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SS : Heartbeats Part 15

January 12, 2014
Libbi sat tall.
Her green hat on her head, with a little red feather pinned to the top…
She climbed the tall tree in the front yard and scooted forwards on the branch…
The long branch stretched across to the neighbour’s yard and she was able to survey down the road…
“so…they went that way…” she muttered…”Then I will wait here, and watch for them…”
After an hour, she saw one car begin to slow down…”Hmmm…now what are they doing?”
The silver car stopped at the house beside Libbi’s…
She used her hands as binoculars to spy on the women that stepped out…
“Hmmmm….new people…in the area…they might be looking for my mummy and daddy…maybe…”
A plan started to formulate in her head…
 “Stop right there!”
Anjali and Payal quickly grabbed hands, holding onto each other tightly…
“Who said that!?”
“What’s going on!?”
The small voice cried out once again…”State your intentions!”
The ladies looked around and their eyes finally lifted to the tall tree beside them, spotting a little figure dressed in green…
Anjali stepped forwards, “Hello? Who are you?”
“Don’t come closer, and state your intentions!”
Payal started to giggle and Anjali turned back, her expression questioning what was going on…
“Let me…” Payal said as she walked towards the tree, “Khushi used to be a spirited little girl like this…”
She lifted her gaze to the child sitting in the branches…”Our names are Payal and Anjali, and we are looking for Khushi Kumari Gupta, and Arnav Singh Raizada…”
Libbi grabbed the tree limb above her and stood up tall, “the two you speak of are not here, and their whereabouts are to remain unknown until they…um…until…until I say so!”
Both women were now snickering….
“This kid is hilarious…”
Payal laughed, “So much spunk, like Khushi had when she was little…”
“Look, young tree climber…” Anjali began…
“My name is Robin Hood!”
“Sorry, Robin Hood, Can you at least tell us if we have reached the correct house?”
Tipping her green pointed hat, Libbi said, “The house next door is the place you seek…but as I said before, they are not there…”
“Thankyou, we will come back another time then…keep saving those who inhabit sherwood forest!”
Anjali and Payal smiled and started to walk away…
“Wait a minute…”
“There is someone home nextdoor…a friend of the people you are looking for…”
Anjali and Payal became visibly excited, “Oh really!? Oh, thankyou! Thankyou!”
As they walked to the neighbouring house, Libbi watched them suspiciously as she carefully climbed the long branches of the tree…
The tree was in her own yard, but the branches extended over the short fence to the house beside, and now, she was pleased that the two unknown women were unaware that she was Khushi’s daughter…
“Let’s see what you are up to…”
Libbi crawled along the lowest branch and watched as the women knocked on the door…
Veena soon answered…
“Hello dears, can I help?”
Payal nodded respectfully, “Namaste, please forgive our intrusion, but we are looking for…Khushi…”
Veena eyed up both ladies and soon her gaze caught Libbi’s…
Libbi winked and smiled sneakily…
On a small laugh, Veena said, “Ah yes, Khushi…she lives with us, she rents one of our rooms…”
Payal and Anjali began squeeling with joy…”He DID find her! Oh my God!”
Libbi felt curious and swung down, landing with both feet on the ground…
“Oh it’s you again…” Anjali said with a wide grin…
Taking off her hat with the red feather, Libbi bowed, “Yes. I have come for, for milk and cookies!”
Veena could no longer hold back a laugh, “Very…very well Master Robin, Please come in! And you too ladies…”
Leaning closer to Anjali and Payal, Veena said, “This kid comes over a LOT for cookies…”
Finally inside and sitting across from each other at the table, Veena started the questioning…
“So, you both inquired after Khushi?”
Payal nodded, “Yes. She is my sister…and this is Anjaliji, she is Arnavji’s sister…”
“NO WAY!” Libbi yelled.
There was silence until Payal smiled, “Libbi? Nice to know your proper name…and what a beautiful name it is…”
“Yes, very unusual…” Anjali agreed…
Veena quickly tried to steer the subject off Libbi, “So you are their sisters?”
Payal smiled, “Yes, it’s true…”
Veena and Libbi locked eyes…
“I know…” Veena winked…
“So can we please know where they might have gone? We checked where my brother lives, but there was no answer…and he isn’t answering his phone…”
Veena crossed her arms, “I’m sorry, but, knowing Khushi’s need for privacy, I would prefer HER to decide whether she is ready to see you both…”
They looked dejected, but agreed, “I understand, after such a long absence, she would be skittish…”
“Maybe Nani was right, we should have waited for Chote to contact us…”
“You’re really their sisters?”
Anjali stared at the little questioning eyes, “Yes, Libbi, we are…I take it you know Khushiji too?”
Libbi’s eyes narrowed, “I know everyone… ” and she jumped up, put her cap back on and lept out of the room…
Veena grinned and looked back at Payal, “She’s quite imaginative…sometimes quite a tomboy…”
“I can see that, my sister was exactly the same way when she was little…Has Khushi met little Robin Hood?”
And the silence returned.
Arnav lay Khushi back and saw how her cheeks reddened in anticipation…
“Shhhhh sweetie…”
Moving downwards, he straightened her legs and began massaging her muscles before moving back up…
She sighed in relief as he did the same thing to her arms, rubbing and massaging…
Her eyes opened slightly…
“…lay still for a few moments and rest. I’m going to go run a bath…we can then, rest…together….”
Unable to resist, he quickly swooped in and firmly kissed her…
Dragging himself away before his resolve was melted by her dreamy expression, he pulled at his tie and shirt as he walked into the adjoining bathroom.
Swiftly pulling his pants off, he started the jets of water…
Opening a small bottle, he smiled as he breathed in the exotic scent of the special oil it contained and tipped a few drops into the steaming water.
He returned to her side, reaching for her with his hand.
She wrapped her hand around his and tried to pull herself upright, but the moment he felt her tug, he stopped pulling…
Nearly about to fall back against the bed, his arms wound around her, holding her close to his chest…
Her skin was warm and covered with a deep blush…
She saw him smiling into her eyes…”Hi…I…oh God…” her eyes started to fill up with tears…”I missed you…I missed you so very much…Arnavji…I…”
Arnav furiously hauled her into his arms and swung her around…
Her shocked gasp was the last he heard as he rammed her into the wall, digging his fingers into the flesh of her thigh as he lifted her leg…
Just as Khushi caught her balance, her world was suddenly thrown for a loop as her body was deeply speared by his thick phallus…
“Oh My GOD! Oh…OH!…OH God!”
Arnav’s forehead was now resting on hers as he stopped all movement, leaving them intimately joined…
She tried to catch her breath at the sudden impalement…
“I…I wasn’t…ready…I…I…”
“Shut up Khushi…”
Her jaw dropped…
That was the first shred of true anger she’d heard from since their reunion…
“I…I only…”
And as a harrowing snarl broke loose from his mouth, she felt him thicken even more, filling her to the maximum.
“I said SHUT UP!!!!!!!”
Any thought that tried to surface was instantly erased by the power of his body…
Arnav was completely taken over by a brutal beastlike abandon that made his body surge with adament passion…
Khushi could do nothing but scream, and even her screams were suffering, burning her throat, rasping and breaking…
His movements were too fast for her to keep up, her hands hung by her sides…
His words penetrated Khushi’s heart, etching themselves to her soul…
This the reason for his anger, for his brutality…not to me…he’s not angry at me! Oh my Arnavji…my broken husband!
As he continued to roar out his detestation towards the years they were parted, Khushi felt her body being taken over…
Harder she was falling, harder she was coming…
“Never again! Never again will I let anyone fuck with our lives! Never! No fucking hurt! No!”
Contractions were beginning to uncoil and squeeze her womb so hard that the pleasure pain was almost unbearable…
As he thrust inside her, her head lightly hit the wall, adding more friction…
He felt her shaking, felt her body throbbing…
Dropping their joined bodies to the floor, he held her forearms firmly to the ground as his lower body pistoned his hips unrelentingly…
Her body’s response was INSTANTANIOUS.
Her head twisted from left to right…
Her body shook ferociously…
And he growled savagely as her body sucked him deeper and deeper…
Her channel was flooding, her gspot expelling non stop…
And as her entire nervous system orgasmed, his testes swelled up and ejected sperm into her body…
His semen burned her walls, awakening all the nerves inside her, sending her blood into frighteningly strong aftershocks…
Arnav tried to slow the palpitations that thudded in his chest, but all he could do was pant…
He trailed his lips along Khushi’s face, letting his breath calm her…
Her body continued to spasm, and her lidded eyes were glazed and almost unaware…
“Khushi…? Kh…Khushi?”
But she couldn’t say a word, and her eyes remained unfocused…
The anger that had consumed him over the past was now unimportant as he shakily lifted her body into his arms…
“Shhhhh…you’re with me sweetie, if you hear anything, hear that…”
Feeling the strength beginning to leave his body, he cautiously stepped into the bathtub, keeping her securely in his arms…
Lowering their bodies into the water, he turned on the spa and grunted with approval as the bubbles swept over his strained muscles…
Holding Khushi closer, he moved her legs over his lap and let her rest back in his arms…
He stared down at her flushed face, keeping his eyes locked on hers…
“You’re so beautiful…I never told you enough…every time I looked at you, my heart just…Khushi…You, are truly beautiful…”
A small blink flashed over her unfocused eyes…
He moved her a few centimetres to the right, letting one of the sauna jets hit her lower back…
And that brought the heat back into her gaze…
“There you are sweetie…shhhh…I’m here…”
Good Lord…my…husband…is…gorgeous…
“What are you smiling about…?”
Khushi didn’t realize that her thoughts were dictating her lips…
But as she opened her mouth to talk, a raspy crackle sound came out instead…
Arnav chuckled, “Okay, not yet…shhhh…”
“It’s only just after lunch, we’ve got all day…” he leaned in closer, “we’ve got forever…”
“And that’s why I just couldn’t resist, I HAD to find out for certain if he really HAD found Khushiji…”
“So I tagged along with her, because, well Di needs someone to conspire with…”
Veena watched, and listened…
They are both such lovely ladies…they are genuine…I feel it…but, how will Khushi react? She hasn’t been able to face her past in so long…I just hope and pray that Arnav helps her…helps her see love…
Snapping out of her thoughts, she nodded, “Oh, sorry, I was just…”
“We wanted to know if Khushi has been well? Did she mention us at all?”
“Well, ” veena chose her words carefully, “I can only speak from what I see and observe…I cannot speak for how Khushi feels…and there is only so much I can tell you, because I want to uphold Khushi’s privacy…”
Payal nodded, “I understand…”
Settling back into her chair, Veena turned serious…”She arrived on my doorstep, a long time ago…very sad, alone, slightly sick…”
“Oh Khushiji…” Anjali’s voice broke with emotion…
“So I took her in, took care of her… I also have a son, and he has been like a brother to her…she has been working, helping me…”
They all went quiet, as everything seeped in…
“I just can’t believe all this has happened…It’s…it’s daunting…”
“I know Di…I have my sister back…you have your brother back…”
Payal and Anjali fell into an embrace…
“I can see that Khushi’s family has missed her…”
Payal spoke through her tears, “Oh God you have no idea, wait till Amma hears this, oh and Buaji! She will probably be furious and-“
Veena slammed her palms on the table and stood up, “I will not have any more stress on Khushi. She has been through a LOT in these past years and it is up to HER, as to when she wants or IF she wants to leave.”
And Second of all!
ROBIN HOOD! This ‘persona’ is dedicated to one of my dedicated readers 🙂
And Third of all!
am so sorry for the delay!!!! I haven’t been that well, but I’m better and writing a lot now! There are more updates coming! and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Comment, as it gets me motivated 🙂
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  1. Anita permalink
    January 12, 2014 10:11 am

    Awesome Sarah! Libbi is so cute Robin Hood LOL! Oand of course Khushi and Arnav’s passion is burning up my screen – so hot1 Get well soon Sarah – eagerly waiting for more xx

  2. Anita permalink
    January 12, 2014 10:14 am

    Sarah – not sure how to reach you apart from here I have tried to comment on the site and it won’t let me ( for the past 2 months or so) on any any device, computer or phone – when i click publish it goes blank- so commented here instead

  3. January 12, 2014 10:56 am

    well i am hating khushi’s family!
    all the tym thinking about themselves!
    its gud that payal and anjali had not come to know about khushi having a daughter and that is that robin hood.
    awesome update..
    update soon…

  4. pavi permalink
    January 12, 2014 11:38 am

    Iam thrilled to find that you are active again
    Missed your writings
    The chapter beginning and libbi portion was good. But I found last bit confusing, may be you will clear it in future.
    I wait for father daughter interaction.
    Will wait for next update,
    I hope soon after khushi goes back to arnav permanentl, libbi gets a sibbling soon.

  5. moomin4455 permalink
    January 12, 2014 1:16 pm

    Libbi is so cheeky and boisterous…I’m glad she’s bearing it all so well..

    I wonder just how Khushi will react on seeing Anjali and Payal? As for Arnav I understand his anger – what a thing to have lost so much time with the woman you love and your child.

  6. January 12, 2014 1:21 pm

    I really hope kinship won’t misunderstand arnav… rest loved the update and libbi as always..!!

  7. January 12, 2014 3:04 pm

    glad to know that Khushi is with Arnav & things r getting back to normal

  8. ranogill permalink
    January 12, 2014 7:55 pm

    I just love their love making …. And love libbi

  9. January 12, 2014 9:30 pm

    Love how Veenaji n her son have taken such good care of these two girls….adore their close bond…..will be very hard when they have to part!! The love between Khushi and Arnav is so intense and very passionate… it!! Many thanks

  10. summaiyasayed permalink
    January 13, 2014 2:39 am

    Awesome update

    Luvd it

  11. January 13, 2014 5:46 am

    Loved it, please update sooner….love libbi!

  12. ushankitvc permalink
    January 13, 2014 5:51 am

    awesum part…loved their passion…arnav repenting deeply…continue sooon

  13. seetanaips permalink
    January 13, 2014 6:04 am

    Such a sweet Robin Hood!!
    my,my Arnav sure can’t get enough of his wife!!!!!!
    such passion

  14. January 13, 2014 2:30 pm

    I hope you put khushie and libbi needs to reconnect with Arnav before anjalie and payal find them ,I think they shd wait till they are ready as they have years to make up for .i liked libbi personality ,looking fwd to how you proceed

  15. January 14, 2014 2:18 am

    Libby is so cute and smart

    Arnav being passionate was dreamy to ready

    i just love Libby right now

    glad to hear u r feeling better xxxx

  16. January 14, 2014 9:56 am

    amazing sara

  17. January 14, 2014 2:02 pm

    Here Libby actually stole the attention !!!
    Seriously …
    A Tree Climber 😮 !! .Like Mother Like Daughter!
    I love arnav .He is like this possessive hubby never letting go his Mate off his hands!!
    I adore dis man ! Actually !! lovely update dear !
    Happy Birthday EIMAN SAL 🙂

  18. January 15, 2014 1:29 pm

    Awesome update..
    Libbi s so cute….

  19. January 16, 2014 12:55 pm

    Uh..i read it the day you posted but I didn’t realize that I didn’t comment… 😛 I know sounds crazy! I am sorry! Well,coming to the update! Brilliant like always! Libbi was cute! And loved Anjali and Payal!

  20. dumas001 permalink
    January 17, 2014 4:11 pm

    loved the update so cute libbi meet her aunt but has not told them and so hot and sexy anav and khushi loved that they and bulid their bond and so loivng their daugter awesome update
    [kathrina pheonix]

  21. pavi permalink
    January 20, 2014 2:31 am

    The update was really confusing for me
    You kind of wrote it in a twisted manner.
    But still I liked the idea of libbi working for benefit of her parents.
    Waiting eagerly for next update.

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