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SS : Recapturing Part 8

February 5, 2013

Staring and thinking…
“My best friend is soon going to be my husband…” Khushi sighed…”the best friend I thought I’d never see again…”
While Khushi’s musings invaded her head, Arnav was desperately trying to hold onto his own thoughts…
“If we continue with this line of design…” he veered his eyes away from Khushi…”our branch offices in The UK and US will also profit….so…”
He couldn’t resist any longer, his eyes meandered towards his fiance…
With a surging heart, Arnav felt his legs go numb as he fell back into his black chair…
The surrounding staff where questioning him as he stared in amazement at the vision before him…
Tearing his eyes away for one breif second, he glanced at his watch, then back to Khushi…
“2.49pm…” he smirked seeing her bite on the end of her pencil…”No wonder she’s hungry…”
Holding back a laugh, he quickly said….”This meeting is over for today. 20 Minute break.”
All went quiet.
Before the “Angry” ASR resurfaced, the workers quickly dispersed and left the room…
Arnav leaned forwards and grinned…”How about we go and eat lunch ? It would be far better than that pencil…”
Khushi fell back to the present and smiled…”That would be nice…I was beginning to think you WERE a tyrant boss who would let his employees starve to death…”
Standing up, he walked towards her…”Ah…I’ve heard that rumor before…”
Khushi smiled…”Yes, my first day here, I overheard your staff talking, and that’s what they said about you…”
Getting to her feet, she stood up just as Arnav reached her side…
His arm went around her waist, getting ready to pull her close, but she hurriedly pushed him away…
“Khushi? What the hell?”
Feeling flustered, her eyes darted around the room…”Where? Where has everyone gone?”
Scowling, he stuffed his hands in his pockets…”You’re STILL not willing to let me hold you while others are around? Khushi, you are my FIANCE! You are going to be my WIFE! I already think of you as my wife!…..” he turned his back momentarily and said…”I ended the meeting a few minutes ago…they all left…”
Her voice was so quiet, and her tone was sad…
She wrapped her arms around herself, suddenly feeling cold…
When Arnav turned and saw her, he detested himself for making such an outburst…
He was at her side in a heartbeat, and quickly drew her against his chest…”I’m sorry…I know you are still…” he didn’t want to bring attention to her fears, so he trailed his hands up her arms…”I’m sorry for speaking that way…”
As Khushi looked up, his lips hovered over hers for a mere moment before he joined their mouths in the slowest most tender way…
The kiss was chaste, but dripping with all the love that he had for her…
“Shall I call for some food to be brought up?”
Khushi shook her head…”No…I…I would rather go to the staffroom…I don’t want them to think…”
“That you’re getting special treatment…” he sighed…”I know…But Khushi, you KNOW that once you’re my wife, I won’t allow you to think of yourself as so inferior…you’re not ‘just one of my employees’…”
As her hands slid up his muscled chest, she nodded…”I know…”
She turned to leave, only to be followed by Arnav.
“Where are you going?” she inquired with a small smile…
“You said you’re going to have lunch downstairs…so…where you go, I go…”
Walking past her, he craved to grab her hand, but held back…
She blinked a few times, and quickly followed him, letting her eyes skim over his physique as she walked…
Wandering eyes watched them enter the lunch room…
“That’s her…” the man muttered…”I’m sure of it…but I need to see her closer…”
Sitting back down, he waited….
With an innocent sensuality that aroused all his senses and rocketed his hormones, she poised the bottle of water inches from her mouth and parted her pink lips.
“Oh God…” he thought… really wishing she hadn’t done that.
Arnav gulped and felt his blood rush at the sight of her luscious mouth and fleshy lips.
Lips designed for kissing.
Kissing him…
After taking a deep drink, Her tongue snaked out and licked a drop from the corner of her mouth….
“Mmmmmm…..” she hummed mirroring a sexy bedroom purr…
Desire twisted inside him as a burst of heat shot straight to his groin, making it tighten painfully.
HOW would he survive this lunch.
He suspected that she truly had no idea how sexy she was or that she’d been getting under his skin for the entire day…
Hell, since the minute he’d looked into her seductive eyes, the heart felt ,  potent, all-consuming love and need had been evident…
There was no denying how much he wanted her.
He’d wanted her all day…
And now that they had surfaced from a meeting that had run overtime, he hated being stuck in the cafeteria…
He wanted to whisk her away…
Just the sight of her wet, sensuous lips was filling his mind with all kinds of wild and wicked images.
Arnav eased himself closer to the table, and laid his jacket over his lap.
He angled closer, close enough to breathe in her arousing feminine scent.
His nostrils flared as her hypnotic aroma curled around him and seeped under his skin.
He exhaled an agonized groan and clenched his jaw.
If he didn’t banish his thoughts and curb his desires, he would combust before the day of his wedding…
When he shifted in his seat, their legs connected under the table, reminding him of the night at the restaurant only a few days before…
Lust clawed its way to the surface and clamoured for attention.
A thin sheen of moisture dampened his skin, making him pull at his collar…
The soft scrape of her leg against his drove every sane thought from his passion-rattled brain.
Without fully considering his actions, he reached out and brushed a tendril of hair from her delicate shoulder.
Surprise registered on her face, and she flinched at his intimate touch.
Her warm hand darted out and soon closed over his.
Twining the wavy strands around his finger, his hand hovered near the swell of her full cleavage for an extra second.
Long enough for him to absorb the heat radiating from her.
Gorgeous chocolate, come-hither eyes stared back at him…
“Arnavji?…” she asked quietly…
Her tone might have sounded quiet, but the spark igniting her eyes told an entirely different story.
Pulling his hand away, he swallowed… Hard… Like he had a dry piece of bread lodged in his throat.
“…you…you are driving me crazy Khushi…”
“And… I was about to come on the spot…” He thought to himself.
“Oh…” She smiled slightly as she blew her wispy bangs off her forehead.
With lips close enough to taste, her sweet, strawberry-scented breath wafted across his face.
His mouth salivated, eager for a deeper, more satisfying taste…but with a room full of his employees, he would never think of pushing or embarrassing her…
A fever rose in him.
As she ran her finger around the perimeter of her glass, his thoughts fragmented.
How could she make such an innocent movement so damn erotic?
He shifted to alleviate the tight ache in his groin.
“I’m  sorry Arnavji…But…” she murmured, her voice dropping an octave.
“Even MY heart has a mind of its own…I want to be in your arms right now…more than anything…” Her breathing  sounded rough, edgy.
She brushed a few loose strands from her shoulder…
He froze…”You…”
He had to get her alone…
And it had to be soon, otherwise his body was going to explode into a million fragments.
He knew that he still had to wait until their wedding night to make love to her and bring her body to the heights of passion he suspected she craved.
But for now…he wanted her in his arms…
Arnav stood up and grabbed her hand…”…with me…NOW…”
She flushed dark and barely had time to grab her small bag as her ‘boss’ led her out of the cafeteria…
Exiting the lunch room, He pulled her towards the stairs that led to his office…
As they neared, a man stepped forwards, purposefully jutting out his leg, tripping Khushi…
Arnav’s hand instantly tightened around hers as he turned back to her, catching her before she hit the floor…
“Oouchhh….” Khushi hissed as she lifted her twisted left foot off the ground…
Arnav’s eyes connected with the illusive man…”What the Hell! Who are you? You don’t work here!”
“Oh!  I’m so sorry Please forgive me!…”
Khushi looked up…
Face to face…
“That’s definitely her.” …the man concluded…
“It’s…It’s okay, I’m alright…” Khushi said trying to sound polite…
“Alright?” Arnav spat out…
Lifting her in his arms, he stared at the man…”Get the fuck out of my building…I don’t care WHAT you are here for…GET OUT!”
With narrowing eyes, the man watched Arnav carry Khushi away…”So…I found you Miss Gupta…but it seems that you have a very attentive companion…”
“Arnavji, how could you be so rude! That poor man!”
Arnav placed her carefully on his office chair and turned back to lock his door…
“Khushi…” he knelt before her…”Are you alright?”
Lifting her foot in his hands, he slowly took off her sandal…
“It’s just a bit twisted, I’m fine—ouch!”
Arnav had merely turned her ankle an inch and she cried out…
She lifted her eyebrows…”Ok, so it is a bit sore…”
“I thought so.”
As Arnav began to massage her ankle and foot, her soft cries and moans made him weak with need.
His body trembled almost uncontrollably.
As her heat curled around him, all he could think about was how he’d like to rush out of here, marry her,  take her home and satisfy her in ways she’d never
been satisfied before.
If he hadn’t promised her and his family about the wedding he would do just that.
He ached to lock himself deep inside her while he explored her curves and traced the pattern of her body with his fingers and his tongue.
He wanted to lave her nipples with long, luxurious strokes and suck on her hard buds until she became feverish with need and came completely apart in his arms.
He wanted to look deep into her soulful, warm brown eyes and watch her lose the control that she so painfully guarded as she reached a powerful, earth-shattering climax.
Although this wasn’t the time or the place for such intimacy, the situation was escalating beyond his power to stop it.
At this particular moment, his head ruled his actions.
Unfortunately, it was the swollen, hormone-driven head pressing insistently against its zippered cage that demanded undivided attention.
His hands moved climbed higher, massaging her calves….
Khushi felt the dampness on her silk panties and could barely summon the strength to speak.
His mind stopped working.
She tensed against him and gasped.
Her shaky hand came to rest on his.
Arnav sensed it was a token gesture to stop him.
Leaning forwards, with their lips mere inches apart, she whispered in a hushed tone, “Arnavji” Her voice was far from steady…
“Look at me…” he managed to say around the lump forming in his throat.
Her eyes were dark, glossy, perplexed.
He drew a deep, fortifying breath and nestled his face close to her perfumed neck.
Her sweet scented skin nearly shut down his brain.
He slipped a finger under her chin. “Look at me Khushi…”
She tilted her head stared into his eyes…
Her dark brows knitted together as her chest rose and fell with her quick breathing.
Arnav felt his tongue go dry at the sight of her beauty…
He watched her pulse jump at the base of her neck as she  went completely still…
Love and unbridled need filled his eyes…
“I love you Khushi…”
“…kiss me…please…” Her breathless voice was nothing more than a faint whisper.
She parted her lips, and before she could say anything further, he took possession of her mouth.
Moaning, her tongue snaked out and tangled with his.
He could taste her sweetness on her strawberry-soaked tongue.
She was so responsive.
This was a kiss so full of emotion and tenderness that if he hadn’t already been on his knees, it would have brought him to his knees.
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  1. February 5, 2013 8:00 am

    This was good.. I really want them to get married before evil strikes

  2. February 5, 2013 11:00 am

    awesome updtluv itupdt soonsummaiyasayed

  3. February 5, 2013 11:19 am

    soo nice n lovely update

  4. February 5, 2013 12:34 pm

    the desire running in their veins is quite palpable, more so in arnav's case… if he manages to leash it in, he sure must be superhuman! so shyam's man has found khushi… hope arnav and khushi manage to get married and spend some happy times together before evil once again casts its shadow over them… anyway, arnav is really thinking with another part of his body rather than with his head if he allowed a stranger to leave without questioning his presence… but loved how he at once turned to comfort khushi when he realised she was hurt!

  5. February 5, 2013 3:25 pm

    awesome updatejust can't wait 4 them to get married update soon

  6. February 5, 2013 3:42 pm

    awesome. sensual without even a touch.

  7. February 5, 2013 4:32 pm

    Breathtaking update!!!Love the passion of Arnav's !!!

  8. February 7, 2013 6:39 am

    awesome update!!!! danger coming ,,, cant wait for their marriage

  9. February 8, 2013 12:53 am

    Nice update.
    Cant wait for them to get married. I hope shyam doesnt create too much trouble.

  10. February 8, 2013 10:07 am

    Nice loved da update

  11. February 10, 2013 7:19 am

    Amazing update. Loved it. Poor Arnav. He is fighting for control. Someone is keeping an eye on them it seems. -desisweetheart9 from IF.

  12. February 10, 2013 10:42 am

    was the man sent b shyam to keep track on khushi?? arnav is fighting hard for control

  13. February 10, 2013 4:06 pm

    awesome updatehope they will get married soon

  14. LOVEARR permalink
    February 10, 2013 6:39 pm

    I like the last sentence in the update …. if he hadn’t already been on his knees, it would have brought him to his knees.

    Awesome update dear

  15. February 11, 2013 4:01 am


  16. February 12, 2013 3:58 am

    awesome update loved it that snake already renter they lives loved how they could not keep they hands of each other thanks for pm

  17. February 12, 2013 10:01 am

    awesome updatesummaiysayed

  18. February 12, 2013 9:21 pm

    awesome updates hope they are able to get married

  19. February 18, 2013 10:29 pm


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