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May 28, 2013

She knew that Arnav would take care of her.
She could depend on him.
“Why did you bring her here!?” Anjali scolded…”She’s bleeding Chote!”
Arnav shot an angry glare at his sister…”Shyam had two men working for him! Last time she was in hospital he got to her!”
Anjali nodded…”I understand, but…”
“No more questions!”
Khushi opened and shut her mouth, mostly because it hurt too much to think of words.
From the corner of her vision, she caught motion as Arnav ushered everyone out…
Khushi again tried to motion for Arnav, but all the action served to do was make her aching head explode with further pain.
The world grew black again and she rested her head back down on the pillow and gave in to the darkness.
It was as though the closing of her eyes made a loud bang, because Arnav stopped in his tracks and turned to face her…
The doctor sat down beside her just as Arnav lunged for her hand, instantly pressing his fingers to her pulse…
His loud sigh of relief told the doctor volumes…
“Mr. Raizada, try to calm yourself…She is alive, her pulse is actually quite steady…Let me just assess her before you faint on me too…”
Seeing her like this made his  blood boil…
He couldn’t bear seeing Khushi hurting, especially when he was helpless to stop it.
“Tell me again, how far do you think she fell?”
The doctor stared at him expectantly.
He struggled with his thoughts for a long moment, but all he could think about was Khushi’s pale face.
Her pained expression.
The image of her lying brokenly on the hard ground.
The doctor took out a small ultrasound machine scanned it over her chest and ribcage, checking her internally…
Arnav flinched seeing her exposed bruised skin…
“Mr. Raizada, she is very banged up…she will be sore for awhile…try to keep her activity to a minimum and she may need baths instead of showers as standing for long periods of time may tire her…but from the looks of things, she isn’t seriously injured…”
Arnav turned away.
Now the images in his mind shifted to ones of his body covering hers.
Of her soft sighs of pleasure.
Of the way she felt in his arms.
And also of her laugh, her quick intelligence, her natural sensuality.
What if his impulsive, careless act had gone wrong…and had robbed him of the chance to experience
those things again with her…
The doctor cleared his throat…”…judging from the concern that is so plain on your face, and the anguish in your eyes, you haven’t heard a word I’ve said….”
“I just need her…I need her to be okay…” Arnav wasn’t asking a question…
“And she will be…just look after her…”
“I’ll look after her before I do anything else,” he vowed…
Arnav followed the doctor to the bedroom door and locked it when he left…
All he cared about right now was seeing her.
Touching her.
Making sure she was intact.
For the moment, those facts were his whole world.
As the door creaked shut, Khushi opened her eyes…
When she saw Arnav,  she jolted to sit up and suffered the consequences of a spinning head.
She groaned as she flopped back against the pillows.
Arnav rushed to her, his face more horrified and twisted than she had ever seen.
More guilty.
He thought this was his fault.
“Khushi! Should I call the doctor back?! Khushi talk to me!?” he demanded as he caught her hand.
She shivered at the stroke of his skin against hers, but managed to shake her head.
Arnav’s face hardened and a brief flash of fear crossed his handsome features.
Khushi bit her lip, holding back emotion…
Perhaps the urge to cry was just a side effect of her fall.
Arnav sat down on the edge of the bed beside her.
His brown eyes met hers and held there, not allowing her to look away.
Even when he lifted her bruised fingers to his lips, he didn’t remove his gaze.
She shivered again.
“Arnavji—” she began softly, but he wouldn’t let her continue. Before she could finish her sentence he leaned forward, caught her cheeks with surprising
gentleness, and lowered his mouth down to hers.
Arnav had kissed her so many times that Khushi had nearly lost count.
The kisses had claimed.
They had seduced.
They had melted her defences.
But this kiss was something entirely different.
It was filled with apologies.
The desire was there but it was tempered by something . . . more.
And she wasn’t sure whether to cling to it or cry from it…
Arnav didn’t allow her to choose.
As he pulled back,  his eyes were wild as he stared down at her, his face just inches from hers.
He was inundated with the same intense anguish that he’d felt when he pulled her cold body into his arms at the river…
“I thought I’d lost you,” he whispered and his voice cracked…“When I looked down at you on the pavement, I thought—” He broke off and struggled for words…
Khushi frowned and the pain in her skull intensified.
“Arnavji…” she said, reaching up to touch his shoulder…
Dampness met her fingertips and she yanked her hand back in surprise.
Red blood slashed across her hand.
“You’re…Arnavji you’re injured!” she cried, ignoring the jolting pain in her head as she bolted upright to look closer.
His arm had been cut through his jacket in the fight…
He caught her shoulders and gently urged her back, even though he was fuming over her incessant need to  care for him… “Khushi…I swear, you’re going to make me crazy if you don’t lay back down…It’s a scratch, nothing more.”
“You must see the doctor!” she insisted, her heart throbbing in time to her pounding head.
Arnav could see her squinting her eyes to try and dull the pain…
His jaw clenched…”Khushi, Lay back. Stay laying down.”
She froze at the harshness she heard in his voice…
A tension-filled silence hung between them for a long moment before Arnav leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss on her lips.
“I’m so sorry…” he whispered close to her ear.
His voice was rough, ragged.
“Why did you do it…?”
His heart hurt hearing her question…
“You HAD to put yourself in such danger? Just to satisfy your anger?”
Arnav felt like a fool.
He had wanted revenge so badly, that he’d walked into danger…
And led Khushi there right along with him…
“You should NOT have followed me Khushi…”
She almost tried to sit up once again, but Arnav held her shoulders down…
“I should not have followed YOU!? THAT is what you’re going to say to me!?”
Hey eyes turned red with anger…
“If not for ME, I could have lost YOU! You went to him willingly! You would have left me unprotected!? Left our children without a father! And for what!? To get REVENGE!?”
Arnav stood up, roughly running his hand over his face…
His strength broke as he heard her crying softly…
Rushing back to her, he held her hand as he knelt beside her…”Khushi…I’m so so damn sorry…I should never have…”
“I HAD to follow you! You may not be able to lose me, but I don’t want to lose you either! No matter how STUPID you are! No matter how much my safety apparently DOESN’T mean to you!”
Arnav shot to his feet hearing her admission.
“How much your safety DOESN’T mean?! How could you say?…Why would you say? What the FUCK Khushi!?”
“You were so filled with anger that you didn’t even KNOW I was with you! In the car! In the area! Not until I screamed out to save your life!”
Arnav swallowed hard as he backed away feeling like a heel…slowly lifting his gaze to hers, his eyes held strength and power as he spoke…
“Later…Later, I will prove to you how much your safety means to me… But for now, you need to sleep…the twins are sleeping as well, and I’m not leaving this room until you have rested…”
Pulling her eyes from his, she stared up at the ceiling high above.
His last words had been a sensual promise, and her body, despite her injuries, responded to that.
And yet she felt . . . hollow somehow.
“Arnavji could have been shot tonight…what if I hadn’t…”
She groaned as she felt her head begin to throb faster…
Quickly moving in close to her, he leaned over her body until their eyes connected…
“Khushi…yes, I’m an idiot…yes, I’m a fool…and you have every right to be angry…you can yell and scream for as long and as much as you like, but first…please, please rest…”
Arnav could see the fight in her eyes…
She wanted to tear into him…
To scream at his carelessness and pride…
But her body was tired…and sleep finally came…
Arnav breifly registered his sister’s voice…
“Can I come in?”
He nodded, still staying quiet…
“Have…have you been sitting beside her all night?”
Arnav scoffed…”yes…but it will won’t make up for what I did…”
Anjali rested her hand on his shoulder…”How is she?”
Holding her hand gently, he bent forwards and kissed her cold knuckles…”The fall was bad…she has ben whimpering a bit when she tries to move…but the doctor said she will be alright…”
“My God Chote…what were you thinking…”
Anjali heard him groan…
“I…am the biggest…bloody fool…” he said sadly…
“Yes…yes you are! And yet she loves you! You promised her that you wouldn’t put yourself in danger, and then…”
Arnav finally looked up and raised his voice…”I know what I did!”
Khushi grimaced hearing his loud statement…
He turned back to her instantly, carefully swiping her hair and forehead…”Shhhh…shhhh…”
“Chote, the twins are awake, and they really want her…or you…”
“I need to stay with her…”
Anjali moved closer…”The doctor told me that she will be fine…she is blessed with a lot of escapes…what would she want you to do right now…?”
Arnav closed his eyes and resentfully removed her hand from his…”I know…I know what…”
“I will stay with her…but you need to go and help Payal…”
“Are they alright?” Arnav looked up concernedly…
She smiled…”Samaira is a darling…but Aarav is driving everyone crazy…”
Arnav smirked…”I would have thought that YOU would know how to handle him, but it seems that it’s just me…”
Khushi took a deep sigh and Arnav felt his heart pull…
He wanted to be close to her, but he knew he had to show her that he would always put her and their children first…
“If she needs me… then…”
Anjali lifted a hand, “I know, I’ll come and get you…”
As Arnav dedcended the stairs, he saw how early it was…
“Hey Bhai…” Akash smiled up from the breakfast table…
“Arnavji…they have eaten…way too much mashed banana and toast to be called normal…” Payal said smiling…
Turning, Arnav looked down on the carpet beside the couch…
The instant the babies saw him, they went bezerk with happiness…
His heart almost lept out of his chest at the love he felt when looking at them…
“Well look at you two!” he said smiling…”You both seem so happy and cheerful! Definitely not what your Aunty was making me believe!”
Payal shook her head…”Akash! Tell him!”
Akash took a long drink of his coffee and said, “Bhai, Aarav seems to have a problem sharing that silly toy giraffe, and whenever Samaira reaches for it, he moves it further away…and then she cries…”
Arnav looked from Akash, to Payal, then to the babies…
“Really…?” he squatted down and lifted them onto his lap…”Okay…explain yourselves…”
Payal began to laugh…”You really expect them to tell you what’s-“
Instantly she stopped speaking when she heard little baby babbling spurt from their little mouths…
Arnav watched as Aarav motioned towards something that was where Samaira was sitting…
And he saw Samaira frown as she pointed to the giraffe soft toy that Aarav was still holding onto…
“Okay okay…Let me see if I understand this…”
Arnav gently sat Samaira down on the floor…”Hey sweety, you’re sitting up so well! Payal look at how well they sit now!”
Payal tried to nod, but was intrigued at how Arnav was going to ‘fix’ things…
Leaning over, he lifted the bright green rattle that was hiding under Samiara’s pink blanket…”Is this what you want Aarav?”
Reaching out his other pudgey hand, Aarav tried to grasp the toy…
Arnav nodded…”I see, so you thought she was hiding it from you…Well, that doesn’t mean you make your sister cry!”
Aarav started to squirm and Arnav sat him down on his blanket…
As Aarav settled into sitting, he lifted his arm and threw the toy giraffe at his sister, successfully knocking her in the face and making her fall backwards…
Arnav caught the little girl before she could fall, and was about to reprimand Aarav when both children started to laugh…
Aarav shook the rattle and chuckled from his belly as Samaira turned pink as she laughed too…
“Really? REALLY!?” Arnav was shocked seeing their interaction…
Payal and Akash had called Nani who also saw the whole thing, and now, everyone was cracking up with laughter…
Feeling sore and thirsty, Khushi began to wake…
“Khushiji? It’s okay…You’re okay…Chote is okay…and the babies are okay…well, they’re driving Payalji a bit nuts, but they’re okay…”
Khushi tried to sit up and Anjali quickly slid forwards to assist her…
“Arnavji is okay? Is he with them? Have they been fretting?”
Anjali shook her head…”They have been little darlings…cheeky little darlings…and Chote is with them now…he stayed with you all night, but then I sent him downstairs to take over from Payalji…”
“Oh thank you Di…I know that I spend so much time with them, but still even when I’m not with them for one night, I miss them so much…”
Anjali passed Khushi some water…”Here, drink up…then how about you take a nice bath before you come downstairs…”
“Oh, no I’ll shower, it will be faster-“
“NO. Chote will NEVER forgive me. So I will fill a bath for you, and then send Chote up to see you…he’s the one that’s been fretting…”
Khushi hissed as she stood up…”Ugh, it feel like I’ve been running for 10 days without a break…all my joints hurt…”
“I know, but you’ll be okay…I’ll put some epsom salts in the water, they will help heal your muscles…”
When Anjali had informed Arnav of Khushi being awake, he couldn’t bolt up the stairs fast enough…
He kissed the twins little cheeks and disappeared…
Arnav found Khushi soaking her aching body in the bathtub.
“Hi…” he said quietly…
“How are the babies?”
He felt sad that everything was so formal, but replied…”They’re sneaky little things…but just so damn beautiful…I mean it, they are just adorable…I love them so much…”
Khushi let out a small sigh…”I love them too…”
Arnav stepped closer…”I love YOU Khushi…”
She began to tear up and Arnav could no longer restrain himself…
He stripped and slid into the bath behind her, cradling her body with his arms and legs.
Khushi whimpered as he eased her closer…
“Shhh…I’m sorry Khushi…I’m sorry” he whispered, pressing his lips onto her neck…
Laying her head back against his shoulder she bit her lip trying to keep quiet…
Cupping some water, he lifted his hand and let the warm drops flow over her shoulder…
“Khushi…Forgive me…please…I can’t hardly breathe thinking of what could have happened…”
Turning her head slightly, she took a shaky breath…”I just wanted to keep you safe…I love you so very much…”
Holding her gently with one arm, he lifted his hand and rested his palm on her face…”I…I can hardly find the words to tell you the depth of my love for you…now shhhh….”
Craning his head, he touched her mouth with his…
Feeling her lips trembling softly, he moved his other hand to her breast as he continued to caress her face…
Khushi’s skin began breaking out in goosebumps even though the water was still steaming around her…
She shiverred as her husbands hand roamed over her plump flesh, getting closer and closer to her nipple…
“Shhhh Sweetheart…I’ve touched you before, It’s just me…”
Khushi heard the teasing tone of his voice and tried to relax…”I…I don’t know…how…how much…I can do Arnavji…”
Arnav licked her lips and smiled…”Who says that YOU have to do anything? I don’t want you moving a muscle…”


His dark eyes locked with hers, studying them, reading them.
Then, apparently reassured by what he saw, he kissed her with so much emotion she felt tears threatening again.
The crisp hairs on his chest felt so good as they brushed against the sensitive skin of her breasts and her nipples.
The heat of his body infused itself into hers, and need drove through her as he slowly and surely pushed inside her sheath.
Heart and mind were inextricably bound to this man…her husband…

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  1. May 28, 2013 12:08 pm

    wow, that was fantabulous Sarah. Arnav is taking care of Khsuhi and the twins. I'm so proud of him. And the kids are so adorable. Precap seems steaming hot. Continue soon with the next chapter. Take care. Wonderblake (IF)

  2. May 28, 2013 12:11 pm

    Aaaand, me first. YIPPEEEEE

  3. May 28, 2013 12:43 pm

    loved the scene of Sami, Aarav and Arnav………how lovely it was……….the bonding of Twins with Arnav was undescrible ……how he understand that problem of both twins and how he solved it and the laughter the twins share was so Awe ………. and the comment by Arnav …. explain your self….LOL ,,, and they did ……. what a understanding and bonding of Father and Kids

    really i want a chap only for twins and their naughty deeds and Arnav being their mentor and all the family an audience………….

    loved the update


  4. May 28, 2013 1:17 pm

    That was an amazinggg update!!I was almost going to request you to update my favorite breakout and taddaaa you already did!!!Superwoman you are!!!Khushi being mad on arnav is clearly justified cz if not fr her, he could've been possibly deadThat men relli needs anger managementBut seeing him sooo stunned,in trance n worried fr khushi that was soo much evident to one and all I jus wanted khushi to not be mad on himApparently m very biased towards an arrogant arnav!!Awwww twins are such an adorable pair of kids, it always sooo much joy to read abt them.Is shyam locked up?? Hope he isPrecap seems intenseAmazinggg update!!!!

  5. May 28, 2013 2:40 pm

    Nice … Loved da twins part..

  6. May 28, 2013 4:16 pm

    loved the way arnav handled the twins. but ure back at ur favourite topic – arnav's guilt, khushi's injury, arnav taking care of khushi and culminating into steamy sex …… i wanna to see the opposite 😦

  7. May 28, 2013 4:59 pm

    arnav is caring towards khushi as well as his cutie twins. awesome, loved it. (laksh65)

  8. May 29, 2013 12:45 am

    Amazing updateThe twins are so adorable-Drunkiiebabe

  9. May 29, 2013 4:39 am

    So Glad Arnav Iz Takin’ Care Of Khushi Perfectly! :’)
    Bt The Most Adorable Here Are The Twins .. Aarav & Samaira! :*
    Cute Li’l Darlings !!<3
    Eeee! :*:*

  10. May 29, 2013 6:54 am

    Love the twins. They are so cute. Arnav is so caring. The way he is looking after Khushi.

  11. May 31, 2013 7:49 pm

    OMG i love dis ff ,,, perfect hubbby,,, perfect father,,,, arnav is so gud n caring in dis i just loved him…… Awsummm update

  12. June 3, 2013 8:39 pm

    wow! nice job, Arnav with the twins was so cute!! looks like the next part is going to b hot!! cant wait for more :)-satina

  13. June 12, 2013 7:12 am

    Loved it. The scene with the twins was so cute. -desisweetheart9 from IF.

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