to her. It’s Shyam!!! I’m going to kill the bastard and it will be self-defense. The belt is here on the wayside. Have someone come get it.”

He wrapped both arms around Khushi.

He could feel her trembling in his arms.

He tore the shirt they had made her wear off her, and pulled off his own to instantly wrap around her….

He didn’t want another man’s clothing on her—especially not that bastard’s.

She pressed her face against his chest.

He’d been running in full on panic mode…

“I can’t believe how …how easy that was for you to disarm. I could have done it.” She pulled back and stared at him. “I’m an idiot. I don’t know anything! Leaving it on as I did, I could have gotten us killed.”

Her voice started to break…“I…I thought I was going to…to die…”

He had to get her out of there, had to get her back home where things could appear normal again before she brokedown completely…

A black SUV pulled up.

He opened the door and shoved her inside, then climbed in after her.

Shock had made her movements sluggish.

He leaned over her and fastened her seat belt, then slapped the driver’s seat.

“Let’s get out of here.” Arnav commanded

The driver turned and faced him.

“As you wish…”

Khushi gasped as she recognized the voice…

“Yes, do take us out of here,” another man said from the third row of seats.


“But do go slowly. There is no need to call attention to ourselves.”

Arnav’s eyes burned…”What the HELL do you want now Shyam!”

He smiled. “I want what you took from me. Khushiji… the light of my life. I planned for us to be married.”

“And now you want to kill her!!! You call that love?”

Arnav looked around them.

They were slowly weaving among the vehicles parked all over the road.

As soon as they cleared the police barricade, they’d escalate in speed.

How did Shyam get the van?

Where were the police crew?

He had to act fast if he wanted to get Khushi out of the SUV.

Shyam lifted his hand, his thumb depressing a trigger.

He smiled calmly as if the SUV weren’t rigged with enough C-4 to blow a huge crater in the road.

Up ahead, there were only a few hundred feet between the last of the team’s vehicles and the long line of waiting civilian traffic stopped by the roadblock.

This was the only opportunity Arnav was going to get, and he knew it.

He released Khushi’s buckle, then lunged toward Shyam, grabbing his hand to control the trigger as he punched the man’s face, over and over with lethal blows.

Dragging his limp body forward, he kicked the driver in the head. Once. Twice.

The SUV began to drift off toward the ditch on the right side of the road.

“GET OUT KHUSHI!!!! Roll with the fall, run back away from this SUV. GO! NOW!!!! Tell the others there’s a bomb in here.”

“NO! I can’t leave you! NO!!!”

“Khushi…I love you! NOW GO!”

He shoved the door open and pushed her…

She dropped out of sight.

The driver’s forehead landed on the horn, but the noise barely registered against the blood pounding in Arnav’s head.

He saw Khushi get up and run screaming toward the team.

She was waving her arms.

Her hair was streaming behind her.

Khushi ran towards the familiar sergeant, her throat raw from shouting the bomb warning.

The response from the emergency crews was immediate.

Men were calling out orders, moving vehicles farther away from the SUV, getting the civilian cars to turn around and leave the way they came, clearing the area.

She looked to see if Arnav had left the SUV after her, but she was alone.

Perhaps the car bomb was more complex than the one that had been strapped to her, and it was taking Arnav longer to disarm it.

A minute passed.

Then another.

Her stomach was in her throat.

Another police chief and his team congregated around her….

Everything next happened in slow motion…

Khushi watched in horror as the whole SUV blew up, lifting the vehicle high into the air with the force of the explosion.


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  1. June 27, 2012 5:20 am

    no!no!no! arnav has to be alive he has to be!!! oh god hopefully arnav is fine and it is tht bastrd shyam who blows upgreat update now i cant wait till tomorrow its to long of a wait!

  2. June 27, 2012 6:39 pm

    Damn! Noooooo.. :oi can't even comment.. Update soon..Pollytrolly from IF

  3. June 27, 2012 8:06 pm

    omg no he can't no, I hope that shaym dies and Arnav is somehow still alove This cant be the ending.

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