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January 7, 2013

“What do you mean he isn’t talking? MAKE him talk!”
“Sir, we can only do so much…He isn’t cooperating…”
Arnav slammed his hand against the wall…”I swear! Give me 5 minutes with him, I will make him talk!”
“Mr. Raizada, we CAN’T let you do that, you aren’t allowed to commit a crime just to avenge another crime…”
“Fine…” Arnav sighed, running his hand roughly over his eyes…”Fine…But you can detain him can’t you? He was in contact with…”
“Yes, Mr Raizada. The man has already confessed to receiving a call from Shyam Jha. But he won’t say anything further. He will not leave our custody until he gives us more information.”
“Just find that son of a bitch…Because if he comes near my family again, then I WILL commit a crime…”
Arnav ended the call and sat down resting his head in his hands…
Arnav heard Khushi’s voice and stood up fast…
She walked into the kitchen smiling, and his heart clenched…
“Can you hold Samaira for me please? Araav is hungry…”
Arnav lifted the little baby girl in his arms and held her delicately…
He smiled into the his daughters shining eyes and gently brushed his finger along her cheek…”Wow…you are so beautiful…”
Khushi smiled and turned to leave, but he quickly held her hand and walked up to her…”I love you Khushi…”
She smiled…”I know…I love you too…stop worrying…”
Arnav followed her out to the lounge and watched as Nani handed his son over to Khushi…
“How can this all be so perfect, but so dangerous…”
Arnav saw Anjali now standing beside him…”Di, look how much she looks like Khushi…”
Anjali smiled…”She does, but she has your smile…”
Arnav frowned, “I don’t smile…”
“Who doesn’t smile?” Payal asked
“Chote…” Anjali answered…
Laughing, Payal put her arms around them both…”No, you USED to ‘not smile’…but remember? Since meeting Khushiji? You smile a lot now…”
Arnav smirked…”I guess I do…But how can I help it…” he looked downwards to Samaira, then over towards Nani, Khushi and Araav. ..”I never thought I’d be so lucky…”
“Can I hold her Arnavji?”
“Sure Payal…” Arnav carefully handed over the tiny girl…”Hold her head, support her back…”
Anjali and Payal looked at each other…
“He’s such a ‘father’…” Anjali laughed…
“It’s adorable…” Payal said as she went into the lounge to join Khushi…
“I knew…I knew there was a perfect love just waiting for you…so did our mother…don’t forget that…”
He smiled…”I love you Di…”
“I love you too Chote…Now I have to say something as your big sister…”
Arnav supressed a groan…
“You know that I heard what you said before…and you need to remember…these babies need a father, and Khushiji needs her husband…don’t go playing hero Chote…I don’t want anything to happen to you…”
Arnav felt himself become angry…”Di, I am not going out of my way to find that asshole, but if he…”
“Please think of your family Chote…”
“That’s just it Di…He isn’t after anyone else…just Khushi…”
“I still don’t know how someone could betray us all so badly…”
Arnav softened towards his sister…”Di, you did nothing wrong…you were kind hearted, you were accepting…everything that a wife should be…the problem was with HIM…right now I am so damn thankful that I saved Khushi AND you in time…”
“Chote, trust in God…He has always brought you to save us on time…and He will continue to do so…”
4 Months later…
Arnav was working upstairs with Akash when they both heard a ruckus of laughter…
They hurried downstairs to investigate and nearly bumped into Nani…
“Sorry Nani, what’s going on in there?”
Nani bit her lip to hold back laughter…”I was just…just coming to get you Chote…”
“Why? What’s wrong?!”
“Calm down! Nothing is wrong…but I think you should come and see this…”
As they entered the kitchen, they saw the damage that had been done…
It was as though an explosion had hit the kitchen.
Anjali and Payal were huddled far away laughing heartily…
As Akash and Nani burst out into hysterics, Arnav began to smile…
“Don’t you dare just stand there and smile Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada!” Khushi scolded…”Get over here right now and control your son!”
As though walking through a minefield, Arnav cautiously stepped over the lumps of mashed vegetables that were covering the floor, and took a seat beside his wife…
The moment he was seated, he looked over to Khushi…
He almost cracked up laughing when Khushi lifted a pumpkin mushed spoon up in defense…”Don’t! Don’t even THINK about laughing right now! I have food in my hair, on my face, in my clothes, and poor Samaira is almost completely covered!”
Khushi took a deep breath…”although, she doesn’t really mind, she just wipes it off with her little pudgey hands and eats it…”
Arnav grabbed Khushi’s spoon-weapon wielding hand and leaned forwards to kiss her…
When he moved back, he licked his lips and turned to Araav…”mmmmm Yummy!”
Araav instantly squeeled and gave an ASR smirk…
“This is pure gold Bhai…” Akash said as he saw Arnav handle his family…
He smiled at Akash and lifted a spoonful to Araav…”Here. Time to eat.”
Khushi scoffed…”That won’t work! He hasn’t…”
Araav opened his mouth and took the food.
Khushi’s jaw dropped…”I…um…what…”
Arnav looked at her…”It’s simple. He doesn’t want food games. He just wants to eat. Simple.”
Arnav put his finger in the bowl of mashed banana and smeared some on Khushi’s lips, then leaned in to kiss her again…”mmmm Yummy…”
Araav smiled and began to giggle and that set Samaira off…
Khushi looked up and around…
Two giggling babies, and a kitchen full of laughing family.
And a husband who loved her, despite her being covered with banana…

“Can we bath them? Give you a chance to take a shower…”
Khushi smiled at her sister…”Thanks Jiji, I need one…what a foodfight…”
Arnav snickered again and Khushi glared at him…
“Chote, why don’t you and Khushi go and have a rest, and Payalji and I will bath the babies…”
Arnav looked over to Khushi, she had her hand on her hip and was huffing in playful contempt.
“Sounds good Di…thanks…”
Khushi flipped her hair and marched away…
Anjali and Payal smirked at Arnav…”Well…she tried for ages to get this little fella to eat…and got covered in food in the process…”
Arnav smiled…”I know…he’s so much like me…but then did you see how much he loves seeing her smile…?”
“Yes, we all saw that very clearly…”
Arnav grinned…”And now I’m after her…”
He quickly raced away and took the stairs two at a time…
A tiny smile crossed Khushi’s lips as she stepped into the shower, sighing with pleasure as the warm spray of water hit her like stinging little daggers on her skin.
She dipped her head under the water, lifted her arms to smooth her hair back…
“He’s coming…” she thought feeling deliciously anticipated…
Just thinking about him got her juices flowing, made her nipples harder, made her a little wetter between the legs.
And that wetness wasn’t from the shower.
Not 10 seconds after she thought that, she heard the bathroom door open and close…
“Khushi? Are you okay jaan?”
Her heart started pounding…”I’m fine. Just let me be…”
He pulled the curtain to the side, a smile on his handsome face.
Big brown eyes widened as he drank her in, his gaze wandering over her from head to toe.
He was fully clothed, making her feel downright vulnerable.
“I’m tempted to jump in there with you.”
Khushi felt her nether muscles pulse, but kept up her facade…”Don’t you dare… I want to be alone.”
Arnav’s eyes travelled up and down the length of her body…”Yeah…” he took a breath…”There’s no way in hell you can keep me away sweetheart…”
Shedding his clothes, he completely ignored her protests, stepping into the shower, causing her to move backward. 

He yanked the door shut and turned to look at her with hungry eyes.
His hands moved to clasp her shoulders, moving her away from him and she gasped in protest.
“This is all about you, not about me.” Arnav turned her to the side, his hands grabbing hers and putting each palm flat against the wall of the shower before stepping behind her.
He poured a handful of liquid soap into his palm and then rubbed his hands together, causing the soap to froth.
When he slid his hands over her shoulders then up her arms, her eyes slid closed, a little groan escaping her.
“Feel good?”
Nodding, she could only revel in the sensations his hands brought her.
They smoothed all over her, soaping up her skin, making her tingle with awareness, with desperate need.
After endless minutes of massage and touch, Arnav turned her back to face him…
He sighed and slowly lowered his forehead to hers.
She could feel his breath on her mouth.
He pulled back to look at her.
She lowered her gaze to stare blindly at the broad width of his shoulders…
Arnav swiped his thumbs across her cheeks.
Her beauty robbed him of words.
He pulled her against his chest, holding his arms loosely around her.
Her arms wrapped about his ribs, her hands flat on his back, her face pressed into his chest.
He tightened his hold about her.
His erection was throbbing, alive, aware of her in a way he would never fully understand.
He tried to calm the deep breaths he drew, but every slight movement he made brought his body in contact with Khushi’s in new and exciting ways.
Khushi’s hands eased around his sides, moved up over his chest.
She lifted her face to his neck.
He kissed her temple, drew the sweet scent of her hair into his lungs.
The relief he felt was intense.
His hands cupped her shoulder blades as he drew her up against himself.
Kissing her cheek, he followed the line of her jaw to her lips, and there he paused.
“You know you’re safe with me don’t you?…you know that I love you with all my heart don’t you Khushi?”
He expected her to react…to push away…to pull him close…but as she lifted her eyes to his, she merely nodded…
He felt the most powerful splurge possessiveness rise inside him once again…
She licked her lower lip as steam filled the room…
Her eyes met his, chocolate eyes gone black with desire.
His fingers stroked the velvety softness of her arms….
“You are beautiful.”
And she was—amazingly, breathtakingly beautiful.
He traced his fingers along the top of her breasts.
He kissed her neck, moving down to the curve of her shoulder and slowly back up.
His lips paused over the pulsing vein in her neck, feeling her frenetic heartbeat.
His mouth touched hers, hovering briefly, lips to lips, letting her acclimate to him before he moved across her lips, drawing her mouth open with his.
His tongue slipped into the sweet darkness of her mouth even as his erection pressed between her legs.
She moaned.
Her tongue touched his, rubbing, pressing.
He drew the backs of his fingers down her shoulders, over the upward swell of her breasts…
Pulling back, he looked at her bared skin.
Her dusky nipples were puckered.
He rubbed his open palms against the sensitive nubs.
Up and down.
She held tightly to his shoulders as he cupped a breast and suckled on the peaked nipple.
She gasped, arching into him.
His cock jerked in response.
He could come just sucking on her.
He rolled her wet nipple between his thumb and forefinger as he moved to her other breast.
He felt the ragged breath she drew, responded by drawing a long draw of air through his teeth as his tongue flicked her tight nipple.
His fingers left her nipples, easing down to her hips.
He kissed her belly button, her hipbone.
Quickly shutting off the water, he lifted her in his arms and carried her into their darkened room…
Caring nothing for how drenched they both were, he laid her on the bed pulled her body to the edge…
He lifted one of her legs and laid it over his shoulder.
She had shaved all but a band raven black hair over her mound.
He nuzzled it, hungry for a taste of her.
Drawing her other leg over his other shoulder, he opened her sex to him.
He leaned forward to stroke her with his tongue, sweeping across the sensitive folds, circling her clitoris, pressing against it, starting a rhythm her body instinctively responded to.
He shoved his tongue into her opening, tasting her sweetness.
There was nothing conservative about her response to him.
Her chest and neck were flushed with passion.
Short, breathy gasps escaped her parted lips.
Her hips bucked against his mouth.
He turned his attention to her sensitive nub, laving, pressing, sucking.
He speared her with two fingers.
In and out, until he felt the first convulsions of her orgasm take her.
He pulled back before the waves of pleasure could fully engulf her.
She cried out a protest, tightening her legs around his head.
He grinned up at her, offering a last sweep of his tongue before he cupped his hands firmly on her waist.
He drew her legs off his shoulders, and penetrated her with his erect rod, fast and hard, seating himself painfully deep in her wet sheath.
She threw her head back and screamed.
Her inner walls pulsed over him, pulling him with her into an explosion of ecstasy.
He gripped her hips, slamming in deep, spearing her until they found their release.
When they both returned to reality, Khushi felt limp, drained.
Completed in a way that only her husband’s love could complete her.
He was breathing as hard as she was.
There was an edge in his lean face as he watched her, his big hands still on her hips.
She wanted him again.
She wanted him to take her again…
Arnav could see she was dazed…completely drugged with desire.

“Mr. Raizada, I know how concerned you are…but we have seen and heard nothing of Mr. Jha. He has obviously gone underground…We have doubled security at your home, and all available officers are on 24 hour alert.”
Arnav ended the call feeling extremely uneasy…”It’s been months…”
He stood up and marched to the top of the stairs, looking down on his family…
As he stared lovingly at his wife, his mobile began to ring…
“Don’t think for one minute that I’ve forgotten about my Khushiji…”
Arnav’s heart froze.
He backed away, out of view…
“Shyam, I will NOT spare you if you so much as LOOK  at my wife again!” his voice was dripping with disdain…
Sick laughter filtered through the ear piece…
The warrior inside Arnav was demanding to be let loose…
More than anything he wanted to rip Shyam apart…
“I haven’t been far…and you need not worry…I’m only after Khushiji…just let me have her…”
Arnav’s jaw clenched…
His hands balled into tight fists…
“You will never have her…I swear on MY LIFE that you will never have her!!!”

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  2. desisweetheart9 permalink
    January 7, 2013 4:30 am

    Amazing update. Love the scene between Arnav and the babies. So sweet. The precap was scary.

    – desisweetheart9 from IF.

  3. January 7, 2013 3:11 pm

    u know what…u r the best in this….loved the plot once again….and need i tel that it was pant wetting…Arshi94

  4. January 7, 2013 7:48 pm

    awesome update sarah, very well written chapterwhy this creep shyam is so obsessed with khushi, and here arnav's love is increasing day by day for his wife and feeling more protective towards her. (IF User laksh65)

  5. January 7, 2013 7:56 pm

    love it india094-if

  6. January 7, 2013 9:12 pm

    Love all your FF's, but this one remains my favorite. Love the combination of both thriller and lovemaking. Can't wait for the next part!!IF Saniiii

  7. January 7, 2013 10:44 pm

    fab work as always

  8. January 8, 2013 1:33 am

    fabulous updatedrunkiiebabe

  9. January 8, 2013 4:59 am

    Loved it. Oh no. looks like Shyam is coming back. – desisweetheart9 from IF.

  10. January 9, 2013 2:48 am

    bloody hell this time snake has to die loved the shower that was so hot and sexy beautiful naughty asr awesome update

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    shehreen will surely start jumpng if she knws tht u updated….omg cnt say anythng bout ths part…ahem ahempublic place naa

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    shyam is sick!!

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    great update loved it sarah, thanks for the pm (IF use laksh65)

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    Finally updated i waited so longAwesome as always you r incredible no body can write like you do vashti 😉

  15. February 10, 2013 8:17 pm

    Its been a long time since you updated thus one… Great update but someone needs to shoot shyam in the head. Hot as well. Wow! So glad to see them be a oerfect family.

  16. February 11, 2013 7:46 am

    aww arnav is such an adorable father…i loved it when anji told him to not go playing hero…seriously anji is darn thoughtful and intelligent than the one used to be on the drama..nice update

  17. February 12, 2013 9:33 am

    this is my most fav of ur works…loved the food fight…arshi ❤

  18. February 12, 2013 10:05 am

    awesome updatesummaiyasayed

  19. February 12, 2013 9:57 pm

    brilliant update

  20. April 17, 2013 12:08 am

    I LOVEE THIS STORY! its so passionate and so living! bring all your emotions out! please keep posting! i cant wait to read more of breakout! 🙂

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