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SS : Take What’s Left Of My Heart Part 31

October 8, 2013

“They are almost PATHETIC…after months of careful planning, they manage to incriminate themselves, be recorded admitting to their crimes, leaving NO room for doubt.”
Arnav leaned back against the side of the cabin, laughing…
Rishab had been laughing hysterically himself when he returned to the precinct.

*Only 5 hours before*

After leaving Shantivan, he was certain that there would soon be evidence convicting whoever was involved, but he wasn’t prepared for how quickly…

As soon as he sat down at his desk, he turned on survailence, and started to watch…

He pulled up phone tap records, and started to read.

Within seconds, he had Nani’s phone message of the hit that nearly killed Khushi, and had Shyam and Nani’s conversation on how they had abused and tried to rid their lives of her.

Rishab was dumbfounded.

“Are they really that stupid?” he muttered…”I was in their house not more than TWO hours ago, and they TRULY don’t think that they were suspected?”

He transferred all files from his computer to a usb, and grabbed his laptop…

*back to the present*

“I’ve flown all the way from Mumbai to show you this video and proof…and now, you can do nothing but laugh?”
“Arnav, I am so so sorry…”
Finally getting hold of himself, Arnav stood up straight…”Rishab…You’ve been my friend for a long time…You have now helped me find WHO has been threatening my wife! Why are you sorry?”
His eyes fell, “I’m sorry because it is your grandmother…”
Arnav stared …”Listen…I know that she is my family, that will never change, but what she did was wrong…even being ‘family’ doesn’t pardon that. And I love my wife too much to simply let this go…” he cringed as he finished his sentence…
“What’s wrong?”
Arnav shook his head…”Just saying ‘let this go’ makes me mad…”
Rishab took another sip from his thermos of cold black coffee and motioned towards the cabin…”How is she?”
“Better…a lot better…physically…”
“And otherwise?”
Arnav frowned…”She’s bloody scared…”
“Who wouldn’t be…That’s normal…but no one knows you’re here…so she can at least be at peace about that…”
“Yeah…” he took a deep breath…”and I am definitely loving it…”
Rishab grinned…”…I don’t want to know anymore…”
Arnav smiled and gave his friend a pat on the back…”Fair enough…”
“Well, I will head back…my men are already staking out your place…a typical war zone ASR!”
Arnav chuckled…”Yeah…my life usually is…”
“We will take them into custody, and your wife’s family are with your sister, so all will be fine…”
A strange feeling crept up inside his heart…”It can’t be as simple as that…can it?”
Rishab nodded…”Yes it can…the people in the wrong get caught, and we put them away. If only EVERY case I had were that simple…”
“Took you all long enough…where were you all those week ago when Khushi was missing?”
Scrunching his face up, he took a step forwards…”I was at my desk, tracing her whereabouts and searching surveillance tapes…and you know that…”
Arnav nodded, “I know…but it just feels…I don’t know…too easy…”
Rishab grabbed his laptop bag and swung it over his shoulder…”You’ve had too much going on to accept it to be over so fast…your sister will be fine…I will be in touch…and as for you…enjoy the time with your wife…and when you come back, it will be to a nice, safe home…alright?”
Arnav smiled, “okay…thanks…”
As he watched his friend walk away, he prayed that this would be it…that the danger was over…that they could pick up what was left of their hearts, and move on.
When Rishab was out of sight, he looked up at the moon…
“I’m sorry Di…but you are safer without him…and as for Nani…family or not, I cannot have someone poisoning our lives like this…”
The night was cool, but the breeze was warm…
He faced the ocean, and breathed in the salty air…
Just as he was about to turn and go back inside, his gaze moved across the horizon, and saw something…
Narrowing his eyes, he found himself stepping forwards to try and decipher what the shadow was…
As he walked closer, he soon found out…
He knew that she could see him…
Now only meters away, he kicked off his sandals and sloshed into the water…
She was bathed in moonlight…
“What are you doing out here?” he asked quietly…
He could see her thinking out her answer…
“I heard you talking…to someone…”
His breath caught…”How much did you hear…”
As her eyes locked onto his, she said…”enough…”
“I’m sorry Khushi…I don’t know why so much pain has come into our lives…but it’s over now…”
Arnav walked forwards, but Khushi only moved back…
“…wait…I want to ask you something…”
He halted…
“Is it my fault?”
His heart clenched…”What?! YOUR fault!?”
She backed further away from him, the ocean water now coming up over her breasts…
“Khushi…listen to me…NONE of this, is your fault…”
Her chest heaved and her eyes closed for a moment…
He crept towards her and saw her move her hands behind her…
For a moment, he was unable to fathom what she was doing…
And then he saw…
She pulled the knot that tied her bikini top and let it float to the surface, then did the same with her panties…
Arnav couldn’t believe her bold act, despite all the emotions that were plaguing her…
She stood in front of him naked and vulnerable and so frightened he could hear her heart pounding in her chest, he knew she was offering herself to him.
He still didn’t know exactly why she would forgive him for all that he had put her through…but as his wife stood bare in the salty ocean water, nothing could drag his eyes away.
She was scared, yes, but it not of him…not of this.
The memories of rape, force, abuse, and demise were shattering her heart…
He could also see that she was nervous…
“Do you even know how beautiful you are?”
She couldn’t speak…
Her eyes spoke for her…
“Don’t look at me like that Khushi…after these last few weeks here, don’t question how much I want you…”
She lowered her eyes just as Arnav’s gaze began to wander…
“How can she still doubt?” he thought furiously…”After all this…”
His self-control had long since deserted him in this particular battle…
Their hearts were now irrevocably entwined.
He stepped toward her, but as he reached for her she backed away again…
Always up for a chase, especially with such a delicious prize for his efforts, he followed her deeper into the water, his fast movements catching her within half a second…
He held her up and against him, his arms tightening as her skin came into full contact with his own.
Her legs kicked around for a moment as she realized that her feet couldn’t touch the sand on the ocean floor anymore…
But Arnav stood firmly on the ground, holding her tight, disabling her from every escape…
“…you can’t swim away from me sweetheart…” he says in a low, throaty voice.
“I don’t want to…” she says simply.
But Arnav could see that she was barely holding back the tears…
Her lower lip pouted out and he instantly wanted to suck on it…
She held onto his shoulders and he leveraged her legs up around his waist.
It brought her breasts within inches of his mouth.
He groaned as her ripe flesh bumped his nose and his mouth found her nipple of its own accord, his tongue strong and firm around it.
Her sex now rested just above his penis and he desperately  wanted to simply lower her onto it.
He restrained himself, flicking at her little turgid bud with the tip of his tongue instead and drove her to distraction.
He used the flat of his tongue then to circle the areola.
She shuddered against him and he stopped what he’s doing to grin at her before switching to the other side to make the other nipple as frenzied as its twin.
“Make love to me,” Khushi says softly… “I need you.”
He turns them, and starts walking to the shallow of the ocean…
As gravity returns to her body, her weight presses firmly against his shaft and he growls.
He carries her over to the  sand but continues to hold her.
“Not in the water?” she mutters breathlessly…
“Water inhibits natural lubrication…Doesn’t matter how ready for me you might be, in the water, it will only hurt, and I’m DONE with letting you be hurt, in ANY way…” he says matter-of-factly.
Her jaw dropped in surprise…
He smirked…”And you know that you need to be well lubricated…because…” and he shifts her so that she slides against his thickness and shudders, “I’m not a small man…remember?”
Khushi blushed furiously.
“Why blush?” he asked with a  smile…”I’ve had my tongue in your most hidden places…”
Before she the blush could burn her up more, he moved quickly, capturing her lips with his lips.
After a stifled little gasp, Khushi began to find her way around the recesses of his mouth.
He let her control it, sensing her need to let out her desires.
But soon, Arnav could no longer control himself…
His tongue thrust into her mouth and he seemed to be ignoring the beach towels on the sand that she’d thought he’d been planning to lay her down on …
He took a few short strides forward into the little alcove that normally holds towels on a stone ledge…
Breaking away from her mouth, he said, “Hold on to me,” and waited for her to tighten her hold round his neck, crushing her breasts against him.
He reached out blindly for the towels, knocking all but a couple from the shelf and lay them out to make a small cushion before he set Khushi down on it, her back firmly against the wall.
His manic gaze made her womb clench as his mouth claimed her again in another kiss.
It is brief and passionate and his tongue thrust powerfully against hers.
He was at the perfect height for entry but he refrained, simply pressing against her instead while he took her mouth.
His hands gently stroked her breasts, at odds with the fierceness of his kissing.
One hand trailed down across her stomach to the apex of her thighs as he gently fingered her folds, his index finger brushing lightly over her clitoris and making her jerk towards his touch.
He broke the kiss, knelt down on the towels on the floor, and without pause, pressed his mouth into her sheath.
His nose bumped across the little bundle of nerves while his tongue searched out her opening and fount its way inside her.
She groaned intensely at the sensation as he stroked softly in and out three times before seeking out her clit with one long upward glide.
He arrowed in on this pleasure center with a focus that jolted through both her nipples as it did with the bit of flesh peaking from its hood as her desire heightened.
Arnav circled it intently, varying his motions…
Right now she’s was sure she couldn’t speak.
Her fingers threaded through his hair, the only part of him she could reach.
His deliberate tongue moved too slowly and she felt one careful finger at her soaking entrance.
Gently letting his finger enter her, she was  soon writhing back and forth on the ledge and begging him for more.
She wasn’t sure if it was more fingers or an orgasm that she wanted, but Arnav took it as more fingers and inserted first a second and then more cautiously a third.
The feeling of his touch is intense, making Khushi shriek…
His tongue suddenly stilled… and she begged him to go on, faster, harder.
She just needed him.
He picked up his pace and she felt a burning wave begin to build inside her.
Senseless noises fell from her lips as he drove her to the breaking point and then pulled back, stopped, and moved away…
Her breathing was harsh and shrill…“No, no, come back,” 
Arnav rose to his feet, taking his throbbing erection into his hand.
Khushi’s eyes darkened with hunger as she eyed his length….
A solid seven or eight inches, but it was his width that always sent her body soaring…
His width was why she needed to be well lubricated…
He always stretched her, filling her body to capacity.
Arnav suddenly paused, staring down at her core…”I’m sorry…”
Khushi’s eyes darted up…
“I know that I’m careful now,” he whispered…”I know that I give you pleasure now…but…”
Her hands roamed over his shoulders, trying to calm him…”Arnavji…it’s alright-“
“Let me say this…please…this memory haunts me…”
“What memory?”
He cringed…”There are so many…but…this one…when I…when we…” he swallowed hard and continued…”when I forced myself on you…in you…I knew how big I was, but I thought that you…I didn’t think you were a virgin…”
Khushi closed her eyes…
“When I…thrust inside you…you bled so much…I…I felt…felt so sick…it was then that I realized…”
Her eyes remained closed as her body shook…”I told you that I have forgiven you…”
Arnav positioned himself at her opening, his penis nestling against her for a brief moment as he aligned himself with her.
“I love you…” he said reverently as he pushed into her body slowly but steadily, stretching her, filling her, completing her.
She was so wet, her fluids ran down her cleft…
His eyes were glued to her face…
Full of pleasure…no pain…no fear…
Once he was fully inside her he stood without moving, then reached forward, stroking her clit.
That’s when her eyes snapped open and her mouth opened wide as she took a fierce breath in…
It only took a minute and the orgasm that had built with his oral attentions crashed through her now with amazing force.
Her eyes could no longer stay open…
As she tightened around him, he reveled in the feeling, the spasms gripping his shaft hard then releasing it in sequence.
The sensations shook through him, feeding energy throughout his system.
Holding onto his tremoring wife, he whispered words of love and obsession against her lips…”I’m inside you…keep coming…”
And another bolt of pressure struck her…
“Just you and me…”
After countless current of shocking her system, Khushi’s orgasm finally began to fade and she slumped against his strong countenance…
She was weak and drained when the last pulse shot out…
Leaning forwards, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder.
Arnav let her rest for a moment…
She licked his skin, her hot tongue like a branding iron as she moved towards his neck.
Her teeth scraped against his pulse points and he hardened further inside her body.
Khushi’s body jerked as his penis swelled up more, and then, he pushed her back insistently and began his slow, gentle round of gliding out, sliding in, withdrawing and then thrusting again.
Her back settled against the cool stone as he pulled her hips towards him a bit more, changing the angle to one that took him more deeply into her.
He groaned as he slipped that further inch inside her unbelievable tightness.
“You’re cold,” she murmured as her fingers clawed at his shoulders.
“You’re burning,” he managed to say.
With the little shelf supporting her body-weight his hands were free to roam.
One found her breast and tenderly kneaded the soft flesh there and the other rose to her face.
His fingers glided over her eyelids, across her nose and cheekbones, memorizing features by touch that have long since been burned on his retinas.
As they slipped to her lips she opened her mouth and sucked his first two fingers inside, her tongue swirling against them.
This time it is his body that jerks, forcing him to thrust forward with more force than he’d intended…
Khushi moaned against him and sucked harder at his fingers…
She let his fingers slide from her mouth, and once again meets his eyes, hers barely focused and full of heat.
Arnav trails the wet fingers down to her shoulder.
Khushi reached out, tweaking one of his nipples and again he responds with a sharp forward thrust.
Her channel contracts in delight as she continues to stroke him, breaking the control of his pace completely.
Sliding her hands up to his neck, she tugged his head towards her, melding her lips to his and smoothly sliding her tongue into his mouth.
Khushi’s tongue reached for the roof of his mouth and he shuddered as she brushed against it, starting a dance that leaves him breathless.
He automatically took control of the kiss, plunging his tongue into her mouth and pushing her hard into the wall.
She is completely his, always his…
Khushi suddenly broke the kiss almost a minute later, taking deep gasps of air and he lets his mouth settle on her shoulder, growling as he sucks hard onto the skin there and she cries out, “Arnavji!”
Her nails dug into his back, but he didn’t release her neck, sucking hard.
Khushi’s legs flew up to encircle his body, pulling him even further inside…
Arnav then released the suction, and soothed the mark with his tongue…
He moved his head back to look at her, and fastens his eyes to hers…
“Faster,” Khushi said frantically… “Harder. Now.”
His hands slid behind her to her hips, lifting her up off the ledge.
She grabbed onto his shoulders for balance and he spun their bodies around, taking her back to the beach towels on the sand only meters away…
He lay her down, managing to stay within her…
With the ocean sounds crashing around them, he settled atop her, wrapped his arms around her back and his hands gripped her shoulders from behind, crushing her breasts to his chest.
His mouth hungrily covered hers and all other thought left…
He drove himself into her body hard and fast, thrusting and plunging and burying himself as deeply as he can.
Her fingers are sunk into his back as she urged him on, urged him to come, urged him to make her come…
He pounded into her relentlessly…
He felt the essence that is his wife, warm and golden and vanilla and sweet red wine and jasmine, wrap itself around him…
He feels her reaction to his presence, feels her emotions…
He knew that their connection was deep, and knew that they could connect no matter where they were, no matter how far apart they were…
And then, wrapping their hearts around each others,  he continued to hammer fiercely into her body.
He can feel her orgasm rising and he knows she is about to come and he focuses all of his attention on the pleasure she is feeling…
If only he could find the right words to describe how glorious it felt to be inside her …
As he looked deeper into her eyes, the vivid streak of fire coming from them told him how inconceivably and deeply she loved him.
“Now!” he demanded, and Khushi suddenly screamed as her inner walls contracted violently against him…
Her downpour of a climax was more than enough to break the last thin thread of control and his own orgasm crashed through him, rippling from his abdomen to his thighs as his testes tightened almost savagely and then released.
Wave after wave of his steaming seed pulsed out of him and shots deeply into her.
She shuddered hard beneath him and groaned his name over and over again as her own name fell from his lips.
At last his orgasm came to a stuttering halt, and he felt Khushi still clutching him fiercely, her ankles still locked tightly about his hips.
He loosened his hold on her, and pulled away from her bruised lips to look in her eyes.
They are filled with tears that have fallen down her cheeks and so much happiness.
He kissed the tears, licking her face free of them, layering kisses across her nose and eyelids next and whispering soft words of joy.
She responded with her own loving words, her own promise that she loved him, and will never leave him; that he is hers and she is his and this is as it should be.
His penis slowly softened and slid out of her body …
Her droopy legs unwrapped from around him and fell to the sand…
Rolling their bodies carefully over, he settled back with her mostly on top of him.
“Are you all right?”
“Well,” she smiled against the skin of his chest, “I don’t think I’ll be able to stand up properly for the next few hours… But other than that, I’m fantastic.”
“Sweetheart,” he hugged her tightly…”that’s exactly what you are…fantastic.”

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  1. sushi081994 permalink
    October 8, 2013 6:18 am

    Awsommmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee well arnav rishab got evidnc against nani n shyam….well wht arnav said strickd 2 me too….all dis can’t b dis easy….idk knw feel lyk somthing is missing….lyk somthing vry unxpctd is gonna hit 4m nowhr….i hope rishab doesn’t turn outta b som kinda villan gang member….well i hope my feeling bout somthing unxpctd hitting arshi is wrng….well not fair 1st updatd aftr soooooooo long & dis shrt update without precap not fair at all!!!! I hoped a longer….nxt chp chahiye ASAP….if possible 2day itslf!!!! Well enjoyd arshi’s hot beach tym n khushi in bikini not bad!!! Nxt chp soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!

  2. October 8, 2013 11:32 am

    again a lovely coupling. pls tell me where do u find such physical passion in a relationship. its all wham bham thank u mam. makes me want an arnav

  3. October 8, 2013 1:34 pm

    OMG lovely

  4. October 8, 2013 2:29 pm

    That was an amazinggg update!!!Hope you give us breakout epilogue soon, its been 2 months nowAmazinggg update!!!

  5. October 8, 2013 3:43 pm

    Awesome update

  6. October 8, 2013 5:15 pm

    Arnav makes loves like a poetry passion aggression and intensity. It always feels like its their first and the last time together when they make love with such intensity… Hope that nani and Shyam go away altogether after this.. with Arnav ruminating that this chapter has been closed so easily gives me a pause… Love your stories they are the best Arnav Khushi erotica out there.. 🙂

  7. October 8, 2013 6:33 pm

    wow but I agree with Arnav it was a little to easy to find them outwhoa very hot second partthey certainly go up in flames with just a lookvery erotic and intense

  8. undercoverhappy permalink
    October 9, 2013 12:10 am

    hot update but i love how unconditionally he keeps on reminding Kushi how much he loves her

    it can’t be easy for Arnav to face his dadi was the main culprit

  9. October 9, 2013 2:54 pm

    Rishab got evidence against nani n shyam..!!
    And Arshi part was so Hot….Romantic…
    Loved it..

  10. October 10, 2013 3:41 am

    With Rishab still present Nani and Shyam still managed to talk about the phone call !? Rishab said that everything was set up properly…but Arnav was skeptical and not totally sure that it was so easy as it seemed even after the house was under survellaince ! Rishab did work hard to secure his friend and his wife but even felt sorry for Arnav that behind all the conspiracy was his house member, Arnav's grandmother, Nani ! well Shyam too!Khushi stepped into the sea, going deeper as she saw Arnav walk into the water towards her. Its not your fault…Boldest act ever by Khushi after hearing Arnav say this, removing her Bikini, standing totally uncovered in the sea, for Mr. Bond's eyes only ! Obviously the sexual tension is always there between them, Mr. Bond hence cannot stay away..But He first just stands and asks her to forgive him for whatever wrong he had done in the past ! *thinking cap on* hmmm…why now after such a long time ? *nindy's cap still on* Khushi had forgiven him and had started loving him selflessly.. Hearing this, Mr. Bond Holds her up letting her wrap her legs around his waist and walks out of the sea ! Khushi's expression..not in the water ?…. SARAH !!! … My expression and question too ?!?! Why not in the sea ? But its okay, Mr. Bond explained why ! *understanding grin*So THE PRIVILAGED PLACE this time is the beach but near the water ! Mr. Bond's anatomy at work again. The specially crafted tools to be used however wanted only meant to work on Khushi's anatomy….Mr. Bond works on Khushi like a skilled craftsman,..stretching, filling beyond expectation, deeper, furiously, carefully, softly, fiercely…. sometimes though seems Mr. Bond becomes a poet and writes poetry while working on Khushi ! *jumps into cold shower with grin and blushes*Awww, so sweet, even in that frenzy mode, mood Mr. Bond first wants to give as much pleasure he can to Khushi before he can. Just looking at his wife Khushi shuddering, Mr. Bond drew energy from her to continue and start again. WOW !! A Very Bold Khushi this time round working on her own will on Mr. Bond..sending shivers through him by even the slightest of touch…spent talking sweet words of joy and promises !Are you ok …. It'll take me some time before i can walk properly otherwise i'm fantastic ! *nindy grins*.. SWEETHEART…. YOU ARE FANTASTIC !!!! *nindy grins blushes*

  11. October 10, 2013 2:51 pm


  12. Lyssapie permalink
    October 10, 2013 11:13 pm

    Idk why but I’m kinda suspicious of Rishab, just seems that things can’t be that simple just as Arnav said but hmm lets see

  13. Maz786 permalink
    October 13, 2013 8:32 pm

    Whoa!!! Intense and fantastic as usual. Loved it thank you. Wonder what Arnav will do to nsni. Shyam, well we know how he feels about him so no questions there but nani is a different story, alyhough even I wouldn’t forgive her for what she did…

  14. Maz786 permalink
    October 13, 2013 8:34 pm

    Sorry forgot to mention that rishab gives me sn odd vibe. Something not right and I’m with Arnav…all seemed to easy. Maybe I’m overthinking it being used to so much drama…

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