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FF : 6 Months Till A Kiss Part 25

August 26, 2012

The jail warden stood cross-armed outside Shyam’s cell.
“I can make it worth your while!” Shyam spluttered…
“Shut up!” 
“I can give you anything! Anything you want if you let me go free!”
Shyam turned hearing another voice fill the room…
“Ra…Rani saba!?”
“I didn’t want to believe this…but…how could you betray me? How could you betray our baby!?…how could you hurt Khushiji like that?”
Thinking desperately for an answer, he stuttered and slurred until Anjali lifted her hand to stop him.
“NO. Enough! I am not tolerating this! You deserve to stay in jail! FOREVER!”
Khushi dried her tears as she emerged from the bathroom only to see the raindrops trickling down the poolside glass door.
The wind had knocked over a few pot plants and the branches on the trees were creating shadows on the pavement…
Khushi knew that Shyam wasn’t in the house, and yet still, slight movements and shadows continued to scare her…
“No…he is not here…I will not give him anymore power…”
Nodding decisively, she walked out of her room.
Descending the stairs, she saw the curtains begin to wave around and she halted.
She froze, hating that her fear was so strong.
A hand rested on her shoulder and gently turned her around…
Arnav saw her eyes squeezed shut.
“Khushi…you can breathe now…”
Slowly she opened her eyes and saw her husbands handsome face…his lips curved in a slight smile…
He stepped closer to her and she stepped back, hitting the wall with her back.
“Arnavji…I…we…we can’t do this here…”
“I like it here.”
He took one more step and she was trapped between him and the wall.
 She curled her fingers into fists before she reach out to pull him closer.
He watched her mouth with unwavering eyes…
She licked her lips as her nerves began to spiral out of control…
“I love you…” he whispered…
Whatever words she had prepared disappeared.
She slumped against the wall, deflating like an untied balloon.
All at once, his hand cradled her jaw, her eyes slid closed, and his mouth touched hers.
She heard a whimper escape her throat and a groan rumble through his.
Then his mouth nudged hers open and his tongue slipped inside.
Gently, he explored her mouth.
Licking the sensitive interior behind her lips, stroking her tongue as she ignored every worry ringing in her head.
She reached up to grab hold.
One finger snagged his belt loop, so she curled her fingers through it and pulled him closer.
His chest pressed her against the wall, and she luxuriated in his heat.
Tilting her head gave him a better angle for a deeper penetration.
With his every move, she felt herself getting weaker and weaker…
The man knew what he was doing.
Firm enough to prove he enjoyed the kiss, but gentle enough that she didn’t feel overpowered.
 Each little nibble and pull on her lips like an erotic massage of her mouth.
He gave one last lingering kiss before drawing back with a low hum.
She blinked up at him, reality washing over her.
She unfurled her fingers from his pants and covered her mouth.
“Where? Look where we are!?”
Heat flooded her cheeks.
He braced his hands against the wall and grinned.
Feeling completely flustered, Khushi ducked under his arm and ran up the stairs…
Arnav considered chasing after her, but thought he’d give her time to compose herself again…so he could once again throw her off balance.
He walked down the stairs and as he passed the front door, Anjali walked in.
“DI?” Arnav said as he rushed to her…
She was crying and holding onto her swollen stomach…
“Di…Di what’s happened…?”
Khushi heard Arnav’s worried scream and ran down the stairs…
“Di!” she yelled and ran to them both…
“Chote…Ch..Chote, you were…were right…He…He is…”
“Di, Calm down! I thought you were with Nani! Why did you go see him!?”
Khushi helped Arnav bring Anjali to the couch to sit…
Trying to hold back her own tears, Khushi asked…”Di? Can I get you anything?”
Anjali shot a look up at Khushi…”You’ve done enough!”
Arnav’s concern quickly switched off as he saw his sister snap at his wife…
Khushi recoiled and stood up fast…
“Di, don’t talk to Khushi like that! Don’t you know that…”
Arnav looked up to Khushi who was shaking her head…
Clenching his jaw, he said, “Khushi, I’m not having you blamed!”
“Stop it Arnavji. Di needs you. Be with her….”
Turning, Khushi hurried back up the stairs…
“Chote? What happened?”
As Nani worriedly entered the room, Anjali began to  speak…”He betrayed me! He hurt me! He hurt…”
As the rain outside became heavier, so did Anjali’s tears…
Her eyes ascended to Arnav…
“He hurt Khushiji…Oh God…What did I just say to her!?”
Nani took Anjali’s shaking hand in her own…”Anjali Bitiya, please try to calm down…for your baby…”
Arnav was trying to get up to walk away, but his sister was clinging to him…
“Chote? What did I say to Khushi!? How could I?”
Arnav’s heart bled for his sister…”Di, Khushi is NOT to blame in this…She…”
Anjali tried to stand…”I  need to talk to her, I need to apologize to her…”
But her weak legs wouldn’t hold her…
“No Anjali, you need to rest…Khushi understands your predicament…”
Arnav couldn’t wait anymore…
He pulled his hand free from his sisters and stood up, “Nani, please stay with Di, I need to see Khushi…”
“Chote?…tell her that I am so sorry…”
Arnav nodded briefly and raced up the stairs two at a time…
Khushi nervously walked into her room…
The lightening outside was competing with the thundering of her heart.
She thought of Anjali and her unborn child…
She thought of Arnav and his love for his sister..
Feeling helpless, she unthinkingly, she wandered out to the poolside…
It was cold.
So cold that every raindrop felt like a needle hitting her skin…
Rain soaked her from head to toe.
The rush of wind slammed the door behind her and  spun around feeling terrified.
Adrenalin fueled her and with a cry she barely recognized, she fell to the ground, her aching body pulsing with pain…
Shivering uncontrollably, and half blind by the rain pelting her, she struggled to breathe…
Releasing a broken sob, she said…”I don’t know what to do!? How could I have brought so much devastation here! I want to take their pain away…”
A loud bang resounded around her, and soon she heard Arnav scream…”Khushi!?”
Like an angel from above, warm hands lifted her out of the shallow puddle and up against an equally warm chest.
“Oh my God! Khushi? What are you…what!…”
As he spoke, he carried her  back into their room and set her down on the couch.
Khushi’s teeth chattered.
She looked up into Arnav’s face, and though it was contorted with concern, she could see his anger at the situation.
She couldn’t form words to answer him, but she did manage one word…”Cold.”
With a groan, he gathered her against him, seemingly unconcerned about her muddy clothes, or the growing puddle on his floor.
“Are you hurt? Should I call a doctor?”
“N—no. No. Just c—cold.” He scooped her up again…
Secure in his arms, Khushi felt safe.
Only now could she feel hot tears warming her cheeks.
She snuggled  against his chest and held on as he shouldered open a door.
A few more steps, and he set her down.
Unwilling to release him, she clutched his shirt. .”I’m sorry. You—your c—clothes…”
“Shh. Don’t even think about it. We need to get you warm.”
Still holding her against him, he shifted.
The squeak of a faucet, then the sound of a shower.
She opened her eyes as he shuffled them both  a few steps.
Only then did she see where she was.
Standing inside their shower.
He moved them both to where warm water cascaded down her back.
A flash of rationality went through her as she realized that they both stood in the shower fully clothed, but she’d already soaked her clothes.
Arnav held her around the waist with one arm, and used his free hand to brush back her wet hair, letting the shower rinse the rainwater and warm her goosebumps away.
His wet shirt was harder to hold onto, but she refused to let go.
She buried her face into his chest and let him support her weight.
He held her close to his chest until she stopped shivering.
Suddenly nervous, she tried to move away but his arms tightened around her.
“Khushi…What the hell were you doing?!”
She looked up at him.
Water dripped from his hair and rolled off his nose.
Before she knew she’d moved, she reached up to wipe the droplets away.
“I…I’m sorry…for bringing so much pain into…”
“Quiet!” he said through clenched teeth…
She stared up into his eyes, blinking water away as it splashed across her face.
His hand that was tangled in her hair, tightened…
And then, Arnav immediately staked his claim.
Wrapping one arm around her lower back, he slammed his mouth to hers for a possessive kiss.
If the heat from the shower hadn’t thawed her out, his kiss certainly would have.
The fact that they stood in his spacious shower fully clothed only added to the eroticism.
He nudged her mouth open, and coaxed her tongue to dance with his.
Almost lightheaded with the effect she had on him, he shifted his stance to steady himself.
She tilted her head, and he took advantage.
He couldn’t get enough.
Her breasts flattened against his chest.
His hands now moved to their dripping clothes as he began to deftly peel them away…
Their bare skin finally came into contact…
Khushi’s hands moved across his chest…but she soon was startled when he shut off the water, and quickly wrapped her in a towel…
He wrapped a towel around his waist and lifted her easily into his arms…
Carrying her back into their room, he placed her gently on the bed and walked towards the poolside doors to draw the curtains…
He paused as the room began to darken…
His thoughts were unsteady…
The shrill whistling of the wind created only more static inside his heart…
“What was she doing?” he thought…”she was so cold! She may be sick right now!”
Fury now filling him, he spun around…
Her stunned expression went unnoticed as he pulled down the covers of their bed, stripped her of the towel, and  wrapped them both in warmth.
His body rolled onto hers, and her damp hair lay spread on the comforter and he was nestled between her thighs.
And then he kissed her…momentarily, she struggled, overwhelmed at the fierce sensations he was evoking.
Her body heat surrounded him…
His hands moved over her full breasts…
Her nipples stiffened beneath his palms.
He rubbed circles over them until she whimpered and arched into his touch…
Her cool fingers skated down his back and his mouth sprung free from hers…
He sucked a lungful of air, but her scent filled the air between them, so it didn’t help calm him down.
“Don’t stop…please…”
He was so close…
His throbbing erection was nestled against the sensitive tissues of her opening…
Still, as much as he wanted to thrust between her legs, he wanted to slow things down and enjoy every millisecond.
He could only manage shallow panting breaths.
His eyes drank in her smooth creamy skin…she was the color of honey, and looked just as sweet.
Full breasts tipped by coral nipples, peaked and ready.
He wanted to verbalize all the compliments swimming around in his mind, but the sound he made came out as strangled noise.
He kissed her earlobe, then licked down the sloping line of her jaw to trace the triangular dip above her collarbone.
God, he loved hearing her speak his name.
“Please Arnavji…”
“No sweetheart…we’re taking this one slowly…”
Her fingernails scraped against his back, and he prayed she’d leave her mark on him.
Languidly kissing her, his hands gently caressed her breasts and flicked at her nipples…
Her every moan made his control slip even further…
She began to involuntarily lift her hips to his his…desperate for fulfillment…aching to be filled…
As his mouth softly teased hers, he lowered his hand and touched her.
He almost roared with passion.
She was so ready for him… So hot.
He could feel her panting against his mouth…
Her lips were pulsing…
Her skin was burning…
Arnav held her thighs wide apart… and slid inside.
Amazing warmth enfolded him, and for a moment he couldn’t move and his toes curled.
He cradled her face in both palms.
Whispering adoration, he found a rhythm that sent her bucking against him.
Her beautiful breasts moved with every thrust he gave…
Leaning down, he tugged on the textured peaks with his lips.
She gasped, , breathing heavy as his tongue lapped at her tingling nerves…
He adjusted his hips and pushed inside her as much as he could.
Holding her steady, and thrust long and slow.
That’s when he felt her body beginning to lose control…
Her sex tightened and clamped around him…
So tight that hw was sure he could no longer control his own pleasure.
Tighter, and tighter still…
She desperately tried to breathe as her body spiraled out of control…
Her strangled moans, her shuddering body, her rasping breaths were his undoing…
He covered her mouth with his as he erupted, spilling his desire inside her, along with a rumbling growl from his throat.
Finally, the spasms of pleasure abated, and he blinked her in view.
She attempted to move, but he refused to let her go.
Khushi threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled him down low enough to whisper into his ear…”I…I love you…”
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  1. August 26, 2012 8:39 am

    the most beautiful update

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    That was very sensual and beautifully written. Continue soon!

  3. August 30, 2012 6:49 am

    holy crap that was hawwwwwwt and beautiful….loved it very much dear n thnx 4da pm……..-kitzdoll-(IF)

  4. September 2, 2012 9:37 am

    Sensuous, hot and superb…loved it, thanks for the pmVandana sagar

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    loved it…-chahat128

  6. September 2, 2012 4:21 pm

    awesome update hated khushi always blaming her self for the wrong that is happening loved the make sex very hot and sexy and cute thanks fore the pm loved the update

  7. September 2, 2012 7:56 pm

    That was an amazing chapter 🙂

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    this superbb chappp….oh man damn hawwt tht was thnx 4 pm :)-kvarsha

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    Awesome update.(tinsel)

  10. September 3, 2012 9:37 pm

    sensuous…:)beautifully written buddy 🙂

  11. September 6, 2012 6:20 pm

    Thanks for the pm in IF…Whew…that was REALLY good…especially loved that Arnav left the clinging Anjali to comfort his Khushi…dorindakate fr IF

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