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FF : I Am… FREE Part 24

August 19, 2012

Khushi woke up early and leaned over to see Arnav sleeping peacefully beside her…
Carefully sliding off the bed, she grabbed her dupatta and walked out to the poolside…
While deep in thought, Payal decended the outside stairs…
Khushi’s eyes darted up to see her sister…
“Jiji, please…you’re not going to ask me to leave again are you?”
Payal rushed to her and embraced her in a tight hug.
“Khushi…are you truly happy? Even after your injury…”
Khushi moved back and held Payal’s gaze.
“Jiji, I’m okay. I feel that Arnavji really does love me…that fact does frighten me…but as for…for being hurt…I’m okay…all is forgiven…”
Payal smiled…”The only reason I agreed for you to go back home was because of everything that had happened…but if you ARE okay then I want nothing more than for you to stay…”
Khushi leaned forwards and hugged Payal…”Jiji…I do want to leave, and yet I don’t want to. My fear wants to run, but my heart wants to stay…”
Payal pulled away and cupped Khushi’s face…”Khushi, I have seen the change in Arnavji. I have never seen a man more in love, or more in pain over what he’s done…”
Khushi nodded but her expression became sad…” I don’t want any more strife here Jiji…He can never know about …”
“I won’t tell him…but you already said that he’s been asking about who hurt you…do you honestly think that he will give up wanting to know?”
Shaking her head, Khushi felt tension build inside her once again…”no, he won’t give up…”
Arnav stayed as still as he could…
His thoughts running a mile a minute…”So Payal knows about Khushi’s injury? Who else knows? And why is it being kept from me?” 
The mere thought of the woman he loved being in jail and hurt tortured his senses.
He remembered walking emotionlessly out of the building, not giving a thought to her.
His heart began to hurt.
Voices drifted in from the poolside….
He heard Khushi say….”No, he won’t give up…”
That made him sit up…
Instantly Payal stiffened…
“Jiji?” Khushi started to say…
That’s when Khushi felt Arnav’s eyes on her…
Holding Payal’s hand, she nodded to say that she was okay.
Payal quickly rushed away, leaving Khushi alone with her husband.
Arnav stood and walked up behind her…
Khushi turned, expecting to see Arnav sitting on the bed, but instead, she was practically nose to nose with him…
“Goodmorning…” he whispered…
“Good….Morn…Morning…” she stuttered as his hands began to move around her waist…
She felt her legs moving backwards slightly as he gently leaning into her… 

Reaching over her, he drew the curtains…
The darkening of the room made her heart flutter…
His breath on her neck made her gasp…
Spurred on by her gasp of surprise and the sudden flush of heat staining her cheeks, he tightened one arm around her…
Winding her hair in his fist, he tipped her head back staring at her luscious lips.
They were puffy, moist and inviting.
The scent of lavender and spice mixed with the heady odor of her, wafted over him, sending a flash of electricity straight to his heart.
He leaned down and murmured in her ear, reveling in her responsive shiver.
“Do you know how when I first wanted to kiss you?…”
She shook her head nervously and whispered, “No. I… I don’t know…”
“The very first moment I saw you…not when you fell in my arms…before that…when I saw you standing in front of me…”
Tugging on her hair, he lifted her face inches away from his.
He looked into her eyes.
They were dark, stormy, almost black.
When she closed them, her lashes fluttering against her rosy cheeks, he pressed a soft kiss against her lips, enticed by their supple moistness.
He nipped gently at her bottom lip eager to make it swell more.
Encouraged by her tremor, he tugged at the corners of her mouth with his teeth.
Smiling at her shocked gasp, he licked across her lips then gently bit the trembling flesh.
He teased the seam of her lips with his tongue urging her to open to him.
At the sound of her moan, he slid his tongue inside the moist inviting opening.
She gasped, then whimpered a tiny breathless sound.
Tightening his hold on her hair, he tangled with her tongue, reveling in her taste. 
Unknowingly, she leaned into him, pressing her breasts against his chest as if she needed his touch as much as he needed hers.
A blast of heat fired through him like a raging forest fire.
With a groan, he spun around and pressed her against the wall.
Grasping her hands in his free hand, he dragged them over her head and held them against the wall.
“Damn it!” he thought…
He wanted her, to taste her.
Demand everything she was willing to give and then insist on more.
He slid his tongue in deeper, more demanding, mimicking the motions of his body.
At her soft whimper, he groaned, pulling her up closer, harder, no longer fighting the passion swarming over him.
With a growl, he hoisted her up on his strong thigh, pressing his burgeoning erection up between her legs.
When she cried out, it was all over.
With a harsh grunt, he carried her to the bed and laid her down.
Holding her hands over her head, he moved fully on top of her, caging her between his strong body.
Breathing hard, he urged her legs apart with his thighs, pressing his throbbing prick against her.
She cried out again, her body trembling beneath his.

Releasing her hands, he trailed them down her arms, her face, her neck…to her torso…
Khushi tried to keep breathing as he began undressing her, pulling the fabric to her waist…
A lacy pink bra cupped her full breasts, drawing him toward the shadowed depth between them.
His hands cupped both breasts as his tongue worked down her cleavage.
She tasted sweet, like jasmine-tinted honey.
It was intoxicating.
His mouth worked over one full mound, his fingers working the cup of her bra down so that her breast spilled free.
She gasped when his mouth fastened on her nipple, sucking and teasing the taut tip with his tongue.
Her hands moved up to fist in his hair, pulled him more firmly against her breast, her back arching to press into the sensation.
Undone by the sensations racing through her, she arched up against his mouth.
When he took her nipple between his lips and sucked on it hard, a starburst of sensation rioted through her.
Her body involuntarily pressed up against his hard erection, moaning, whimpering.
Rising sensations bombarded her.
She couldn’t get close enough, couldn’t get enough of him.
His smell drew her in, a strong musky male scent that made the soft skin on her thighs tingle.
He sucked first on one nipple then moved to the other.
She sobbed, “Ooh. Oh my God… ooh, my god.”
She didn’t recognize her voice.
It was harsh with need.
She didn’t want him to stop and became lost in the sensations pouring over her
His crooning murmurs urged her to feel, to let go, to give in to the pleasure.
The sensations rose to unbearable heights.
Just when she thought she couldn’t go any higher, feel any more, he grasped her nipple between his teeth and bit down as his tongue flicked over her nerve endings.
An indescribable burst of pleasure exploded through her.
It was that familiar storm …
It broke loose inside her, flooding her with torrents of sensations.
Hot wild shock waves flooded her, jagged, intense, and powerful.
As wave after wave of fiery heat shimmered over her, he held her tight, whispering softly that he loved her.
When she finally could breathe without gasping, she wrapped her arms around his neck and tugged him down, wanting more.
His voice was gentle, soothing. “shhh…”
He lapped at her overly sensitive nipples with his tongue.
He reached for her hands, and wrapped her arms around his neck.
Little by little, her moans turned to sighs and her breathing slowly quieted.
Holding her close, he heard her murmur… “…How…how did that happen just by you…doing…that…”
His voice was husky, tight with suppressed desire…“Because your body responds to me…quite drastically…you trust me with your body…to pleasure you…and I love you enough, so spend as much time as I need to do it…”
Khushi heard it…the pain in his voice…and the desire in his voice.
“Khushi…I told you that I wouldn’t force you…I can’t truly say I’m sorry for doing this, but I won’t force myself on you…I need you desperately, but like an honorable man, I’m going to  kiss you one more time,  and go have a cold shower…”
As he spoke he lifted her torso up in his arms, holding her close as if he never wanted to let her go.
As her eyes drifted shut, he kissed her gently on the lips….”I love you, my wife…”
Khushi watched as he stood up and disappeared into the bathroom…
Standing in the doorway of their room, Khushi took a deep breath, revelling in the tremors still raking body.
A slight smile crossed her lips.
She sighed and whispered to herself…”I love you too, my husband…”
As she walked away, Arnav emerged…
He saw the bed completely made and knew that Khushi had gone downstairs…
Taking the opportunity, he opened his laptop…
Signing into his email account, he saw it again.
“Email from the Police Department, Security Surveillance Video.”
He had received it the night prior, but still hadn’t watched it.
Shaking his head again, he scoffed…”No…nothing could have happened…it’s not worth watching.”
Almost ready to slam the lid down, he froze…
Khushi’s pain filled face flashed before him…her bleeding arm…her tears…
He slammed his palm down angrily against the computer’s keyboard and stood up letting out a frustrated sigh…
“Are you alright? This jail is so cold…”
A familiar voice made him turn…
The video was playing.
The thrash from his hand had opened the file.
Unable to look away, his eyes watched closely…
Khushi stumbled up from her cell bed…”I didn’t do anything he said! Shyamji is lying! I promise you! I didn’t do anything! I wanted to protect…”

“I know…I believe you…You were protecting everyone…”
Khushi’s eyes lifted, and Arnav could see her pain laser through the screen…
“I can’t believe he would just leave you here…in a place like this…”
As Khushi turned and looked around her cell, Arnav watched in horror as a bright flash flickered across the screen…
“no…” he breathed…
He wanted to look away, but it was too late…
He watched in horror as Anjali, his very own sister, the one who he’d never seen hurt anyone, grab his innocent wife brutally by the hair, and forcefully slice a knife across her arm…
Once Anjali had done that, the hand that was in Khushi’s hair, pushed her forwards and he saw Khushi fall hard beside the bed…
“That was for destroying my marriage! And for badmouthing my husband!”
Khushi never once turned around…
All he heard her painfully repeat over and over was…“I’m sorry Di…I’m so sorry…”
Anjali took a cloth and wiped the knife free of Khushi’s blood and then threw the material at Khushi.

Then, without another word, she left.
Arnav didn’t know when it had happened, but he was on his knees before his laptop, with tears streaming down his face…
He continued to watch the footage…
Khushi heard the outer door slam shut and finally looked around.
Her eyes were so sorrowful that Arnav found himself saying…”God no…no…Khushi…”
He noticed her clutching her wounded arm…blood dripping through her fingers…
She lifted the dirty cloth and pressed it hard to her injury, stood up, and sat back down on the bed…

5 minutes.

10 minutes.

And she still sat there.
Arnav got to his feet.

Trying to gain some control, he shut his eyes tight…
That’s when he heard it…
It had been 15 minutes, and Khushi finally spoke…
“I deserved that…”
Suddenly consumed with a beastly rage, he picked up his laptop and threw it against the brick wall.
It shattered in thousands of pieces…
“How DARE she…HOW DARE SHE!!!”
Now you know who hurt Khushi…
A lot of you guessed right!
I ALMOST changed it just to throw you all off…

BUT NOW! Is Arnav saying  “How dare Khushi?” or “How dare Anjali?” 😀

10 pages of comments and you’ll find out …

3 Comments leave one →
  1. August 20, 2012 3:37 am

    hell yes i was right that crazy ass bitch anjali was the one knew it she is the only one khushi would not speak about and she was always afraid when she was around hope asr does some thing now loved the update

  2. November 18, 2012 7:51 pm

    OMG she’s lost her mind!!! I thought it might have been Anjali. She was insisted more than the others that Arnav let Khushi go(everyone did) but she never made any attempt to tell them to work on their relationship. How in the world can Khushi continue to be in the same room as that woman? I’d be so scared!

  3. jeevanjots permalink
    March 23, 2013 1:20 pm

    i hate anjali not only now but also in other ff on IF
    but now i want to kill her

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