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September 20, 2012

Her appetite came and went, the smells coming from the restaurant kitchen were enticing her taste buds.
Yet the man before her enticed her even more.
He reached beneath the table and rested his hand on her thigh, his fingers slipped beneath the hem of her dress so he could touch bare flesh.
All thoughts of food left her in an instant…
It had been so long since they were alone together…

5 hours earlier…
“I want you both to go and get dressed up…” Anjali said firmly
“What? Di, why?”
She frowned…”Chote, you and Khushiji  NEED and DESERVE some time together…”
Arnav looked over towards the loungeroom and saw his perfect wife  playing happily with their babies…
“She does need a break…when I put the kids to sleep…as soon as I walk back to the bed, she’s out like a light…and it has been torture seeing her go through the ‘baby blues’…”
“I know.” Anjali smiled softly…”I remember the early days of motherhood…”But Karan has taken our little man to his family’s house for a visit, and Nani and I have already made a plan…You will take Khushi out for a relaxing dinnr, where she doesn’t have to cook, and then come back here to two sleeping babies…”
Arnav’s heart soared at the thought of spending time alone with his wife again…
“Now we just need to tell Khushiji…”
His body slumped hearing that…”She won’t agree…She’s so committed to the twins…she…”
“Khushiji!” Anjali called out  as she rushed past him…
Khushi’s shining smile made him smile…
“Yes Di? Oh!!! Listen!!!” she paused as everyone hushed…
Aarav began to gurgle and made some baby sounds…but Khushi squeeled in delight…
“He said ‘MA’!!! I’m sure of it!!!”
Arnav laughed heartily and went to sit behind his wife on the floor…”Jaan, I think he’s just mumbling…”
“Paaa”  Samaira followed her brother’s initiative and muttered out some sounds…
Arnav sat up straight and beamed bright…”Did you hear that!!!! Did you!?”
Khushi nodded  and laughed…”They both said Ma and Pa!!!”
Anjali stared at both of them …
Her laughter was finally noticed by the proud parents…
“What?” they both asked in unison.
“Oh…you two are the cutest parents in the world…”
They looked at each other feeling confused…
“They are just making baby sounds!”
Instantly they began to glare at her…
Lifting her hands in resignation, Anjali quickly smiled…”Ok ok! I’m sorry! They are speaking! But Now it’s my turn to speak…Khushiji, chote, Nani and I would both like to take care of the twins tonight while you have a night out together!”
Arnav braced himself for Khushi’s refusal…
“Really Di? You and Nani would do that?”
With wide eyes, Arnav started at Khushi completely dumbfounded…
“You…you’ll agree to it?” he asked cautiously…
“Ofcourse! I…” her voice then softened…”I miss you…”
With a dark and stormy gaze, he gave her a lopsided smille…”You and me…tonight…”
…….and now……..
Sitting here with here husband…
She couldn’t take her eyes off him…
His commanding presence.
His handsome physique…
Just by a look, he could ignite a passion within her the strength of gale force winds…
He had mastered her body completely.
She was so utterly tuned into him, so willing to give him whatever he wanted, do whatever he desired.
He had no idea just how far gone she was over him.
“You are driving me insane…” he murmured, the light from the candle on their table giving his eyes a wicked gleam.
She glanced down at attire…
“But, Arnavji…I’m completely covered up.”
“It’s positively sinful.” He paused, taking a sip from his glass before he murmured, “You’re not wearing a bra.’ Her nipples tightened to hard little beads at his comment, and he chuckled though his expression was pained…“And I can see your nipples,” he whispered hoarsely.
Khushi squirmed in her seat, his words enflaming her.
Her appetite disappeared, just like that.
Khushi avoided eye contact, afraid that he would be able to see just how aroused she was.
She admired Arnav’s unflappable demeanor, the way he cooly relaxed back in his chair, even though his body was on fire…
Smiling, she felt her heart flutter…
Her every fantasy had finally become a reality, and she wasn’t quite sure what to do.
“Aren’t you going to eat, Khushi?” he asked after a few quiet moments in which he’d already started.
Slowly she shook her head.
Watching him eat hypnotized her.
His strong hands wielding the utensils, the way his lips wrapped around the tines of the fork.
“I’m not very hungry.”
He set his fork on the side of his plate, his dark brows lowered. “Are you not feeling well?”
If being sick with arousal was a true illness then yes indeed, she wasn’t feeling well. 
“I’ll be fine.”
“What is it?” his eyes growing concerned.
 Now she just felt foolish.
“It’s just that I—” She released a shuddering breath, shocked she was about to confess such a thing… “I…I want you so much… It almost hurts.”
Arnav gripped the edge of the table with one hand…
He stared at her, his breath increasing, his eyes darkening. 
“You should eat.”
Slowly she shook her head and kicked off her shoe, stretching out her foot so it rested on top of his.
“I don’t think I can.”
He shrugged, his nonchalance strained.
Triumph surged through her.
She was affecting him, more than he cared to admit.
“It’s your loss. The food is excellent.”
“I’m sure it is.”
Smiling, she grabbed her fork and stabbed it into some food on her plate, cutting off a small piece before bringing it to her lips.
All the while she slipped her bare foot beneath the hem of his pant leg, touching his muscular calf and stroking him with the tips of her toes.
His penetrating stare nearly made her wobble but she kept it together.
Slowly she chewed…
Her big toe streaked down his leg and he jolted beneath her touch.
She felt bold, uninhibited.
She wondered if he liked it.
“Don’t start something you can’t finish,” he warned, his voice dark and silky… “Not here.”
“What are you talking about?” She blinked at him as she continued to rub her toes up and down his warm calf, the hairs that grew there tickling her.
“I don’t like being teased Khushi….”
“Oh, what’s the fun in that?” She dropped her foot away from his leg, swore she saw a flicker of disappointment in his gaze.
But she resumed eating her meal, reluctantly admitting that the cuisine was indeed most excellent.
As was the company she kept, the ambiance, the service.
Everything about tonight was completely, utterly perfect.
Tomorrow they returned to parenthood.
Something they both loved…
But their relationship was now at a different level.
They didn’t linger over their meal, Arnav indicating to the waitress he wanted the check soon after Khushi took her last bite.
Eagerness seemed to infuse him, making his movements almost jerky, rather impatient and, after he signed the bill and shoved his credit card back into his wallet, he stood.
“Ready to go?”
She nodded, standing when he pulled her chair out for her.
He had such impeccable manners, was such a gentleman.
 Powerful, rather demanding, impatient, gorgeous, stubborn, all of his traits created a most impressive man.
Women stared as they walked through the restaurant toward the entrance and Khushi filled with pride.
He walked beside her, his hand resting low on  her back, his hot fingers branding her to the very depths of her soul.
Marking her as his property to every public eye.

Khushi loved that she belonged to him.
They climbed into the back seat of the car.
As soon as the driver shut the door Arnav slammed the dividing screen.
Now that they were shielded from the driver…
He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.
His hands splayed across her back and his mouth fused with hers, tasting her fully.
She could do nothing but sink into the kiss, sliding her arms around his neck.
She thrust her fingers into his silky soft hair, twining her fingers around the short strands as he stroked her tongue with his.
His hands wandered, one slowly slipping beneath the skirt of her dress and along her thigh, all the way up to her hip, pausing when he realized her secret.
Breaking the kiss, he stared down at her, his breathing ragged, pupils dilated…“You’re not wearing any …”
“I forgot…”
She leaned in and pressed her mouth to his neck, darting out her tongue to lick his warm flesh.
She could taste him all night, nibble and kiss and suck.
Her heart threatened to pound out of her body when his fingers slid sensuously over her hip to glide down the slope of her stomach, coming perilously close to her sex.
She spread her legs the slightest bit, giving him the advantage, waiting breathlessly for his assured touch.
His fingers stopped just at her mound, his hand going still, large and hot against her.
She squirmed, lifted her hips, trying to get his fingers to slide down further, but he remained frozen.
Taunting her.
Teasing her.
The car pulled away from the curb and into heavy traffic.
The home was at least fifteen minutes away, perhaps longer what with the busy streets..
“Arnavji…” She glared at him, trying to scowl but not having much success… “Stop teasing.”
He lifted his brows.
“You’re the one who teased me in the restaurant.”
“Oh, it was only for a few seconds—and with my toes.”
She rolled her eyes, her entire body attuned to his hand resting on her lower body.
Slowly, he squeezed her, his fingers sliding down and cupping her sex.
“Your toes drive me wild,” he whispered… “Everything about you drives me wild.”
She went liquid in his arms, her bones dissolving to nothing.
He hovered over her, his face so close to hers their noses touched, his arm supporting her back, his other hand still cupping her most intimate spot.
Releasing a shuddering breath, she closed her eyes, overwhelmed by how thoroughly he surrounded her.
He pressed one finger against her slit, applying pressure until it slipped between her soaked folds.
“Open your eyes… I want your eyes on mine when I make you come.”
Her lids fluttered open, and she met his heated gaze.
Slowly he stroked her, his touch light, driving her even wilder than if he’d been aggressive and purposeful.
She lifted her hips against his touch, keeping rhythm with his patient strokes and when he brushed his thumb across her clit she gasped.
“Does that feel good Jaan?”
She loved how he called her Jaan.
It made her feel sweet and feminine.
“So good,” she confessed softly.
“Hmm, after all that crazy lovemaking while  pregnant, my girl now prefers a gentle touch?”
He stroked her, up and down, around and around, thrusting first one, then two fingers deep inside her sheath.
She moaned, desperately trying to keep her eyes open but lost to the sensations his touch brought forth.
He tightened his arm around her shoulders, his fingers pressing into her flesh.
She studied his face, the grim determination glittering in his eyes, the tension in his broad jaw.
He held himself in check, sweat dotted his forehead and she grasped at his tie, tugging on it so she could bring his face in closer and capture his lips with her own.
She kissed him thoroughly, her tongue thrusting in time with his fingers, her hips rubbing against his hand.
She wanted to come so badly, was so desperate for it, that when her climax finally washed over her she broke away from his mouth to offer a keening cry.
“Open your eyes,” he demanded and she did, staring into his gaze as the tremors took over her body.
It was such an intimate moment, raw and primitive…
She bit her lip…
“God, you’re beautiful…” He said kissing her softly, a chaste kiss full of emotion…
His fingers were still in her body, still gently playing with her and just like that her entire body tingled.
Feeling her tighten inside once again he leaned in and whispered…“I’m going to make you come again.”
Khushi closed her eyes tight…”No…I don’t think I can…”..The words struggled to get out as her body quivered at his touch, her breath now coming in pants.
Arnav smiled deviously…
“My God…you’re dripping…”  
His fingers delved deeper inside her body, massaging her tender flesh…  
Khushi’s body quaked as it revelled in the sensation provoked by his fingers.                      
“Ar…Arnavji…”   she could barely speak as she tried to catch her breath,  her fingers now digging into his arms as she struggled to remain alert…  
He slid another finger inside her, manipulating my inner walls.  
She bucked against his fingers, her body writhing against his…                     
“Give it to me Jaan…”   He murmured the words as he leaned in close…                  
Her body began to pulse as I felt the beginnings of an impending earthquake inside…
His thumb rubbed her aching bud, quickly increasing pressure and frequency.  
“I won’t let you hold back Khushi…Let it go…”
Her orgasm started to take control…                      
“I love you Khushi…”   His voice was filled with passion.  
She locked eyes with him, love brimming over.  
“Come for me…”   His deep sexy voice coupled with his deft fingers struck her senses hard…  
Khushi’s body began shuddering uncontrollably.  
Arnav smiled as she clutched his arms and cried out…
He watched as the energy was sucked from her body and she fell limp against against…
Arnav continued to hold her securely, treasuring her trust in him…
As she tried to catch her breath, he leaned in to kiss her…             
His eyes searched hers, the familiar longing clearly visible.
Withdrawing his fingers from her slowly…He gripped her lower back and swung her around to straddle him…
He sat up straight so he could kiss his wife fully.
His mouth conquering her, letting her know they belonged to each other.
Khushi felt his hand between her legs once again, this time to unleash his throbbing erection…
Her arm was firmly around his neck, to keep her balance.
Holding her waist he lifted her, and as her eyes locked on his, he forcefully pulled her down, sinking deeply inside her…
He groaned his approval as he grabbed her hips and began to move her back and forth, in and out.
Arnav was so close already, he was piercing her without pause…
Khushi held onto him with whatever strength she had left…
“With me Khushi…”
She heard his words, but shook her head…”I can’t…Not again…No…”
Becoming brutal with determination, he gripped her hips and tilted her slightly to the left…
As he did, his erection was hit the perfect spot inside her…
She sucked in a keening breath and soon all thought was gone, only the pleasure of the moment remained.
The burning of her orgasm was driving her wild and she began to buck wildly against him, making Arnav grit his teeth to hold out, to give her more time.
Then he felt her body start to contract…and they were both engulfed in all encompassing ecstasy.
Like lying on the beach, each wave of her orgasm slammed into their bodies, leaving them spent and fulfilled.
Khushi could feel his seed shoot into her as he groaned with satisfaction…
He pulled her to his chest cradling her in his arms.
Kissing her forehead tenderly, he whispered…”Khushi…we need to plan for this At LEAST once a week …”
Nodding in approval, she breathed out her words…”yes…please…”
“Just because we’re parents to the most beautiful children in the world, doesn’t mean that we give up our bond, or put it in second place…I love you…JUST as much as I love Aarav and Samaira…”
The both kissed gently until they felt the car come to a stop…
“Home…” she whispered…
“I know…”
Arnav sneaked in kisses as they both adjusted their clothes…
“Back to reality…” Khushi sighed…
“No…THIS…this is our reality too Khushi…Our time as parents and our times as lovers…both are reality…”
Kissing her softly one last time, he opened his car door and the surroundings caught him by surprise…
“What the…”
“Arnavji? What’s wrong…”
Arnav turned back to Khushi, a fierce fire glowing in his eyes as he said…”STAY in the car!”
Slamming the passenger door, he angrily yanked the driver from the front seat…”What the FUCK are we doing here!!!”
The man was shaking like a leaf…”I…I’m sorry…sorry sir…I…I had to…He…he said he would kill me if…if I didn’t…”
“You…Get…OUT…of my sight!” Arnav pushed the man into the deserted street as he ran for his life…
Almost instantly, the phone began to ring…
As soon as Arnav picked up, he heard the one voice that made his inner beast attack…
“How do YOU like being taken for a ride Salle Saab!?”
“How DARE you! What do you think you’re playing at! If you’re here then show yourself!!!”
Shyam laughed…”Why would I be there? In a deserted area? Far away from your home…”
Arnav was clutching his phone so tight that he was shocked that it didn’t shatter into pieces…
“This was a warning to you…And don’t worry, you’ll make it back safely…but I’m coming back for her…MY Khushi…”
Arnav held the phone tightly to his ear…”I swear, If I find you before the police do…so help me God!!!”
The call ended.
“Why are they such good babies?” Anjali whispered to Nani…
“Can’t you see…it’s because they have each other…”
Anjali smiled…”They’re so beautiful…you know…Karan and I are trying for another baby…”
Nani’s expression turned to one of pure joy…”Oh my! That is wonderful!”
The babies stirred at Nani’s louder voice…
“Shhhh…” Anjali whispered smiling…
Nani smile began to fade…”Look at the time…shouldn’t they be home by now?”
Anjali looked at the clock and saw the time…”Yes actually…They said they’d be home over an hour ago…”
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  1. September 20, 2012 4:29 am


  2. September 20, 2012 4:43 am

    wow i am first dear……really a haaaawt haaawt update….wow they literally make anything go up in flams with their passion but where are they and hope they are safe…simply wonderful n thnx 4da pm dear……..

  3. September 20, 2012 8:10 am

    God it was an awesome update… And Shyam is back… Poor Khushi will she ever be able to live in peace with her adorable babies and Arnavji… Can't wait for the next part.Farheen75

  4. September 20, 2012 1:40 pm

    awesome update loved it so sweet and cute and wicked they really needed a night out with out the kids so cute and the car ride hot hot and very sexy and snake has to spoil the mood

  5. September 21, 2012 4:24 am

    Loved the update. Hope Arnav is able to keep Khushi safe.

  6. September 21, 2012 6:56 am

    Oh my god….their passion for each other is just marvelous…,God I hate that creep…waiting for the next one….Arshi94(SONA)

  7. September 21, 2012 10:58 am

    Poor Khushi! will she be able to live in peace with her adorable babies and Arnav.A Hot update:)(tinsel)

  8. September 21, 2012 11:17 pm

    dt ws a HOTTTT update..!!o no agn shyam is bk with his dirty tricks…!! grrrupdate soon buddy!n thnx fr d PM 🙂

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    they have so much passion for eachother……grrr why did shyam have to come back??i hope kushi escapes from shyam….arnav do something dammit!!!!!!!!thanks for the pm….continue soonkamalapushpa

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