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SS : Control VS. Chaos Part 7

June 28, 2012


Khushi screamed and lurched forward, but someone caught her around the waist, dragging her against an immovable wall of muscle, pulling her back to the line of men and vehicles in case there was a secondary explosion.

She fought against his hold, but could not break free.

With wild eyes, she looked up…

It was Officer Kelan, the man to had retrieved the inactive bomb from Khushi only a few days before.

But still Khushi fought to break free…

“Mrs. Raizada, NO, you CAN’T go any further!”

She dragged in a breath, slowly letting reality sift into her mind.

She stopped clawing at his arm and looked up at him.

“Arnavji…Ar…Arnavji….he was in that SUV. Was he!? Was he still in it!? ANSWER ME!!!!!”

She looked at the SUV sitting like a big fireball on the side of the road.

A swarm of teams soon blocked her view.

They stood like a shield in front of her, protecting her from the sight of the burning SUV.

“Mrs. Raizada…No one could survive a blast like that…”

Her head fell back and she gave in to sobs that ripped from her heart.

A lifetime passed in the next handful of minutes.

“What is that!?” one man shouted…

Officer Kelan looked up as an expression of pure shock shone from his face…

“Well, It looks like your Husband is fireproof.”

“And bomb-proof,” another officer added.

“Some guys are hard to kill,” Kelan said, smiling softly at Khushi…

“I’ll be goddamned.” another voice said…

Frowning, she pulled back and looked up at Kelan….

He nodded to something behind her.


He was walking around pockets of burning debris.

His shirt was ripped.

He had small cuts on his face and arm.

He was searching the crowd that had gathered, his black eyes intense, focused on only one purpose: finding her.

Khushi gasped and pulled free from the people around her…

The movement caught Arnav’s attention.

The men parted, giving him access to her.

He grinned, his teeth white in his soot-stained face.

She ran toward him, throwing herself into his arms.

He grabbed her in a solid hold.

She touched his face, his shoulders, reassuring herself he was real and essentially unharmed.

“Hold me,” she pleaded to him.

“I am.”

“Tighter.” she ordered…

“I got you, sweetheart. I’m not letting you go…I got you…”

He bent and pressed his mouth to hers as his hand cupped the back of her head.

His jaw pressed against hers, forcing her mouth to open.

She gave herself to him without any hesitation, surrendering to the sweep of his tongue.

“Khushi…” he breathed against her lips.

“Oh my God…” her voice was breaking his heart…”I thought…I…I thought you…”

She tried desperately to pull him closer…

“I’m here Khushi…” his voice couldn’t hide his fear…“I need you. Now. I want you…”

She nodded, her forehead brushing his…”Please…I…I can’t belive that you’re…you’re…”

“Enough…” Arnav looked around for another vehicle and was in luck to find Officer Kelan standing next to one.

He pulled Khushi along behind him as he made a beeline for that SUV.

“This vehicle clear?” he asked Kelan.

“It is. Why?”

Arnav’s power began to show…“Because I need some privacy to talk to my wife! Make sure she’s not injured. I don’t want anyone bothering us. Make it happen Kelan!”

Arnav opened the back passenger door without waiting for Kelan’s response.

He locked the doors, then drew her toward the long back bench, pulling at her clothes as they moved…

“Arnavji! Someone will see!”

“No one will see. The windows are tinted and we’re too far back for anyone to see from the front.”

He sat on the backseat and drew her onto his lap. He ran his hands over her ribs, her chest, her arms, then pulled her down for a kiss.

He was breathing heavily, sucking the scent of her into his lungs, filling his body with her essence.

She was here.

And he was here.

They were together.

He was as hard as a marble pillar, aching to be inside her.

He reached up and opened the front clasp to her bra, letting it slip from her shoulders. He cupped her breasts, checking for bruises or other wounds.

He had seen what Shyam was capable of…

“Are you hurt? Did he touch you?” he asked her.

She gave him a look that caused his heart to stop beating, then lurch forward.

“I’m not hurt. But they, Shyam and his…the others…they did touch me—not in that way, but they were free with their hands. I couldn’t understand much of what they said, though I knew from the tone they used that…”

“Shhh…” Arnav pulled off his shirt and drew her close, feeling her skin against his, using his body to push away the bad memory of Shyam touching her.

He would replace it, here and now, with another, healthier one.

One of love.

He reached down to remove her shoes.

He wanted her naked, bare to his touch, his eyes.

He wanted to see all of her, love all of her.

She was barefoot.

She winced when he touched her feet.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, trying to keep the anger he felt for Shyam out of his voice, away from her.

They had taken her from her room, at night, and made her walk on the road without shoes…

Arnav’s was losing all control…if Shyam hadn’t blown sky high, he would go out and make sure that he did!

Khushi shook her head… “It’s fine. I’m fine. It’s over.”

Her breasts were so close, so warm, he let his mouth latch on to one…

She gasped and arched into him, clasping his head.

He sucked her nipple, feeling it tighten and bud against his tongue.

It took every ounce of willpower he owned to take hold of her waist and lift her off his lap so that he could remove his trousers.

His erection nearly lifted off his belly as he watched her mount his lap.

He guided himself into her sweet sheath, then shut his eyes.

He drew a deep breath, the first full breath he’d been able to take since he’d discovered she’d been abducted.

She started to move over him, but he held her hips still.

This was not a moment he wanted to rush.

He never wanted to be apart from her body.

He ran his hands up her thighs, over her hips to her soft narrow belly, then dragged his eyes up to hers.

“Khushi I love you.”

She didn’t answer him straight away…

Gently, she brushed the hair from his face, and smoothed her thumb over the corner of his eye.

“I love you…” She smiled.

Arnav released the breath he’d been holding, and his hunger for her broke free.

He began moving inside of her, letting his hands wander over her body, holding her, touching her until her hips moved in a sensual arch, drawing him out of her, pulling him back in, taking over the rhythm.

“AR…ARNAVJI… I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. I need you. I need to come.” She ground herself against him, pounding down on his length…

He spread his legs wider beneath her, wanting to hold out as long as he could.

He touched his thumb to her clit, rubbing the swollen nub until he felt her body squeeze him, grabbing and milking him.

He cupped her head, pulling her mouth against his, capturing both of their cries as he erupted inside of her.

Just when he thought he’d finished, he experienced something extraordinary.

“God, Khushi… I’m coming again…” He felt his second burst of semen shoot up through his shaft and into her.

The pulses of aftershock pleasure rocked them both.

Long minutes later, when they’d settled somewhat, she collapsed against him.

He tightened his arms around her, thanking God for the miracle he held in his hands.

He turned slightly, lying back against the seat, keeping their bodies connected.

When Khushi finally lifted up enough to look at him, he smiled and brushed her beautiful dark hair back behind her ears.

Her face was serious.

He finally spoke…“I wish that the world was different. I wish that I could build a haven for you where I know you’d be safe and happy…”

She smiled and said…”I am happy…”… then leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.

“Arnavji…We’d best get moving. People will be worried about us.”

“Forget them.” His arms tightened around her waist, then his hands strayed to her hips, grinding her them against his erection, still nestled warmly inside of her….“I want to make love to you again.”

“Then take me home… Eventually someone is going to want this SUV. And judging from the way Officer Kelan is pacing outside, it’ll be sooner rather than later.”

Arnav groaned. “I love you…”

He cupped her face, his eyes locked with hers.

“I love you.”

They both dressed, bumping into each other in the small space.

Khushi giggled when Arnav tried to help her straighten her hair, making it more of a snarled mess than before.

He opened the door on the side of the SUV that faced the woods.

“How do I look?” she asked him, smoothing her hands over her hair, her hips.

God, she was beautiful…

He wanted her again, with the same fierce hunger he’d felt only moments before.

“Like you’ve just been thoroughly sexually satisfied….”

He grinned at her horrified face and kissed her.

Her mouth was warm and pliant beneath his.

He groaned against her lips and pressed her back into the open door.

“Let’s go again.”

“No!” she laughed and pushed him away.

“You are insatiable!”

“I am.” He took her hand and led her around to the other side of the SUV, where Kelan stood impatiently awaiting them.

Officer Kalan looked at Khushi then at Arnav.

“I assume that Mrs. Raizada is unharmed based on your thorough inspection?”

“Hell, no, she’s not unharmed. She was grabbed from her home by men she didn’t know, threatened and frightened, and then sent on her way with a bomb strapped to her. It’s been a bad fucking day and I’m taking her home.”

“Me and my team will drive you both….”

Arnav frowned, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing. We’re done here. The other team is taking over the crime scene. I expect they will be opening the road again shortly. So let’s go…”


The Newspaper the following morning read-

Local Lawyer and associates killed in mass explosion.
We are unable to divulge any names.
The blast was heard for miles, and ash is still falling. Authorities have now cleared the surrounding premesis, and the area is now safe. All known associates were in the van that exploded. Teams are still questioning survivors and witnesses.


“Killed! WHAT! HOW! NO!!!!!!!!!!!” The woman fell to the ground and wailed…

“I’m sorry…but it’s true…the boss was in the van that exploded…”

The woman’s eyes now filled with anger and rage…

“I will make her pay…I WILL!!!”

the end??? 😀

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  1. June 28, 2012 3:45 am

    god snake bitch is still alive loved the update that was so hot and sexy arnav made a throught investigation to make sure not an inch of her was hurt loved it awesome well written thanks for the pm

  2. June 28, 2012 10:50 am

    Woooaahh.. That was one hell of an update.. Loved it..Is that Anjali?? :|the end??? Are u kidding me?? Update soon!Pollytrolly IF

  3. June 28, 2012 10:56 am

    Gosh this was tense. I knew that Arnav was going to be alive but still I was holding my breath because you might have made him lost his memory or some such thing! You have been watching the show too much and have developed some of the CVs sense of "foreplay" with your readers! You leave us hanging at times when all I need is a little bit more … ,!!!!! LolSeriously Sarah, this is one of the best suspense story I have read in a while! I know a great part is the fact that you leave us with the cliff hangers! If this was a book I will confess I am one of those readers who will either read the book right thru to the end disregarding all sense of time or cheat and read the end! So as painful as its to wait on the next chapter it is a good thing for me to remain panting for more!Now who is the bitch! I can only think of Lavania? Cannot be Anjalie and who else could have a grudge unless you bring in someone new????? Can you guess who I am? Clue … I have an early morning meeting and here I am reading Sarah's book! I am one of your FB buddies who was in the top 5 friends to respond to your call for friends yesterday!!! Hmmmm who am I ?

  4. June 28, 2012 6:09 pm

    Sarah omg that was an unbelievable update. Just luv your FF it has everything from hot passion to thriller. I knew Arnav couldn't die it just would not have been right!!! Loved how surviving such an ordeal as that & the first thing Arnav wants to do is have sex with his wife!!! I mean really come on!!! Loved the inspectors comment that was just hilarious as if he didn't know what they'd been up to !!! We really need to know who this nasty double crossing biatch is??Plz update soon really loving this FF & do love your writing. I'm your biggest fan !! Arnavluva – IForums x x x x x x x

  5. June 28, 2012 7:59 pm

    only arnav would have the balls to do what he just did!!!!amazing but now another snake in the ASR Garden of Eden???!!!!

  6. June 29, 2012 10:25 am

    An Intense update! Thank goodness Arnav is okay…(tinsel)

  7. June 30, 2012 12:13 am

    man what the hell why is everyone trying to ruin their life aahahah I loves the part where he tried to push her back in and was like lets go again LAWL that is sooo Arnav but not so Barun

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