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SS : Heartbeats Part 5

November 10, 2013

Khushi saw from the corner of her eye, that the owner was still staring at the charts on the wall…
Well, Anne was right…I am obviously not worthy enough to look upon his face…
Even through her sarcastic thoughts, she was unable to control her temper…

Dropping the remaining folders on top of the others and gritted out, “Will that be all…SIR?”
Arnav felt electricity strike him and tried to ignore her…
No, no I’m only hearing her voice…
His fists clenched by his sides…
Khushi could barely breathe…

No one can treat me this way and get away with it!!! Except Arnavji!!!!!

The air was thick with emotions as she pressed further…”I asked you a question, Sir.”

“Leave.” Arnav growled…
The anger Khushi felt in her heart was now almost matching the tightness of Arnav’s clenched fists…
Her eyes finally shot up, and before she could speak, she recognized exactly who stood before her…

As shock permeated her soul, Anger was stabbing into Arnav…

She’s not leaving!
Arnav eyes were flashing with an anger he hadn’t felt in years…
Discharging his temper, he growled harshly… “I said GET OUT!”
His statement was barbed, tearing into Khushi’s heart…
Her breath hitched, and her face sagged from anger into immense pain.
Lips trembling, she tried to will her body to move, to run, to escape from further rejection…
But her muscles were locked as her subconscious screamed…Arnavji!
And Arnav could feel her.

He could feel her still in the room, her presence defying his command…
Damn it, the only woman who is allowed to defy me like this is MY WIFE!!!
Straightening his shoulders, his face turned viscious…
With startling speed, he spun around and yelled, “I said GET OU—“
The words died in his mouth…
“Khushi…” he whispered, emotion clogging his throat.
The pure joy that swept over him at seeing her was almost overwhelming.
Her eyes sent a zap straight to his heart and he craved to touch her.

He had dreamed of finding her, pleaded with God to see her again, but he was unprepared for the earthquake that shook his body as she finally stood before him…
He wanted to pull her into him and never let her go.
But he remained cemented to the spot, his legs barely holding him up…
All anger, all worry, all doubt slowly ebbed away…
“Khushi…you…you’re here…”
Pausing, he studied her.
Let his gaze rove all over her beautiful face, drinking her in, memorizing her features.
After spending so much time with her, then to have her vanish, it felt like an eternity since he last saw her.
But soon, her eyes sparkled with emotion, her tears igniting every last nerve inside him…
Her eyes were unblinking as tears dripped from them…
He moved closer…“Khushi, no no—stop…stop crying…please…I’m…I’m so sorry for yelling…”
“Don’t…don’t come any closer…” her voice was shaking…”Leave me alone…”
Leave her alone!?  Don’t come closer!?
His blood curdled…“I…I can’t do that,”
She was so close, FINALLY so close…
And he was going to lose his mind if he didn’t touch her…
Breathing hard, he grabbed her around the waist, and his gut cramped when a cry wrenched from her throat.
Arnav pinned her close, restraining her, terrified to let her go…
Khushi’s thoughts were in disarray, completely shattered and yet pieced back together as her husband gathered her into his arms…
The gentle hum of the computer was filling the steamy room with a dull buzz, but all Arnav could hear was the sound of her weeping as her body shuddered against his.
Arnav closed his eyes, heartsick for hurting her the way he had, for all the years he lost, for all the pain she went through…
Head tucked to hers, he gently stroked her hair, breathing in the clean scent of her shampoo and the pull of perfume that triggered his pulse.
“Khushi…Khushi…my Khushi…” he whispered, and from years of holding back, his unstoppable confessions spilled out…
“I…I’m an idiot, the biggest fucking fool in the world…Forgive me…I beg of you, forgive me…I came for you…I came that night…to marry you! I did…I swear! “
Her sobs were choking her, and he felt as if his own spirit was dying with grief…
“I…Khushi…my wife…oh my God… my wife…I hate myself for breaking my promise to you! I promised not to make you wait, and…Oh my God, I’m sorry…”
His hands caressed her back, her shoulders, her arms…unable to touch her enough…
Her breathing began to regulate even though her head was spinning…
He came? To marry me? But after so long…I waited so long…no…no…I can’t go back to this…my…my heart won’t be able to take it…
As she began to quiet, he pressed a kiss to her hair and pulled back…
Gently stepping forwards, his hands shook as they cupped her face…
Slowly, her gaze rose to meet his, her eyes raw, but nothing compared to her heart.
She stared, bleeding at the concern etched into every muscle of his chiseled face, at the intensity a his dark eyes…
Her gaze followed the line of a hard-sculpted jaw that conveyed a quiet strength and iron will, full lips that made her ache for the want of them.
She unconsciously lifted her hand, stroking his face, feeling the bristle of beard that shadowed his skin…
Arnav’s own heart was ready to give out on him…
“Khushi…” he breathed…
 Her hand quickly dropped away, making Arnav grieve once more…
Sadness gripped her once more as she readied herself to make the only choice she knew she could.
Shoring up with a deep breath, she released it again in one long, quivering sigh…”I need to leave…”her throat shifted—“I can’t work here…”
The panic and devastation he felt was about to cripple him…
He was left momentarily breathless, like he’d taken a strong hit to the gut…
Her presence gave him so much hope he almost wondered if he were dreaming, but now that the dream was about to be wrenched from him, he felt an animal desperation dig it’s claws into his soul…
Shaking, she tried to withdrew from him, her arms falling away but he didn’t let go.
“Khushi…” he gave her a shake…”Khushi…look at me…”
She nibbled her lower lip, keeping her eyes low…
Slipping his fingers beneath her chin, he tilted her face up.
“Khushi…please…give me another chance…”
Her body stiffened in fear…
“No, don’t fear me…please…please Khushi…”
The woman he loved was in his arms but somehow slipping out of his grasp.
“This is real…God, this is real! I searched for you! I spent years trying to find you!” he murmured, dipping his head so his lips settled closer to hers…“This is real Khushi! I LOVE YOU…”
Arnav’s declaration echoed inside her head…
Her heart tripped over itself, remembering how he’d once whispered those words in her ear.
How sweet he’d been then, how close she’d felt to him.
The reverent way he’d touched her, looked at her, kissed her…but he had just as easily broken her heart…
Her eyes flashed with terror and she trembled in his arms…
“This is real, I’ll prove it to you,” he whispered.
“…no…no…I barely survived the first time…”
His chest cramping, he watched as she tried to back away…”No, there won’t be a next time damn it!”
More tears erupted as she let out a soft cry…
She was tired of crying and there was really nothing more to say.
But her heartbeat soon took a frightening turn…
A pitiful moan shook her, making Arnav’s arms tighten…
“Khushi…” he said…It was a whisper, urgent and husky.
Arnav summoned all his strength and swung their bodies around, plastering her against the wall, looming so close she almost felt the nerve that pulsed in his jaw.
His voice was strained,  “I’m not letting you go…I have hardly been able to breathe these years without you, I…No…I can’t live without you…I just can’t…I’ve tried, and…”
But Khush’s thoughts were now full of horror…
Libbi! My baby! My daughter! HIS daughter…
Arnav stopped talking as soon as he the broken expression on her face…”Khushi…? Khushi don’t be afraid of me…I love you…I LOVE YOU, I want you more than I want my next breath!”
She shook her head…
Arnav moved closer, “Yes…YES Khushi…I’ve searched for you for so long, I’m NOT letting you go now!”
“I love you…”
“Don’t take…”
Arnav frowned…”Don’t take what?”
Khushi’s hands swiftly grabbed his jacket, “Please…Please…”
Letting her pull him, he searched her traumatized eyes…”Please what? Don’t take what?! Khushi what’s wrong sweetheart?”
Arnav gripped her arms, “Blast it, Khushi, you’ve got me so crazy, I’m about to lose
my mind…if I EVER loved you!? I STILL LOVE YOU! I love you more than anyone and anything!”
He stared at her hard, almost wild-eyed, and wrenched her close, slamming his mouth on hers, kissing her so thoroughly, her knees collapsed…
Catching her easily, he broke away with a groan..

He rammed her shoulders to the wall with a pained look in his eyes…”See? This is exactly what I mean…I’m so crazy for you that if I lost you again, I…I—”
“You still love me?” she whispered, heart thudding.
He huffed out a loud blast of air, eyes fixed on her lips before rising to capture her gaze, lids heavy with a look that heated both her skin and the goose bumps on it.
“I still love you, and I haven’t STOPPED loving you…not for a moment…” he whispered, “and I would do anything to make you happy…anything…ANYTHING…”
She didn’t dare breathe while he studied her intently, a muscle twittering in his cheek as if he were holding the emotions of the world on his shoulders…
His chest expanded and released with a slow, weary breath before he cupped her face in his hands… “God help me,Khushi, I will do ANYTHING to have you back in my life…”
As soft as the summer breeze feathering her skin, he bent to kiss her lips, his touch so soft and yet so captivating that it stole the breath in her lungs.
“Khushi…my Khushi…” he whispered, his mouth warm against her ear…
Her breathing shallowed when he fondled her mouth with his own, so slow and deliberate that she had to stifle a moan.
Her body was catapulting blood, nerves and emotions throughout her at warp speed…
Heart thundering, he tore his mouth free from hers and groaned, “Yes…speak my name…I have craved to hear my name on your lips…”
She could hear the wild beat of his heart, smell his familiar scent that never failed to trip her pulse.
“Arnavji…” she said in a quiet tone that belied the frantic clip of her heart.
His heavy sigh tickled her ear, and for the first time in so many pained years, peace settled on his soul.
“Tell me Khushi…what were you going to say…” nervousness gnawed at his heart when she shook slighlty…”Don’t be afraid, please sweetheart…”
How do I tell him? He will be furious…he will take her away…
“Khushi, you don’t want me to take something from you?”
The fright that filled her eyes confirmed to him what he said…
He nodded, “I make a promise to you, that whatever you are clinging so tightly to, I will NOT take away from you…”
Relief drifted partially over her heart as she summoned up her courage…
“…our little girl…our daughter Libbi…”
Arnav’s eyes lit up, his face showing immense joy rather than the fury she was expecting…
“We…we have…” he smiled big…”a daughter? We have a little girl!? Khushi!!!!”
He picked her up in his arms spinning her around…
When he finally set her back on her feet, he dipped her backwards and opened his hot mouth over hers, sucking the breath out of her…
When he released her lips, he kept her close…”We have a daughter?! Oh my God! Can this day get any better!!!”
Khushi was now finding it increasingly difficult to hold back a smile…”So…so you won’t–“
“Take her from you!?” the pain resurfaced in his heart…”Why in the HELL would I do that!? Why would I take a mother from her child?! But more importantly, WHY would I fucking DARE bring more pain into your life!?”
Khushi froze, not knowing how to handle all that was happening…
He pressed his lips to hers softly… Once. Twice. Three times.
Breaking away by slow degrees, seeming reluctant to let her go…”I love you…I love you so much…”
Suddenly spinning her again, he smiled boyishly and asked…”What’s her name?”
“Her…her name is…is…”
Rolling his eyes, he kissed her quicky, “I love you…what’s her name?”
Arnav stilled…
“…Oh my…was she here yesterday? Tall, long dark hair, big eyes…?”
She frowned…”Yes…she was here…”
“I saw her…I saw her yesterday…”
“I was here yesterday, I fell in love with her the second I saw her…and when she started crying, It broke my heart…when I looked at her, I saw you and me…us…I…I saw all the time I lost…” his eyes welled up…”I’m sorry. So deeply, so completely…forgive me for not being there for you, and our Libbi…”
Khushi’s heart could take no more…
She collapsed against him, crying in anguish…
A gripping, pillaging despair levelled over Arnav’s heart…
What she has had to go through…without me…and yet, she thought I would take our daughter away!?
“…Khushi, please…shhhh….shhhhhh….” 
But her sobs continued, each one lacerating him through and through…
Peppering kisses over every inch of her face, he grabbed her face, diving into her mouth, kissing her firmly for a complete taste.
“MUM!!!! MUM!!! Come here you have to see this!!!!!!”
Veena treaded into the loungeroom, cringing at her son’s loud scream…
“What!? What is wrong? Libbi is trying to-“
“What’s up Uncle Raj?”
Raj flushed, “Sorry, I…I just saw that the movie I want to see is playing tonight…”
Veena was furious and slapped the back of Raj’s head…”THIS Is why you nearly give me a panic attack…”
Libbi was now flipping through a toy catalogue and looked up inquisitively…”Why is there always a mum AND a dad in these pictures? Why doesn’t mummy talk about my daddy?”

Sadness filled their eyes…”If you really want to know, you can ask your mummy, we don’t really know much…”

Libbi crossed her arms…”Every time I ask her she changes the subject, and buys me something…why do you think I’m looking at this brochure? I’m preparing to tell her what I want…but what I really want is to know about my father…”

Stuffing the magazine under her arm, she marched out of the room…

“The poor baby, if only she were old enough to understand just how badly Khushi has been hurt…”

“Maybe she will tell her this time?”

“How can she?” Veena sighed, “She is still in love with the man, even though he broke her heart, never even looking for her…”

Raj leaned in closer to his mother…”about that…I found something…I…I…look…” he pulled himself together and showed her the newspaper…
Veena paled as she read aloud…”missing persons…Khushi…Kumari…Gupta…last sighted…Oh…Oh my God! Her husband, her family…they HAVE been searching for her!”

Raj shook his head, “That’s not all…read the names below…”

Veena dropped the paper and stared into Raj’s eyes…”Here!? The company HERE!?”

“Yes…the man who took over the company that Khushi is working for…is her husband!”

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    November 10, 2013 8:53 am

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  5. November 10, 2013 10:21 am

    God ! OMG! Oh my God! I can't believe I got two updates of my most favorite story … Oh I Love it! Please Please Please so damn please continue this … I Love it! You are Awesome Writer Ever. Continue please… P.S Do update soooooon, I Love this story! I Love you! ~A~

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    November 10, 2013 2:41 pm

    Pure joy, they found each other, and that too in a awesome emotional way

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    November 10, 2013 2:53 pm

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  12. November 10, 2013 3:09 pm

    I think it's a brilliant story dearplz continue, plz plz plzzzI understand how you feel but…know that we (your readers) are always herelove u

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    Amazing story, this heartbeats!! Came here while jumping through IPKKND blogs. You have a fabulous blog here, congrats 🙂 And you say you are not sure about your writings anymore, OMG, I have to read other stories! I understand if you feel need to revive yourself but please take this heartbeats to its end!

  15. sessy01 permalink
    November 10, 2013 5:32 pm

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    November 10, 2013 7:10 pm

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    November 11, 2013 3:47 am

    Wow that was intense! I am so glad Arnav has no thoughts of anger regarding Libbi.
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    November 11, 2013 9:46 am

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      hey! I feel everything is finished 😀 and i’m still working on the epilogue to Breakout…I will upload the reboot on here…:D

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