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SS : My Life For Your Love Part 1

September 8, 2013

Yes this is an Arhi Fairytale Story…but for Adults šŸ™‚ 
Read at your own risk… (18+)


as Khushi braced herself for a thunderous fall, she instead fell against something hard and firmā€¦
Something warm and protective.
Too shocked and nervous to look up, Khushi remained still, but loud gasps were now echoing around herā€¦
“Prince Arnav!” shrieked the woman in charge, her eyes now drained of all her prior ‘power’.
A shiver crawled up Khushi’s spineā€¦
Was the prince nearby?
Was the prince here to get rid of her personally?
Khushi made an attempt to move back to see in whose arms she was being held, but the viselike grip only tightenedā€¦
Before her wonderings could advance, she heard a stern voice boom out from the man who held herā€¦
“Withdraw to your quarters and return to your business…this woman is no longer your concern.”
Arnav felt her gasp against his chest, and his heartbeat quickenedā€¦
“Prince, may I please ask-“
“You may not!”
Khushi then heard the mean-spirited woman shuffle back inside and slam the door.
She was now truly frightened of what was going to happen.
Expecting to see a hoard of armoured security when she lifted her head, she was well and truly astonished when her eyes fluttered openā€¦
Darkness, only a few lights shining aroundā€¦
It was just her…and the Prince.

Khushi couldn’t summon her voice to speak.
And Arnav…he was well and truly hypnotised.
Finally he was looking into her eyesā€¦
His hands remained still as they rested on her backā€¦
Arnav didn’t know what he was hoping forā€¦
On one level he was hoping that once she was close, that his senses would kick in and he wouldn’t feel any desire for herā€¦
But that level was instantly abolishedā€¦
His heart was thunderingā€¦
His muscles tensedā€¦
Her eyes were two black holes that were sucking him in at a devestating speedā€¦
Khushi blinked, trying to adjust her eyes to the darknessā€¦
Murky shadows adorned each corner of the pathway beneath themā€¦
Completely outraged at his weakened state, his hands braced her forearms as he pushed her away from his bodyā€¦
Seeing his anger, Khushi quickly forced out …”I…I’m…I’m so sorry Sirā€¦”
Arnav felt his heart clenchā€¦
He usually loved invoking fear in people, but why did he not want her to fear him?
Disgusted at himself again, he grabbed her hand, and began to drag her away.
“What the FUCK am I doingā€¦!?” his thoughts kept screamingā€¦
But senses be damned, he dragged her all the way…to his room and bolted the door shut behind them.
She was visibly shaking, fear completely washing over her faceā€¦
He began to walk up towards herā€¦”You need money? You need money so bad that you declare you would do ANYTHING!?”
Khushi shook as she stumbled backwards, finally falling back ontoā€¦
She looked around herā€¦
His Bed!
Her eyes were now wide with horror and embarrassmentā€¦
“I’m…I’m so sorry…I…Iā€¦”
Arnav reached out and grabbed her hand, yanking her upwards against his chest.
Khushi noddedā€¦”My…my aunt…is very sick…she is my only family…I…I can’t pay for her treatmentā€¦”
Arnav knew what he should do.
He should send her away, immediately.
He should give her a handfull of cash and tell her to never show her face to him again.
But the gnawing inside him continued to grow strongerā€¦
His eyes roamed over herā€¦
Perspiration beaded on his back, and a solitary drop rolled down his spineā€¦
He tried to swallow, but could not force his throat to work.
He had never seen a more beautiful woman in his life.
Candlelight was now gleaming off her skin, her every breath caused her chest to rise and fallā€¦
Her narrow waist blossomed into voluptuous hips with he felt himself desperate to caressā€¦
He inhaled and reminded himself of the punishment for choosing to marry below his class…death.
But as he looked at her, he wondered if even the prospect of losing his life would stop him from wanting herā€¦
He knew that the only virgin he was only allowed to sleep with was to be his bride.
He had a lavish choice of women who were already deflowered…but his heart didn’t pull to them like they pulled to this womanā€¦
Clenching his jaw, he steeled himself as he came up with a decision.
“Sir…what do you want from me?” Khushi asked nervouslyā€¦
“EVERYTHINGā€¦” Arnav thought frantically, but he knew that could never be.
Summoning his cold, emotionless heart forwards, he thoughtā€¦”I don’t fall in love. I won’t sleep with her. I’ll just pleasure her…get her out of my systemā€¦”
“I will pay for all your Aunts treatments, bills and anything else she may need…if you are willing to do as I askā€¦”
Khushi felt slightly happier, but also terrified at what she would be asked to doā€¦
“Don’t do this!!!!!!!!!” his heart screamedā€¦
He shook his head, his fury over his feelings was consuming him.
“There are rules here. And you have broken them. You SHOULD be sent away. But if you are willing to do exactly what I say, then you will leave here with everything you need.”
She was visibly thinking things overā€¦”What…what would I have to do?”
“Whatever I ask…or you leave with nothing.”
Her eyes narrowed and she burned her stare into him.
“Goodā€¦” he thoughtā€¦”this will be easier if you hate meā€¦”
She glared for a long second before she finally nodded her head.
“You have completely bewitched me. And I cannot have that type of emotion in me. I will not ruin you. I will not hurt you.”
Khushi started to understand what he now wantedā€¦
She began to shake her headā€¦”Oh…no…no I can’tā€¦”
“I have only ONE rule. You will not kiss me. Nor will I kiss you.”
Hatred for the man who was the prince began to grow inside herā€¦”What kind of man is this! He seeks me out, just to do this!? He could have ANYONE! Why does he want me!?”
“Is that understood?” he growled outā€¦
Khushi knew she should say no, slap him in the face, run from the roomā€¦
But she needed the money…but more than that…there was something about the prince that also set her heart burning…
Khushi pursed her lush lips and Arnav’s gaze lingered there longer than it should haveā€¦
How could he withstand this?
“I wantā€¦” he began to circle her with a predatory slownessā€¦”I want to pleasure you.”
Khushi swallowed hardā€¦”You don’t even know me…you don’t even know my nameā€¦”
“And I don’t want to. I want a distance to be kept between us.”
Her eyes rounded with worryā€¦
The overwhelming, conflicting urge to soothe her, to punish her for driving him insane with desire and then, in turn, comfort her with kisses, gripped him viciously.
He breathed in deeply in attempt to concentrate.
Arnav stopped walking, and stood behind herā€¦
He reached out and touched her hand, making her flinchā€¦
“Remember, I will not harm you…I want to pleasure youā€¦nothing moreā€¦”
Her lips parted but she remained quiet.
Arnav shifted his weight from one foot to the otherā€¦
“Tell me to touch youā€¦”
A ragged breath shuddered out of her lungsā€¦
“Please touch me Prince Arnavā€¦”
His breath froze in his lungsā€¦
The way she said his name sent jolting currents of desire directly into his groinā€¦
“For the remainder of our time together, you will call me sirā€¦”
He took a step forward, closing the distance between themā€¦
Khushi shivered feeling the crowned prince stand so close ..
His chest was touching her backā€¦
He lifted his hands, and slowly began to unbutton her black maid dressā€¦
She twitchedā€¦”Whatā€¦?”
“I want to see your body as I pleasure youā€¦”
She blinked several times before finally surrendering and closing her eyesā€¦
Her body grew taut.
She barely breathed as Arnav gently began to undress herā€¦
Khushi didn’t know what he was thinking or seeingā€¦
“Thank God she closed her eyesā€¦” he thought to himself as he slowly bared each divine inch of her bodyā€¦
He walked around in front of her and simply staredā€¦
“She’sā€¦” he couldn’t breatheā€¦”She’s beautiful.”
Repositioning himself behind her, he slowly lifted his hand and cupped one of her breasts in his palmā€¦
Khushi’s knees instantly buckled as strange and frightening sensations struck herā€¦
Arnav quickly wrapped his other arm around her holding her up against his body.
“Shhhhā€¦” he saidā€¦”Close your eyes again…feel what I am doing to youā€¦”
Arnav began to gently massage her breast, slipping the palm of his hand over her nippleā€¦
A whimper suddenly escaped her throatā€¦
“Can you stand?” he asked softlyā€¦
Khushi nodded and kept her eyes closedā€¦
He walked around her once moreā€¦
She could hear him breathing harder, but he wasn’t touching herā€¦
She waited.
The next thing she felt was something hot and wet closing over her distended nippleā€¦
Arnav’s groin tightened hearing her gaspā€¦
Khushi looked down and saw his mouth, completely covering her areola and nippleā€¦
She could have taken a step back.
She could have shifted away.
But she did neither.
She stood as still as a statue and let her eyes slam shutā€¦
She could feel her nipple growing bigger in his mouth, like they did when she was coldā€¦
But this time she wasn’t coldā€¦
Her skin was shivering, and yet she was burning upā€¦
Arnav chanced a glance at her faceā€¦
Her forehead furrowed in fearful desireā€¦
Her top teeth now pressed hard into her bottom lipā€¦
The small nipple was hard in his mouthā€¦
He knew he should slow down, but the incredible taste of her skin coaxed him to continueā€¦
As he moved to her other hard bud, some dark part of him wanted to hear her moanā€¦
He wanted to hear her call his name in the throes of passionā€¦
But he couldn’t allow thatā€¦
He couldn’t allow his heart to make decisions for himā€¦
With a growl, he released her nipple with a soft suck and turned away, walking to his dresser drawers.
He pulled out a small box and opened the lidā€¦
Khushi couldn’t see what was inside, and wasn’t feeling confident enough to askā€¦
Her body was still tingling from what he just didā€¦
“What is this feeling?” she wonderedā€¦
She squeezed her thighs together as she felt an unusual ache between her legsā€¦
Arnav closed the lid of the box and walked back to herā€¦
“I need you to stand perfectly still…understand?”
Khushi noddedā€¦
“Remember, you will not be harmed…I wish to pleasure you…which in turn will pleasure meā€¦”
He saw her bite her lip and he craned his headā€¦”You wish to speak?”
“I…I just…I’m a virgin. I have never…never even been seen like this…and you could choose any woman…why me?”
Arnav scowledā€¦”I told you why…and I will also tell you this, I will NOT take your virginity. No matter HOW much I want to…because it would mean my life! I am to be legally bound to another woman soon…but you…I want you…and so I will grant myself thisā€¦” he glared into her eyesā€¦”And you will get what you wantā€¦”
Khushi blinked slowly, sending more jolts of ecstasy through his bodyā€¦
Taking her hands, he pulled the scarf from her hair and watched in pleasure as her hair fell around her shouldersā€¦
“You should never wear your hair upā€¦”
Khushi almost smiled, but instead she looked awayā€¦
Using the silk scarf, he walked behind her and grabbed her wrists, tying them tightly togetherā€¦
Her sharp gasp made him snarl with prideā€¦
Walking back around her, he lifted the box into her visionā€¦
Her eyes widened when she saw it’s contentsā€¦
Three shiny silver clamps.
“Whatā€¦? What are they for!?”
Arnav chuckled hearing her sudden questionā€¦
Wrapping his arm around her waist, he snatched one of the clamps from the case and tested it’s tensionā€¦
Her eyes shut tight, not wanting to see what was going to happenā€¦
Arnav opened it wide, and popped it onto her nippleā€¦
Her eyes snapped open and at the same time, she cried outā€¦
She writhed, shaking her breast as if she could shake free from the clampā€¦
Her eyes lifted to hisā€¦”That…that hurtsā€¦”
Arnav’s erection throbbed in his trousersā€¦”Be stillā€¦”
When she didn’t stop moving, he lifted his hand and pressed it to her other breast, squeezing gentlyā€¦
Their gazes locked again as he tweaked her nipple until it was so hard that it visibly throbbedā€¦
“I…I…don’t…know…what going on…with meā€¦” she moanedā€¦
This was what part of him wanted.
He wanted her to squirm and plead that he let her go.
Because if she asked that, he would.
But as he massaged, she stilled.
Furious at her determination, he applied the second clampā€¦
Wincing, she let out a soft whimperā€¦
Khushi said nothing.
Until he reached between her legsā€¦
“What…no…no…you saidā€¦”
“Do you wish to leave? You just have to say soā€¦”
Khushi debatedā€¦
All her rational thoughts screamed for her to leaveā€¦
But even as the prince’s actions were terrifying her, the stinging from the clamps was making her core get hotter and hotterā€¦
Finally, she shook her headā€¦
Arnav wasn’t sure If he was pleased or angryā€¦
He wanted to attack himself for his complete lack of control.
Never had he wanted a woman moreā€¦
But her beauty and innocence was making him fall for her…and fall fastā€¦
“Very wellā€¦” he said as he reached behind her with one hand to grip her bottom, holding her stillā€¦
With his other hand, he gradually trailed it downwards toward her moundā€¦
Gently tapping her inner thighs, he whisperedā€¦”Widen your stanceā€¦”
Lifting one foot, she spread her legsā€¦”Sir you saidā€¦”
“I will not take your virginity…I value my life moreā€¦”
At his words, Khushi felt her heart bruise a littleā€¦
But before she could mull on that, he slipped his fingers between her labia and pressed his finger at her entranceā€¦
Khushi tensed up as she felt him draw her wetness upwards towards an area that was painfully sensitiveā€¦
Arnav’s heart filled with desire as he felt a heady dose of her cream coat his fingersā€¦
“She is enjoying thisā€¦” he thought joyfullyā€¦
His penis continued to press against his pants as she began to mewl through tightly closed lipsā€¦
Her pained expression melted into one of bliss as he began to massage her hardening nubā€¦
While she basked in the heat of his touch, he slid the third clamp over her swollen clitoris and released the pincersā€¦
As soon as she felt the grip of the last clamp, she struggled , pulling at the ties on her wrists, squeezing her thighs together, trying to dislodge the deviceā€¦
“Had enough yet? Want to tell me that you hate me?” his voice sounded harsher than he intended it to beā€¦
“Ahhhhhhhā€¦.” she hissedā€¦
He caught her face under her chin and lifted it to that she looked him in the eyeā€¦”Tell me that you hate me!”
Her eyes smoulderedā€¦
This close, he could see that they were a deep brown…almost blackā€¦
“No…noā€¦” she growled decidedly.
He felt anger rise up inside his body once more at her surrenderā€¦
Arnav stood up straightā€¦
Her soft bottom trembled  under his handā€¦
And he began to berate himselfā€¦
Khushi could hardly breathe againā€¦
Her clitoris was throbbing unmercifullyā€¦
“Look into my eyesā€¦” he commandedā€¦
Her heart thundered as she lifted her gaze to hisā€¦
The intensity of his slate gray stare made her tremble anewā€¦
Something flashed in his eyesā€¦
“Compassion? Concern?” she wonderedā€¦”Why is he doing all this? All this in exchange for money? Does he hate me? Does he want to have a final fling before he is married? But why? Why with me!?”
Khushi looked at him carefullyā€¦
His collar was loosened and his shirt gaped to reveal the strong curve of his neckā€¦
Locks of his black hair wisped across his foreheadā€¦
“God in heavenā€¦” she thought unknowinglyā€¦”Why is he so handsome?”
Suddenly realizing what she was thinking, she blinked and started to avert her gazeā€¦
“Look at meā€¦” he ordered againā€¦
Feeling frustrated, she met his gaze againā€¦
“Why do I want and need her so badlyā€¦” his head screamedā€¦”If she were only of higher class, I could marry her and be done with it!”
His thoughts were interrupted by her voiceā€¦
“Well…I am looking at you sir.
She ground out the ‘sir’ with sarcastic intent.
“I’ll show him.” she thoughtā€¦”I’ll show him that he can’t break Khushi Kumari Gupta!”
Resolve flooded her, until she felt a sharp sting across her bottom.
She yelped out loud.
She hadn’t been spanked since she was a little girl, but even then it was just a tapā€¦
But thisā€¦
This was nothing like the firm palm of Prince Arnavā€¦
When he began to rub out the sting, a deep need arose in Khushi unlike anything she had ever experienced.
Her body heated.
The places where she was clamped ached and throbbed.
She writhed involuntarilyā€¦.
His palm found her once againā€¦
And againā€¦
The delicious sting raced through her body like wild fireā€¦
His hands, once again, began to massage out the stingā€¦
“Don’t make me do that againā€¦” he growledā€¦
But right now, Khushi wanted nothing elseā€¦
She felt her body teetering on the edge of something…something hugeā€¦
Her breath melted out as he rubbed out the burn on her buttocksā€¦
She tensed, bracing herself for another spank, praying that he would somehow help ease the inferno inside herā€¦
Arnav lifted one hand, finging her nippleā€¦
He tugged at the clamp, loving how her body convulsed and she moaned desperatelyā€¦
Any anger she had felt before evaporatedā€¦
She had not expected to feel this way in the prince’s arms.
And then, she felt something at her side…something alive…something hardā€¦
His erection.
“Oh my Godā€¦” she thoughtā€¦”is this the effect that I have on him!? Me?!”
But before she could think on that further, his hand, his body, and him pleasuring her took precidenceā€¦
The need to feel his hard flesh inside her drove her crazyā€¦
“What do you want?” he asked, his voice roughā€¦
She began to buckā€¦”I…I don’t know…I…everything…everything hurts…but…it feels so…soā€¦”
Something that sounded like a growl came from deep inside his chestā€¦
Pushing her backwards, she fell back against his bedā€¦
Arnav crawled hungrily over her and flicked one clamp off her nippleā€¦
Her low groan of  ecstasy was his first rewardā€¦
Her shriek of desire as he sucked her throbbing nipple into his mouth was the secondā€¦
His other hand began to explore her sheath once againā€¦
Khushi sobbed helplesslyā€¦
It was too much, and yet her body was begging for moreā€¦
The clamp on her clitoris was tormenting her relentlesslyā€¦
Arnav lifted his mouth from her nipple, and lifted the clamp off her other breastā€¦
The elevated nipple instantly filled with blood, heating up rapidlyā€¦
“Aahhhhhhhhhhh oh my GOD!”
Her nipple disappeared into his mouth as he began to suckle gentlyā€¦
Arnav was losing his mind over her reactionsā€¦
The other women he had been with had been wanton, brazen women who were after him for a title, but this woman…she knew there was no title in it for her, and yet, she responded like no otherā€¦
As his mouth remained attached to her breast, his hand delved between her legs, and dislodged the clampā€¦.
He speedily drew up a handful of her juices and began stroking her pearlā€¦
Khushi wanted to scream and yet she held her breathā€¦
Something she couldn’t name built and built inside her and then explodedā€¦
Debilitating lightening coursed through her every vein, every muscle, every tendon, shooting outwards to the tips of her fingersā€¦
Her blood thickened as pleasure pulsed through her with a rapid throbbing burnā€¦
Every ounce of her body suddenly grew limp and she sagged onto the covers, vaguely aware of him saying ‘something’ā€¦
Her mind and body reeled with sensationā€¦
With a gentleness that he didn’t seem capable of possessing, he pulled up the covers over herā€¦
Khushi inhaled deeply and instantly smelled his scentā€¦
Even though she had been completely shaken with a climax, she knew that there was much more to thisā€¦
She was beginning to crave him…crave his touchā€¦
“Sleepā€¦sleepā€¦” he sounded as if he were searching for a sentiment to call herā€¦
She yawned and softly saidā€¦”Khushi…my name is Khushiā€¦”

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  1. September 8, 2013 11:10 am

    Heyyyy amazing newwww storrry Love love your writing Awesome prolong and part one Cant wait for the story to unfold Plzzz update sooon

  2. September 8, 2013 11:10 am

    Gosh…i cant say u dint warn. This is different from anything u have ever written. Erotic as hell. Awesome.

  3. September 8, 2013 11:11 am

    Omg Sarah what have you created…this is brilliant!!!!! Everything about it, the concept, the writing, the hotness…wow!Pretty please give us daily updates? We truly love you, and I know how to beg! ;)Lots of love, keep it up!!!P.S I'm first šŸ˜€

  4. September 8, 2013 11:12 am

    Nvm…not first LOL

  5. September 8, 2013 12:45 pm

    awwww thank u so much Sara for the update part 1.that was breath takingly hot and steamy.curious to know how the story will unfold. pls update

  6. September 8, 2013 1:57 pm

    OMiGodd !!
    Ths iz too good sarah !!
    A total unique concpt ..
    Blend wid our arshiliciousness ! :*

    Cn’t wait to

    P.s. Did i tel u tht u’re freakin’ awesome. ā¤ \m/

  7. soniaaag permalink
    September 8, 2013 2:39 pm

    Absolutely love the way you’ve not only progressed with the story but fleshed out their characters a little more; khushi and her pride and stubbornness to help her family and arnav despite being able to have everything still thinking about her future and not taking everything from her! Can’t wait to see what happens next!! x

  8. September 8, 2013 10:05 pm

    OMGooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddit's intenseso intenseTHANK YOUUUUU that's what I could say to youplease don't let us wait for so longme reading this update, I was wondering one think: I want to read the next update… :preally…please update the next one soon kissessss and lots of love and inspiration ā¤

  9. September 9, 2013 7:12 am

    OMG so erotic!!!!he saw her and instantly wanted herbut knew that he should not have hershe was out of boundsdamn but he couldn't help himselfand Khushi was very much attracted to him toovery explosive chemistryI am thinking Arnav will not be able to with holdmaking love to her all the way

  10. September 9, 2013 7:52 am

    just one thing to sayNEVER STOP WRITING AN UPDATING!loveya..

  11. September 9, 2013 6:46 pm

    amazing..update soon..

  12. September 10, 2013 6:52 am

    So here is a conflict of thoughts ! But not between two people but Prince Arnav's own thoughts ! All the thoughts of wanting her but kicking himself for the thought of even wanting her ! …lol.. His heart racing double time instead of hers :0Khushi totally clueless about whats happening and once she does she tells him that shez a virgin and his thought process..wish i could marry her !…but again a voice saying that if marries her then Death penalty for him ! Damn the rules again ! He had no clue himself of what he was doing because of his totally conflicting mind and emotions ! He was angry when she had said she would do anything to keep her job ! Which he told her and gave her options of doing what he said and taking money or just walk out without anything !Poor Khushi, she needed money for her aunt's treatment and here she was being given a ridiculous option. She just stood rooted to the ground ! Well who wouldnt ( nindy wouldnt think twice and accept money option but then make it sure that Arnav would get addicted to her ) ;DHe wanted to pleasure her, punish her and soothe her all in one go ! Now how is that possible.. As he voiced it to Khushi that she had completely Bewitched him ! He wont hurt her nor kiss or take her virginity away ! He just wanted to see her ! Who in his sane mind would say all this when he has the power to do anything ! But you see our dear Prince Arnav is totally different ! šŸ™‚ Arnav wanted her to go away before he got addicted to her. So he wanted her to hate him alot ! Ridiculous thought..come on Arnav ! Hey the Silver Clamps ! Now thats a new thing i heard of ?! Kinky Arnav ?! Ties Khushi's hands behind her back at the same time admiring her hair and beauty, then clamps both nipples and then the labia !?! What the hell ?! What divine pleasure is he getting doing this !?!One thing about the whole situation its the Prince who is affected more than the maid.. Its his heartbeat racing, and him sweating by just being near her and feeling a jolt as soon as he touched her. Khushi started getting warm from her cold self as soon as Arnav looked at her totally in the nude bewitched and sucked her nipples.. Only from then on she started warming up and as things proceeded she heated up ! He did everything to her except kiss her which he very much wanted to. Looking into Khushi's eyes he wanted to see hatered. Which was slowly developing into her but before that she wanted to get rid of the ache inside her which she did well with the help of Arnav ofcourse !He wanted her badly and she didnt know that until she saw and wondered that SHE KHUSHI A MAID, could make the Prince feel himself wanting her the way he did !So sweet of Arnav to just pick her up and make her lie down on his bed and put the quilt over her, telling her to sleep.Khushi even in her sleepy state thought that whatever happened was something to last…. Why ? Did she start developing distant feelings for Arnav ?! Now what ? Khushi slept off in the bed of Prince Arnav who had a conflicting mind !

  13. September 10, 2013 7:48 am

    OMG!!! Sarah thats terrific update. Totally wicked and explosive.

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