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SS : Plane and Simple Part 2

January 18, 2013

“I’m positive that you know what I have in mind…” he growled as he leaned in to kiss her…
But Khushi sneakily slid off the couch and stood up…
Arnav reached out to grab her hand, but she quickly backed away…
“Khushi! I swear, I will chase you! And there’s nowhere you can run! We’re on a plane for God sake!”
Khushi grinned and high tailed into the bathroom locking the door behind her…
Arnav had been close to catching her but only slammed his fist on the closed door.
Turing away, he planted his hands on his hips and felt like roaring…
30 seconds later, Khushi opened the bathroom door and walked up behind him…
“Please turn around…”
“Just stop it Khushi!”
She looked down, feeling that maybe she went to far…
When she had entered the bathroom, she had stripped off all her clothes and pulled on a thin white robe that had been in the basin’s drawer.
She had hoped to tease him, but now that all seemed to have dissipated…
Turning back, she walked sadly back towards the bathroom…
Before she should shed a tear, she felt his arm slide around her belly, pulling her  into the heat of his body…
Khushi leaned back into him, and he tightened his grip around her waist.
His hand slipped into her robe, soft against the nakedness of her belly.
Arnav smelled her hair …”You smell divine…”
She felt her heart calm…
“I’m sorry…again…”
“It’s…it’s alright Ar-“
“Quiet…It’s not alright…I’m apologizing, and you saying that it’s ‘alright’ is NOT what I had in mind…”
Khushi could feel him hardening …
His steel rod was pressing into her lower back…
“I see what you’ve got in mind,” she whispered.
He turned her gently.
Khushi was feeling so shy that she couldn’t look him in the face.
But he gently tilted her chin up so that she could peer into his eyes…
“I have missed you…so severely…”
Khushi put her hand over his…
He gazed down at her with his sparkling dark eyes and she felt herself melting.
His eyes captured her heart to such and extent that she couldn’t look away.
“Khushi…you are beautiful,” he said reverently.
He didn’t need to say anything else.
She knew in her heart…when their eyes met…all those years ago…he had her.
He leaned in for a kiss.
It began sweetly, but quickly grew wet, frantic, and more passionate.
His tongue found hers.
He put his soft hands under the collar of the terrycloth robe, and pushed gently, steadily.
The front parted, her breasts were revealed, then the robe fell away and pooled around her ankles.
Totally exposed.
The cool air of the room, accompanied with Arnav’s gaze made her nipples stiffen.
Khushi pressed herself against her husband, feeling the warmth of him against her naked breasts, the smooth fabric of his shirt.
He ran his fingers down her bare back, sending shivers all through her.
She  giggled and squirmed as his fingertips tickled the base of her spine.
He sighed as he gazed the length of her body…“So beautiful…”
Feeling slightly more adventurous, she began to slowly unbutton his shirt, gradually revealing the smooth muscles beneath.
Her hands slipped down his chest, caressing his sleek body.
His hands left her skin for a moment, and he deftly unbuckled his belt and stepped out of his trousers…
Instantly, her hand found his erection through his boxers, and she felt it surge under her touch.
Suddenly, Arnav tipped her chin and kissed her with breathtaking passion, his fingers tracing tumultuously around her nipples.
Sensation snaked over her skin.
Khushi grinned as he kissed her.
“What?” he asked breathlessly.
“Just smiling,” she breathed, and kissed him slowly, her fingers kneading his erection through the thin fabric of his boxers.
Arnav sucked her bottom lip teasingly.
Needing more contact, she slipped her hand into his boxers, and found his warmth and hardness waiting.
Arnav gasped and trembled as his wife touched him…
“Is my hand cold?” she asked as she slowly began to stroke him…
He bent down and nibbled her neck…“You feel perfect. What you’re doing feels…perfect…”
“Why are you shaking…?”
“It’s what you do to me…I…I have missed you…Not just this…everything…”
He cupped both of her breasts while she continued to stroke his erection.
“Should I stop?” she teased…
That got his attention.
He saw her mischievous smile, and chuckled.
Swiftly and surely, he scooped Khushi off of her feet.
He always lifted her like she weighed nothing.
Khushi shrieked a little in surprise as he gathered her up and walked her to the bed, gently depositing her down.
Standing before her, he pulled off his boxers.
Everytime she looked at him, she was marvelled.
He was so fit, and toned.
And every nerve within her screamed…’this man is mine’…
Her eyes were almost black as she watched him stretch out next to her on the bed like a god, his erection big and hard, and he was hungry just for her.
Khushi wriggled a little just thinking about it.
She needed him inside of her…but…He had other ideas.
She was already so wet, and barely anything had happened yet.
If he took her at that moment…she would be ready for him.
He lay beside her for a moment and gazed at Khushi’s body.
Shyness building up, she felt self-conscious, and having her perfect man raking her with his eyes made her blush and want to hide.
She reached for the covers, almost on instinct, but he made a motion for her to stop.
“I want to look at you,” he said.
“I’m…I’m feeling…self-conscious,” Khushi muttered, shifting under the gaze of those dark eyes.
“You don’t need to be,” he said, kneeling on the mattress.
He put a hand on her ankle, which sent shivers skating through her… “You are unbelievably…intoxicating…”
“You’re just saying that to get me into bed,”…her voice crooned, and he grinned.
“Worked, didn’t it?…my legally wedded wife…”
Khushi was distracted by his touch, which was moving lightly up her calf.
Nervously she kept her legs closed, still feeling totally exposed.
What made it ever more electric, was his painfully erect hard-on as he caressed her.
The advantage of lovemaking in the afternoon was that she got to see every part of her lover.
Arnav was relishing her body, his eyes taking in her nakedness like he was hungry for it.
Khushi and he had mostly made love in the dark, and so it was new for her to be hungrily consumed with his gaze.
Finally his hands gripped her calves and spread her legs, a little at first, but then spread them fully, giving him the wide-angle view of her sex, already soaking for him.
He gasped at the sight, and the sound of him sucking air turned up the heat between her legs.
Again, shyness almost made her lose her nerve and she started to bring her knees together, but he put a hand on her leg to stop her.
His touch sent shocks into her system, and she let her knees fall apart again, rocking her hips.
Her husband’s mere touch on her leg was enough to send vibrations sizzling through her pelvis…
“Arn…Arnavji…” her sheath was dripping with excitement…”We only…only have an hour…”
He looked up at her like she was water and he was a desert…
“Impatient are you?” he mused…”Impatient as I have been over the last few weeks?”
Khushi felt herself soften, open, and melt…”I am sorry Arnavji, I wanted to be in your arms just as much…I just have had so much…”
“I know…I know…it’s not your fault…It’s not…I didn’t handle it well…But now that I’m here with you…I can’t help but take my time and treasure every part of you that I have been deprived from…”
Khushi’s breathing hastened…
She was completely his for the taking, and he knew it.
He knelt between her legs.
Her slick folds were hungry for his attention.
Playfully and lightly, he kissed her smoothly shaven mound.
Khushi started to squirm…
Her hands raked through her own hair in frustration…
If he didn’t speed up, then she would surely combust…
It was at that moment, that she felt his tongue.
He licked her from sheath to clit in one tantalizing lap, flicking her bud with his tongue for good measure.
Khushi began to roll her hips, gasping with pleasure.
He began teasingly kissing her slick labia, sucking them gently, then taking the whole of her sex into his mouth.
He let it go with a slurping sound that was more erotic than anything she had ever heard.
Arnav was spurred on by her moaning for him…
She was not really aware of anything other than the warmth between her legs and the pressure building there.”…
“More…please Arnav…”
He paused…”Please…what?”
“oh no you don’t…Sweetheart, I’ve been asking you to call me ‘Arnav’ for a long time…”
She began biting her lip…as he smirked at her…
She knew that in addition to being a gorgeous specimen of a man, and an excellent lover, that he wasn’t going to let this go…
“…for past few weeks, when you would hold me during the night, I would lay awake and pray you know how much I loved you…and that I didn’t like fighting with you…”
Arnav studied her…”You were awake?…Why didn’t you say something?”
Suddenly, in need to fill her with pleasue,  his tongue sought her warm core, lapping up the length of her.
He felt her centre begin to tremor against his tongue…
Khushi  whimpered with joy as he pleasured her.
Every few strokes he would circle her clit gently with his tongue, suck it into his mouth, then lick it some more.
He was driving her crazy as he tenderly used his whole mouth to make love to her.
His hands traced over her stomach and sought her soft breasts.
Arching her back, she shivered.
With a light touch, he circled her nipples, never stopping the wet caresses from his mouth…
All the while, the sounds she made were becoming louder and louder… 
It was too much sensation.
She thought she was going to shatter.
He had always made frantic and passionate love to her, and now…
Now he was driving her slowly and surely to an exploding climax…
As he steadily and gently sucked her, he firmly held her thighs apart…
He could feel her strength draining, and her desire building…
Ignoring her plea, he kept up his slow, torturing pace…
Her stomach trembled as she felt it begin…
Rolling her hips, she tried to spur him on, but his tongue delicately circled her pulsing, swollen clit…
Her body finally spiralled out of control…
Khushi screamed as the orgasm pulsed powerfully through her body.
She couldn’t control her movements.
Arnav held her pelvis down firmly as his tongue continued to roam around her throbbing bud…
He groaned, excited by her climax.
Her aftershocks were almost as strong as the orgasm itself…
His tongue slowed, but didn’t stop, giving her time to savor the orgasm glowing and strobing through her.
Finally his mouth withdrew…and slowly kissed up her torso, flicking his tongue over her nipples….
He could still feel them pulsing against his tongue…
Khushi just lay there panting for what seemed like ages trying to recollect the fragments of her consciousness.
It was like the orgasm had scattered her self, and now she felt pure and simple and clear.
Arnav was still kissing her breasts, very lightly.
He was vibrating with need, and yet he seemed content wafting in the scent of her blossoming around him.
Lifting her limp hand, she ran her fingers through his hair…
He looked up at her, and she instantly wanted to cry.
“That…that was by far, the sweetest climax I have ever felt in my life…”
He smiled…”I know that I’m always so desperate for you when we make love, and this time…I just…I just wanted you to have my undivided attention…”
“You are incredible…truly…”
His voice thickened with desire. “I just wanted to savor you,” he said simply, running a hands over her arms…
“I love the way your body becomes under my control… The way you just climaxed… It was amazing….I still want you so badly.”
Khushi actually felt tears in her eyes…”I want you, too…Please don’t wait…” she said desperately… “I need you inside me…”
She saw the wildness in his eyes, but he was holding it back with expertise.
Easing himself over her body, Khushi felt the warmth building between her legs again…
Arnav stared into her eyes for all of 5 seconds before he began to kiss passionately…
Then his hand slid down her belly and found her opening, still soaking from the pleasure of a few minutes ago.
As their open mouths slipped sensually over each others, he slowly pushed his length inside of her….
Instantly, Khushi shot to life…she arched her back and kissed him fiercely as he held himself deep inside her…
His movements remained graceful…
He slid his hands up her sides, holding her still as he pressed even deeper into her.
Khushi felt the fire of his tip stretching her as he gently but steadily sought her core.
“…relax sweetheart…” He whispered as he leaned into her with his weight, moaning with pleasure.
Wrapping her arms around him, she slid them down his sleek back.
Warmth rolled through their joined bodies as Arnav began to thrust in and out.
Each movement he made felt like delicious fire, and he wanted to burn with it.
His wife was vulnerable to anything he wanted her to feel…
And at this moment, he wanted nothing more than  to take her, to thrust into her, to go deep and own her.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart…for all the fighting…” he panted.
“Ah,” she gasped as his thrusting became more urgent… “I need you Arnav…Please….”
And she kissed him fiercely.
That seemed to do the trick.
He wrapped his strong arms under her back, practically lifting her up off of the bed.
Immediately she wrapped her legs around his hips as his movements became suddenly desperate.
With each stroke he took her deeply, as if he was trying to made them one body.
Gripping his shoulders, Khushi pulled him into her as far as he could go, his powerful legs and hips thrusting, each time his erection sending ribbons of warmth through her belly.
His mouth sought hers, his tongue found hers, he kissed her like he was devouring her.
Everything sped up.
He pinned her down, his strong arms tightened like a vice.
 He pounded inside her, their bodies slapping together.
Khushi shrieked with each thrust, pleasure welling up within…
When the moment came, Her orgasm didn’t so much as roll through her as claw its way through her body.
The walls of her interior sucked at Arnav’s erection, pulling at it, and her hands clutched at his arms.
Locking her legs around waist, she gave herself over to the cataclysmic convulsions.
Everything fell away except for her husband pounding into her and the sense that a giant fist had picked her up and shaken her, tossing her into a whirling vortex.
Arnav continued to draw her orgasm out, and finally, with a mighty thrust and a groan he detonated, his hips pumping sporadically as he spent himself in her body.
Collapsing into her, he panted, kissing her neck tenderly…
He was still inside of her, and she could feel him pulsating in the aftermath of his orgasm.
She felt warm, and wet, and utterly relaxed.
“I love you Arnavji…”
Moving his lips to her ear, he whispered…”Arnav…”
As they sprawled naked in each other’s arms, he ran his fingers over her skin, his touch leaving traces of electricity in their wake.
Their conversation ranged from their love life, to their home life…
But eventually Khushi said…“Shouldn’t we get ready to leave now?”
Arnav remained quiet…
Khushi shivered despite being nestled in his arms under the covers.
Pulling her closer, he finally spoke…”I love you…”
Khushi smiled…”I know…I love you Arnavji…Arnav…”
Lifting his palm to her face, he kissed her tenderly…
At that moment, an over head bell rang twice, and then a voice drifted out from the speaker…”This flight will be landing in 10 minutes…”
Their eyes met, and out of no where, they both began to laugh…
As they sat up, Arnav leaned closer to kiss her bare shoulder…”We need to prioritize things…because I can’t stay away from you for so long again Khushi …”
Smiling, she leaned in close…”I don’t want you to stay away from me…” her head perked up…”Wait…what are we going to tell everyone…?”
“I’ll tell them I wanted to spend time with my wife…plain and simple…”

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    Omg!!! This is soooooo hot!!! Loved the update Zumba!!!!

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    Oh my my….I literally had my pants wet here….Gawd….loved the play of emotions….Arshi94

  3. January 18, 2013 3:10 pm

    the intensity of their love and desire just leaps out of the page… great writing that bombards one with sizzling images!

  4. January 18, 2013 3:32 pm

    sizzling HOTTT!!!

  5. LOVEARR permalink
    January 18, 2013 7:01 pm

    What an update!

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  6. January 19, 2013 4:37 pm

    beautifully written… the intensity and passion of their love, the longing, the desire and above all the need and purity of their love… everything came through perfectly in the last chapter.

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    Loved it. amazing and passionate update.-desisweetheart9 from IF.

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    what an update very hot sexy and cute well written beautifully done loving the relationship

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    Beautifully written… Their intensity.. love.. wonderful…

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    Romantic love story…

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