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FF : I Am…FREE Part 38

January 1, 2014
“Do you need a drink?”
Anjali was quiet.
“Anjali bitiya?”
Nani looked up to the hospital body guard with sad eyes…
She leaned in close, “I know how uncomfortable you must be, with these people around to watch you, but try to think of it another way…”
Nani took Anjali’s hand, “They are here to keep YOU safe…not just others…they care about you, I care about you…”
Lifting her eyes, their gazes hit straight on…
Anjali’s expression was one that couldn’t be read…
“I don’t know who I am…”
Nani wanted to cry.
“I don’t know who I am anymore Nani…I lost Shyamji…I lost the baby…I lost Chote…and all three were HER fault!”
“No…no dear they weren’t…Khushi is also the victim…and she knows how hurt you are…she herself has been standing up for you, for your relationship with Chote…”
Anjali broke down, “WHY? Why would she do that!?”
Nani’s countinence shifted, “I don’t know…to be honest, I wouldn’t blame her if she never spoke of you again…” she turned back to Anjali, “But that is not who Khushi is…”
Anjali pulled a pillow onto her lap and picked at her nails…”I tried to…I almost DID…”
Nani stood up, walking to the window, “I have no words to describe how traumatized Chote has been through all this…”
“I want so badly to speak to him and tell him tha-“
Nani’s blatent refusal stopped Anjali’s sentence instantly.
“He will not see you. He has been dramatically affected by all this, and he hasn’t healed yet. I know you need help Anjali Bitiya, and you are getting it, but you need to leave them be. You need to leave Chote alone. He NEEDS to be with Khushi. After everything that poor girl has gone through, he needs to be strong, for her. He needs that for himself. For his own heart.”
“But I am his sister!”
Nani turned back and walked towards Anjali…
Gently holding her face, she said, “I know you are…and you always will be. He has a very special place in his heart for you…but that place has been tainted…you need to give him time to heal from this…”
Anjali pushed away, her eyes burning with tears, “But I need him! He’s always been here for me!”
“Until you threatened his world. His peace. HIS safety. HE holds himself responsible for so much! And HE can’t always be everything for everyone! YOU have me, YOU have Akash, YOU have Manoroma…”
Her heart was picking up, aggravation building, “It’s not enough! I…”
“Do you truly love your brother!?”
Anjali went quiet, and simply nodded.
“The for the love of God, THINK OF WHAT IS BEST FOR HIM!”
 The tears and emotions wracked the room…

“I want to, but…but I…I’ve never had to…had to handle things without him…!”
Nani felt despair for her grandaughter, but held her ground, “The relationship you both had was not a healthy one…now is the time to learn your way through life again…and you aren’t alone…he will be here…I will be here…”

“Oh Nani, I don’t…I have…I…”

“SHhhh…Calm down…”

But Anjali was becoming hysterical…

When Nani nodded towards the hospital guard, he quickly sent a message to the doctor on duty…

Nani stepped back as the nurses assisted to sedate her, and soon she was sleeping…


“Di…” Khushi breathed sadly…

Nani tried to keep her visit with Anjali a secret, but Khushi knew better…

The way her tired eyes held such anguish…

The slow pace of her steps…

“She’s hurting. I know it’s been only a few weeks, but I truly believe that she is understanding more and more…”

Khushi held on tight to Nani’s hand…”I pray for her…day and night…I pray that her heart repairs, I pray that her relationship with Arnavji repairs…”

“It will…in time…”

“I keep wondering…”

Nani lifted her eyebrows when Khushi paused…”Wondering?”

Wiping her eyes, she continued, “…wondering how things could have been different…If I only weren’t so headstrong…I wouldn’t been the cause of so much-“

Nani saw an image move behind Khushi and quickly tugged on her hand…

Khushi looked up at Nani who was desperately trying to convey something with her eyes…

“Nani? What-AGH!!!”

She was suddenly spun around with such force that dizziness afflicted her vision…

But the present was soon slamming into her as her husbands lethal eyes glared into hers…

“This conversation is OVER!”

Arnav began stalking in the direction of their room, towing her with him, his grip on her wrist unyeilding.
“That was so rude!” Khushi said panting, as the merciless pace of her husband made her shiver.
He ignored her, but his eyes flared with fury…
“Arnavji! What are you doing?” Khushi demanded having to jog a little to keep up.
He didn’t answer her, just kept pulling at her arm.
When she tried to stop and yank it away from him he didn’t let her, just kept going like she hadn’t even tried.
She was always in awe of how strong he was…
Kicking in the bedroom doors, he released her arm, practically shoving her into the room.
She rubbed at her left wrist as she stumbled over her own feet.
Her mind whirled in confusion and uncertainty as she scurried to stand behind the couch and turned to see him leaning with his forehead pressed to the bedroom doors.
He was taking in deep breaths.
“Arnavji?” she asked.
The sound of her voice caused his shoulders to bunch with tension.
He reached forward and snicked the lock carefully shut and then he turned to look at her.
She had seen this expression on his face before.
He had been moody, angry, unyielding, and stubborn, but now, there was a darkness as his eyes glittered in the dim light.
He strode towards her and she took a few rapid steps backwards, until her back hit the cupboard…
Why is he still reacting this way!!!
With deliberate determination, he forced himself to stop and stood now a metre away…
Then he raised his eyes to hers.
Even the way he said her name sent shivers through her system.
She knew he was teetering on the edge of an explosion…
But this is DI!
“Khushi.” he said again, his voice darker, deeper, almost feral.
He suddenly grabbed a hold of her, pulling her aggressively into his body.
“Arnavji! What? Why are you doing this!?” Khushi demanded.
“I thought I made it clear! I told you! I don’t want you involved with ANYTHING concerning her!”
“She’s your SISTER!”
“I know!” his voice boomed…”And it hurts me that someone I trusted would betray me and hurt you! But what she has done is unforgiveable! And I will not lose you! Because what I feel for you makes the word ‘love’ sound like a fucking insult!!!”
His hands came up around her, his fingers sliding over the exposed skin on her back.

“I thought I made this VERY clear…”
She shivered under the touch of his calloused fingers, at the way it made her nerve endings vibrate as her breasts pushed against his chest.
She tried to push back from him but he was holding on too tightly. 
“Arnavji, Nani just-“
“Don’t you dare…” he snarled, “don’t you DARE defend her! I was the one who had to watch you laying in a coma! I’m the one who pulled you out of a burning room! So…” He moved closer, “Don’t. You. Dare. Defend Di.
“I only want to repair what has been broken!” she explained to him.
Why she felt the need to defend herself, she didn’t know.
Arnav’s hands now glided down her back, holding tight to her hips.
“Arnavji, just…” she lost her cool, “Get off me!” She pushed him hard.
He moved back from her and looked her directly in the eyes and then glanced down her body, his eyes caressing her curves.
“You don’t get to deny ME, Khushi…”
“Deny you? What are you talking about?” she asked. “You have been the one to hurt me! YOU! I’m trying to help you! To help rebuild your family- she stopped shouting…
“Khushi…I…” He cringed at the memories, “I should have protected you…I KNOW I should…but now…Damn it Khushi! I saw you laying there…I was desperate for you to wake up…and then…then when…all that fire…I…fuck it! I need to protect you now! When I should have done a long time ago!”
She stomped her foot. “I only -”
“What if I hadn’t arrived in time!? What if I’d ended up having to take your body back to your family because you were-”
He stopped.
Grabbing her once again, he held her close, his breathing now unsteady…”I swear, I will put you over my knee again…I will burn up all your energy with countless orgasms! I WILL DO what I have to! To secure your safety!”

His tortured eyes were now burning her with their intensity…
“Arnavji…I am…I am here…I’m with you…”
“I know…I know…” he said fiercely… “I…I just…I can’t…”
“Okay…okay…shhh…” she said softening just a touch.
“I’ve just…I’ve failed you so much…and…I…I hate myself…I hate that I did that…I….”
The stark sadness and devastation in his voice jolted through her and she realized that he was hurting as much as she was…
“I already forgave you…” she said softly.
“You shouldn’t have…I don’t deserve it…” he snapped.
“What can I do? To help YOU through this…Anything,”
“Anything?” His voice dropped.
“I said so, didn’t I?” she asked impatiently.
“Absolutely anything?” His voice sounded strange now and she had a brief unsettled fluttering in her stomach.
She nodded, but felt a flurry of butterflies invade her body…
“Do you trust me?” he asked.
“You…you already have me. You have everything about me, including my trust…” she whispered.
Something flickered in his expression and then Arnav’s hands rose to the bodice of her dress and with slow, measured movements he tore it open, buttons flying across the room, the tiny little cap sleeves tearing from her shoulders.
His hands reached into the gown, sliding from her waist to the sides of her breasts, thumbs just barely brushing the front of her bra and she arched towards him involuntarily. 
His big his hands were able to cover so much of her body…
“You’re mine, Khushi…From the moment you walked into my view on that stage…I knew…I knew that this,” he hissed, “was something I wasn’t going to allow ANY other man to do to you…” his hands slid behind her and he casually flicked open the clasp of her bra…
As he firmly stripped her free of anything clothing, he growled, “Why do you think I hated Shyam so!? Why do you think I became so enraged at you?”
His breath was hot against her face and his eyes were full of desire as the fabric came free.
He pushed it upwards, his eyes sinking down her body to look at what he’d just exposed to his darkened gaze.
Her nipples hardened in the cool air or perhaps simply under his detailed scrutiny and it scared her to see how intently he watched, scared her that the Arnav she knew was suddenly gone and this heated stranger stood here in his stead.
Side stepping him slightly, she tried to back away…”Arnavji…maybe…we can do somethin-“
“Oh, no, Khushi,” he said advancing on her. “You said you’d do anything. I get to choose. I choose this. I choose you.”
“Arnavji…You’re…you’re so…I…”
Her words were cut off by the descent of his mouth, his lips taking hers with astonishing force.
His hips pushed against her and she realized that Arnav’s erection was full and hard against her stomach.
His tongue plunged into her mouth and oh, he was kissing her within an inch of her life.
With a suddenness so strong it took her breath away, she felt arousal sweep through her sex, felt her panties dampen at the let down of her body’s preparation to receive him.
He was searing her, scorching her, until she wondered if there’d be anything left or if she’d just burn up in the power of him. 
All the memories…
The force, the anger, the hate, the pain…
The need to cry, the denial, the darkness…
She wrenched herself away from him, her breath coming in gasps as she stared at him wide-eyed, one hand rising to cover her bruised lips as she backed away from him…
“Come back to me…” he ordered in a raspy voice thick with desire. For her.
She looked at him critically for the first time, allowing herself to see what was really there, what she had never even let herself look for before now…
Her eyes trailed over his features, from the dark brown eyes with their look of blatant sexuality, to the aquiline nose, to the slender lips that had taken her own, back to the impressively high cheekbones so strong they could have cut glass.
Her eyes skittered across his jaw line, up to his ears, then down the fine cords of his neck and along the skin that disappeared beyond the v-neck of his shirt.
Her eyes fell down the rest of his rangy, lithe body, the muscles of his chest taut and strong as they tapered to his waist and hips, then the long, thick lines of his powerful thighs…
Down to his calves and feet then back up to rest on his hands with the long, callused fingers that held her hands so securely, so safely in his whenever she needed them. With a slight hesitation she allowed her eyes to skim across his groin and her heart stuttered at this most visible sign of his arousal.
He wanted her.
And he was willing to destroy anything that came between them, to have her.
She licked her lips and then raised her eyes to his and he growled and advanced a step, then two.
The sound on the wooden floor rocketed through her.
It’s always been him and me…always…even when I  thought all was over…even when I believed that there was nothing left…we have always been bound together…my husband, in every sense of the word, will protect me.
Decision made, and without further thought she dropped the torn bodice and let her bra fall down her arms to the floor, then closed a bit more of the distance between them, her fingers reaching for his then looking back and meeting his eyes despite her fear.
“I know how worried you are…” she said softly…”even when…when you were walking away…when I was in jail…I knew that you loved me and-”
She wasn’t allowed to finish her sentence…
“LOVED!? I LOVE you! And it will always be that way!”
He removed the remaining gap still between them, plastered himself to her body and stroked his tongue between her lips again, devouring her.
His hands rested on her shoulders then slid their way down her arms to her wrists where he held each one immobile in his hands.
He nudged into her with his body, pushing her backwards, never letting up on the dance of his tongue against hers as she tried desperately to keep up with the frenetic pace he was setting.
A second later that he released her wrists and ran one hand across her ribcage, down her belly to her skirt.
His impatient hands twirled her around hard and yet another line of buttons went flying, the skirt she was wearing was tugged quickly down and without a word or a glance for permission or approval he had hooked his fingers in the waistline of her knickers and dropped to his knees, pulling the garment down her long legs and off her body.
She stepped out of them all and he leaned forward, pressing his lips to her sex, his tongue snaking out and pushing between the folds to tease lightly for a moment at her clitoris.
Khushi let out a startled sound of pleasure and steadied herself by resting her hands on his shoulders.
He pushed her until she sat on the edge of the bed and then put his hand on her chest and pushed until she lay back.
He spread her thighs and knelt between them then licked from the inside of her right knee in little circles, gradually inching across the soft pale flesh and making her squirm as he approached his ultimate destination.
His hands pushed her thighs further apart and he ran his tongue along the join, just outside the folds of her sex on the inner sensitive skin hidden there.
Khushi’s hands came to his hair and she scraped her fingernails against his scalp, groaning at the torment of having him so close to where she wanted him, but still so far away.
He did not touch her there again, only breathed against her for a moment, gathering control.
Khushi nearly cried when he pulled away and moved to the inside of her left knee, only to repeat the same pattern of swirls as he nipped and sucked and tasted his way back up her thigh.
She wondered if he were writing something with his tongue, spelling something out.
When he met the join again she thought that finally he would focus on the folds at the apex and cried out in frustration when he instead rose to his feet and lay down beside her on the bed, pulling her fully onto it.
She reached for him then and again that almost feral noise issued from his throat as he grabbed her hands, brought them forcefully back down onto the bed, preventing her from touching him.
He blew gently across her nipples, bringing each to a sharp, high peak. He moved half over her and ran one strong leg against her naked thigh, the rough hairs and muscles erotic on her skin, the weight of his thigh and calf adding to the sensation of restraint.
“Arnav,” she managed before he moved fully on top of her, holding her down with his body and plundering her mouth.
She could feel her heart beating desperately in her chest like a caged, wild thing as he took her lips, her teeth, her tongue and made them his playground.
She wanted him to press his chest against her breasts, to hold her to him, but instead he held himself away from her, his mouth and his lower body the only points of contact.
Khushi whimpered against his possession, struggled that little bit to move her thighs from beneath him, felt him settle between them against her, his straining erection still fully encased in his boxers moving to rest against her sex.
He released her mouth, trailed hot kisses to her ear and down her neck before hovering above her again.
His eyes were dark with lust, his nostrils flaring and he eased towards her again, but instead of kissing her, this time he was taking in her scent, sniffing against her neck, her shoulder, the underside of her breast, then back up again to look at her and realign his groin with hers.
It should have been unsettling, him just smelling her, but it wasn’t.
The way he did it was possessive and animalistic and turned her on in ways she’d not thought possible.
Instead it shot another wave of arousal through her groin and if she’d still been wearing her panties, she would have completely soaked them and as it was she did not have much hope for the condition of the mattress when this was over.
Arnav’s reaction was almost immediate.
He knew.
He could smell her.
She could tell by the way his nostrils flared and he immediately began working his way down her body, lingering just above her sex again, inhaling deeply, licking the length of her labia so quickly she let out a strangled noise, darting his tongue inside her entrance once, twice, three times before quickly nipping at her clit and moving back up, his tongue leaving a wet trail from navel to breasts before he raised his head to look her in the eyes.
“You want me.”
It wasn’t a question.
She was beyond using words anyway.
He pulled away from her a mere inch and she vaguely saw him pull his shorts off and discard them somewhere near the bed…
She felt his penis pressing strongly against her leg…
He did not prepare her.
She was given no time to relax her muscles or even take a breath, before she suddenly felt him as he thrust himself so quickly and so deeply within her that she cried out in sudden shock and a little pain that faded quickly.
Arnav stilled himself, sheathed in her to the hilt, his shaft forcefully pressing against her cervix, his eyes finding hers as his arms strained to keep him from moving as he held himself above her.
There was no apology on his face, no hesitation, no attempt to free himself from her body or pull away because he’d hurt her with his entry.
He was simply waiting, giving her time, now, to drip around him.
He was long, thick, hard, and scorchingly hot…
“Take a deep breath…”
Khushi breathed in and closed her eyes.
“No,” he said. “Look at me. See me.”
Her eyes flew back open.
He gazed at her for a long moment, holding power over her while watching the dilation and contraction of her pupils as she met his eyes.
“I’m scared,” she said.
“I know,” he told her. 
“Not of you…”
“I know…”
“Of…of all this…of all that I’ve done…”
She searched his eyes, finding the predatory gleam lifting for just one moment, seeing the man she knew would never harm her, the man she trusted with everything, even with this, before he was gone and the primal look of ownership was back.
When he let out a growl, she raised her hips unconsciously…
Keeping his voice frighteningly controlled, he said, “…all that YOU’VE done?”
She knew she had said the wrong thing…
“I…I just meant…that…that…”
Holding her down harder, limiting her from making even the tiniest movement, he leaned closer, “You still continue to blame yourself…after…” he took a breath, staying controlled, “after everything…”
She blinked, “I…Arnavji…I…please,”
Khushi was trying to move, but he was way stronger…
“You’re not getting away from me…”
“I don’t want to…I…I just…release me please…”
His next word came out more harshly than he intended…”NO.”
And he began to move.
Khushi had been almost afraid that he was going to take her as forcefully as he’d done everything else up until this point.
And though Arnav knew that part of her wanted that, he wasn’t going to speed up just yet…
“You will not escape this…I am holding you down…and I won’t let you go…”
He was going to build her up to it….

His movements within her were slow, measured, languorous.
He took his time with gentle thrusts that set up a racing series of tinglings which seemed to be slowly electrifying her, causing tiny little contractions that were not orgasm, yet were a precursor unlike anything she’d ever experienced.
Her mind was in orbit, remembering the past yet feeling the present…
“Khushi, where are you?” he asked and she brought her attention back to him, her eyes focusing on his.
“Stay with me,” he said.
She bit her lip but kept her gaze trained on his.
“All I want, is your happiness…”
Her eyes were brimming with trust and love…
“Can I…?” She broke off, unsure of how to ask him what she wanted.
“Can you what jaan? Talk to me…” he asked.
“Can I touch you?” she finally managed. 
He smiled a smile she had never seen from him before, a smile she’d never seen from any man before.
Such tenderness it made her heart soar.
“Depends…on how gentle…you want me…to be,” he said his sentence breaking into the rhythm of each push forward, each withdrawal…“The more…stimulation…you give me…the less…control…I’ll have…and I’ve been on the edge of losing my control since I touched your hand downstairs…”
Hesitantly she reached up and stroked her hand down the bicep of his right arm, her fingers running over the soft hairs before sliding back up and onto his shoulder, up over the top and down over his shoulder blade, along the tapering of his waist…
She trailed her touch back up and around at his waist, the pads of each digit gliding across his rib cage and up to the thudding thump of his heart and onto the pectoral muscle already starting to hold a slight sheen of sweat…
Arnav shuddered as she brought up one leg, the bottom of her foot caressing his calf, slipping across the back of his knee and moving up as far as she could reach before lifting her ankle to his waist.
She brought her other hand to his backside and made little circular motions with it against the strong muscle before tracing a more sinuous route up his spine, over the shoulder and across to his nipple.
She tweaked the little peak and he gave a wild, uncontrolled thrust into her that caused her to cry out.
Trailing her other foot up his leg and thigh, she brought it to join the first, locking her ankles tightly around him and adjusting the angle to bring him deeper inside her tight walls.
He whimpered at the difference in pressure and his pace began to alter.
When she stroked a hand down his ribs and then further to the inside of his hipbone he groaned.
She moaned, pulling her hand away and reaching up to stroke his face.
Her fingers touched his forehead and he closed his eyes as they slid across his eyelids, down over his fine and distinguished nose and over his lips.
He opened his mouth, sucking her fingers into the interior one by one, laving each one thoroughly and her hips jerked upwards violently.
Arnav chuckled filthily at her reaction and he thrust more forcefully to meet her.
Fire raced through her stomach and breasts and she grabbed him, pulling him down so that his chest was flush with hers, her breasts pressed into him, her nipples hard against the compact muscles of his torso.
He eased his arms underneath her, wrapping her tightly into his body.
His mouth settled onto her neck and she felt his teeth grazing her skin as he growled against her.
Nothing he’d done so far prepared her for the suctioning bite that came on the next sharp thrust.
Khushi let out a little scream at the sucking kiss he planted on her neck…
When he moved across her body and towards the other side of her neck, growling even deeper in his throat so that it rumbled through his chest, she expected the second bite but was no more prepared for it when it came with twice the force of the first.
This time she retaliated by digging her nails deep into his back and dragging them downwards.
Arnav’s mouth latched on to hers and his tongue pushed past her defences as he gave a mighty stroke into her.
Her body quaked at the impact and her cry was garbled, lost in his frantic circling of her tongue with his.
The next thrust was even more powerful and Khushi suddenly realized there was no longer a slow buildup.
This was becoming a fast, furious, and vigorous new rhythm.
She found herself unable to keep her legs locked around him as he pistoned in and out of her and they fell to his sides.
He took this moment to release her torso and reach down under her thighs to pull her legs up and hook them over his shoulders, changing the angle yet again and allowing him better access.
He plunged harder and faster and Khushi gave little impact moans with each deepening jolt.
Despite the fact that she knew it would just drive him further into this loss of control, she couldn’t keep her hands from him and reached out to touch his chest with heated fingers.
“KhushiKhushiKhushi!” he cried out as her fingers danced across his skin.
The pumping became pounding and she moved her hands to his biceps and held on for dear life as he lost complete control.
Shocks began dancing through her womb and then he snaked one hand between them and with just a few short circles of his thumb against her clitoris she was screaming his name and coming so hard and falling apart with such blinding speed she wasn’t sure she’d ever find the pieces to put herself back together again.
“Oh God!” Arnav yelled and suddenly his penis expanded, filling her completely, the tingling of his semen shooting her back into orgasm.
She could feel the force of his ejaculation as it hit her.
Arnav dropped her legs back down to the bed and without warning his body collapsed on top of her.
She accepted his weight, reveling in it as the aftershocks of their lovemaking still stuttered through her body.
Again that erotic feeling of restraint rushed through her…
“Are you okay?”
Khushi could only nod…
He began to withdraw from her, but her hands gripped on tight to his body…
“No…please…not yet…”
“It’s okay, I’m not finished with you yet…”
Slowly, slowly, he pulled out of her, all the while, keeping his eyes on hers…
He got up from the bed and disappeared from view…
She could hear the water running, heard some splashing in it, and then a moment later he returned holding a strategically placed washcloth.
He knelt at the side of the bed and reached up, hauling her towards him by the ankles until she was close enough for him to use the warm flannel to wash away the evidence of their juices.
She groaned against his movements, still remarkably aroused, and heard the washcloth dropped on the floor.
His hands moved from her knees, sliding up the insides of her thighs and he gently parted the moist folds, his index fingers slipping between the inner and outer labia before coming to rest with the little nubbin of sensitive tissue directly between them.
Khushi felt her hips rise off the bed at his touch and he laughed delightedly at her reaction.
“Are you…are you going to…”
He spread her open and blew gently across her clitoris, watching with hunger as it rose up hard and tall under the cool wind of his breath.
Then he leaned forward and brought his mouth to her entrance and with careful, deliberate motions he wiggled his tongue inside her.
Her legs jumped and he wrapped his arms around her thighs from beneath and continued his assault on her center and was rewarded with the sudden flow of her renewed arousal.
Arnav’s growl rumbled in his throat as he sought out more of her nectar, his tongue snaking further into her and causing a succession of shudders to shake their way through her.
He finally moved his tongue higher, focusing his attention on the all important bundle of nerves and inserting first one finger and then two inside of her.
He set up an insistent, steady rhythm of up and down, left and right, circle, circle, repeat.
His tongue matched his fingers and in a much shorter time than she thought should have been possible, Khushi was clenching tightly around him, crying out his name and finding that tears were leaking from her eyes as the sensations overwhelmed her.
Arnav drank and devoured her…
His heart slamming in his chest with the taste and feel of her…
Her every pulse, reassuring him of her life and presence…
As the last throb beat softly against his lips, he crawled up onto the bed beside her.
“Khushi?” he asked with concern as he saw her tears.
“You’re…you’re so…so wonderful…” she hastily reassured him with a watery smile…”wonderful to me…”
He smiled and moved slightly above her, bringing his lips to her face, kissing her eyelids and then licking the tears from her cheeks before moving down her body again, leaning on one elbow and taking one nipple into his mouth, his other hand taking the second nipple between index finger and thumb, pinching one gently while he nipped the other with his teeth, rolling one as he circled the second with his tongue.
When he tired of this game he moved his mouth to the underside of the nearer breast, sucking the tender flesh there, leaving little red marks the length of it before layering kisses around her breast starting at the areola and working outwards in languid concentric circles.
When he’d covered every inch he straddled her and began to play with her other breast.
Once finished he took the nipple into his mouth and sucked vigorously before releasing her with a satisfied pop.
He frowned slightly, “Why what?”
She licked her lips, tried to glance down but he shook his head, “Look at me, what’s wrong?”
“Why do you…do you pleasure me so…?”
Gently lifting his hand, he swiped some loose strands from her face, “…Because you are beautiful…perfect…you taste wonderful…and seeing you, touching you, tasting you is pleasure for me…knowing that you trust me, that you love me enough to let me touch you like this…I’ve never felt so possessive in my life…”
Khushi tried to catch her breath…
“We’ve been through a lot of pain…and in such a short time…that is why I take my time with you here…to rebuild what I took, to give back what you lost…”
“I…” she swallowed and prayed that he wouldn’t explode…”I just…please don’t get angry at me…”
“Khushi,” he said fiercely. “Oh, Khushi…I’ll try, I swear I will try to let her back in our life, but…” He pulled her over quickly until she was on her back and he was rolled half covering her, one arm locked tightly around her waist, one thigh and leg catching around one of hers.
She gasped at the sudden move, at the words that came with them.
“But I first and foremost choose you…your safety…your happiness…I can’t promise not to explode at the mention of her…”
Khushi snuggled her head  into his shoulder.
“Mine,” he murmured possessively as one hand slid around to rest on her heart… “You are mine, Khushi.”

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  1. January 1, 2014 3:43 pm

    Heyyyy amazinng updateLove love arand and khushi Love hes care for herr Amazzing descriptions Eagerly waiting for more Plz plz update soon

  2. January 1, 2014 3:53 pm

    I love dis story bet an Alpha Male n an equally strict Khushi !!
    U take the Cake, Vashti !! Literally !! One suggestion “PUBLISH” !!!
    Complex Character , Lavish Hot Scenes .What is much to say rather dan asking u to Publish !!!

    I hope in all ur Updates , Khushi is on Birth Controls!! Coz with so much ravishing Love Making she cud have been raising 1000 Children !!

    I had to read the initial Chaps of dis one to continue reading dis update !

    Loved it !!

  3. January 1, 2014 7:17 pm

    Happy new year and amazing as always sarah. Very happy new year. With prayers diya cute. Tc. Miss u

  4. January 1, 2014 10:57 pm

    A Very Happy and Prosperous New Yearthx for the update,loved it

  5. January 1, 2014 11:51 pm

    Welcome back , now dont go anywhere again. love the update.Happy New Year!!LoveAK

  6. dumas001 permalink
    January 2, 2014 4:42 am

    happy new year my dear
    loved the update loving the asr protecting his wife even from her own sentimental crap nani finally specking to najil the woman is so retarded she does not care for her brother everything has to be about her loved arnav blasting khushi some time being gentle and talking does not work a good blasting helps loved the moment damn hot very sexy totally wicked

  7. January 2, 2014 11:25 am

    Happy new year!!This was an amazing update 😀 chandni

  8. ranogill permalink
    January 2, 2014 3:14 pm

    loved it

  9. seetanaips permalink
    January 2, 2014 6:10 pm

    wow Arnav sure knows how to show his dominance
    and Khushi is just so receptive to him
    their lovemaking is absolutely hot!!!!!

  10. January 3, 2014 3:48 am

    loved it

    his passion for his wife is breathtaking

  11. January 5, 2014 6:47 pm

    Loved it…

  12. January 12, 2014 8:08 pm

    His love and passion for her is so obsessive!! How can one person love another so much??. Loved it, many thanks

  13. nimkodoll permalink
    February 24, 2014 5:58 pm

    plz update next part

  14. MIT permalink
    November 3, 2014 4:33 am

    Such a wonderful story…
    Please update soon….

  15. March 5, 2015 7:21 pm

    Pls update karo nah! I’m waiting for this story to finish for more than 2 yrs!!:(
    Still feel Kushi should not have forgiven him so easily, but I guess that’s love, eh? And oh the passion…!!
    I-F id kbtr

  16. June 16, 2018 10:19 pm

    Beautiful story! Read in one sitting! Thank you

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