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SS : Heartbeats Part 17

February 8, 2014


“She’s changed a lot?”
Veena squinted, knowing she should tread carefully…
“I knew she would be heartbroken, but if she only knew how desperately Chote has been searching for her…how he DID come in the end…”
“That’s just the thing…” Veena sighed, “he may have come in the end, but it wasn’t soon enough…she expected the caring husband, who promised he wouldn’t keep her waiting, who kept his word in every other aspect of his life, but couldn’t do the same for his own wife…”
Payal reached over and grabbed Anjali’s hand…
“I know, It hurts to hear that said about my own brother, but…but I could feel Khushi’s pain as she waited…just as I have felt Chote’s pain all these years…It’s not fair what they both have had to suffer, all for my sake…”
“Di, you can’t blame yourself…we all know who is to blame in this…”
“I blame you…”
Arnav wiggled his eyebrows and gave a wicked smile, “Oh do you now? And I suppose I’m also to blame for your very loud screaming?”
“Yes, THAT included!” Khushi tried to sit up, but only fell back against the mattress…”Uff…I’m useless…”
Arnav, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, quickly moved over her and crawled towards her…
“Useless? Really?”
Khushi’s lips twisted into a small smile, showing her complete aquisence…”No…Arnavji…It’s almost…oh…no…please…”
His lower body was now alighned with hers, and he was holding is torso up with his arms, his biceps flexing in her vision…
“Please? Khushi, I…” he paused…
The bravado ended and she found herself caught in his stare, “What?”
He blinked and gently shook his head, “You’re here…with me…I…I still can’t believe it…”
Khushi felt a blush spread over her naked body as his words warmed her…
Moving once more, he lay beside her, keeping eye contact…”Khushi, I don’t want to force you to make a decision, or give me answers, but…but have you thought about us, about our future…?” he waited, but felt his worry rise when her eyes widened, “No no no, I won’t hold you to anything you say, I just wondered, I promised that I wouldn’t rush you and I won’t, I ju-“
“Shhhhh!” she hissed, covering his mouth with her hand…
Arnav went still.
“Listen to me…” she told him as her hand slowly trailed around his neck…
Her eyes never left his and she saw a momentary look of panic in his face…
Arnav couldn’t respond.
He held his breath as he tried to convince himself that he heard her correctly…
“Arnavji, I have thought of you for nine years…I have missed you, hated you, loved you, and wanted you for nine years…I can’t keep you out of my heart anymore than I can keep you out of my life…I am scared, terrified, worried and want to run, but I won’t…So this is a yes…I want to be with you… yes.”
Arnav had to remind himself to breathe.
But breathing didn’t seem important at that moment.
All that was important was drinking in the sight before his eyes.
He slowly brought his hand up to caress her cheek as he whispered, “I…I…”
Khushi realized just how powerful her confession had affected him…
She was about to try and comfort him when he swooped down and kissed her…
A long, languid kiss that punctuated his statement with an exclamation point.
His lips were forcing her mouth open, his tongue delving in, duelling with hers…
As she tried to keep up, she felt his arms twine around her, one sliding under her neck, his hand encasing the back of her head, holding her steadfast to his kiss, and the other winding around her waist, arching her back, imprisoning her body against his…
Once his grip on her was immoveable and complete, he held nothing back…
His mind went blank as he devoured her…
He was unaware whether she could keep up as he plundered her mouth, letting his all-encompassing desire take over…
Finally wrenching his mouth from hers, their panting harsh breaths were drowning out the loud thudding of their hearts…
He pulled back with quick, teasing kisses that led him away from her mouth.
He followed her jawline back to her ear, where he traced the shell with his tongue.
Khushi whimpered a bit and he decided right then and there that he was going on a quest to gather more of those whimpers immediately. 
He licked and sucked his way down her neck, nipping the tender flesh, rewarded once again by a needy noise from his wife.
He trailed kisses down her collarbone, then worked his way over to her right breast.
He dragged his lips around it, enjoying the feeling of her flesh beneath them.
He licked and sucked the underside, then slowly began tracing a spiral pattern with his tongue until he reached the darkened flesh of her nipple.
The moan Khushi gave when he encircled the erect peak with his mouth made him decide that he needed those sounds even more than the whimpers.
Slowly drawing away the arm that was behind her neck, he wound it around her waist and held her chest immobile…
He dragged his mouth from her right breast to her left, leaving a wet trail across her chest, sucking and licking her hardened nipples as she squirmed.
Her hands were grabbing at his arms, his shoulders, his hair…
But her pleas went unheard…
Her tight, rigid nipples were only hardening further as he softly mouthed them…
His tongue didn’t flick, it travelled slowly around, over, around…
Khushi’s breathing was becoming shrill, her legs twitching, her body spasming…
But he pressed his pelvis into her to keep her from moving…
Her fingers fisted in his hair, pulling at his dark strands in hope that would spur him on…
Finally his tongue remained on the tip of her nipple and laved over the nerves, constantly igniting the sensations…
“Oh…” her tone was almost too choked up to come out…”oh…o…oh…oh…”
Holding her chest even closer to his mouth, he sucked her nipple and areola into his hot mouth, letting his tongue continue to brush the tip…
The grip of her fingers weakened, and the shuddering over her body intensified as a climax tore through her chest, boiling her blood and shooting down to her core…
Arnav could smell it, the moment the let down of her body expelled…
He growled, and the vibration made her already pulsing nipples, tightening all the more…
“my…my God…you…you’re…oh…that…that was….”
Wanting to shut her up, he continued to swirl his tongue around her over sensitive nerves…
Her talking stopped, replaced by quick sharp breaths…
Each inhale only made her body drip more…
Arnav wanted to keep his mouth where it was, but the scent of her arousal became too mouthwatering to ignore.
He slowly sipped from her breasts and swirled a slow trail with his tongue down her abdomen, over her belly, to the small line of hair covering her sex…
Arnav looked up at Khushi’s face as he brought his hands to her hips and slowly breathe in her scent…
She watched his eyes flutter shut as he breathed deeply, the scent of her intoxicating him…
“Let me in Khushi…” she heard in her mind.
She could hear him begging her to possess her fully…
As she felt him part her legs wide, She used her last coherent thought to push the door of her heart wide open, leaving her exposed to him…
Their connection became so deep that he could feel her surrender deep inside his bones…
All other thought disappeared as he parted her labia with his fingers and covered her sex with his open mouth….
Khushi felt him suck her core hard and it was now her turn to forget to breathe.
Keeping a fixed hold on her laid-bare heart, he lapped at her juices, spreading her folds wider with his fingers so he could thrust his tongue deep into her wetness.
Her flavor was indescribably drugging, and he wanted more.
He could spend lifetimes tasting her.
He pulled her clit between his lips and sucked while he flicked the tip of it with his tongue.
He could hear her mentally calling, he could hear the last shrew of her fear begging to shut her heart…
He grabbed her legs and spread them wider, redoubling his attack on her swollen sex.
He plunged two fingers inside her and reveled in the back arching moan that broke from her lips.
He could feel what she needed, hear what she needed…
Impaling her with his fingers, he pushed and swirled, licked and sucked with his mouth.
His erection was painfully hard and he ground his hips against the end of the bed, trying to get some relief.
He wanted to see her come again so badly, and the moans she was making and the frenzy growing in her mind and heart let him know he didn’t have long to wait.
Khushi panted and clutched at his head.
He heard her heart screaming for completion but kept her hovering on the edge of heaven.
His mouth was everywhere, possessing her sex, claiming it as his own.
His clever fingers were finding the spots inside her she didn’t even know existed.
His desire for her was so great it was flooding into her heart…
She clutched his head and unashamedly ground her pelvis into his face as she felt the first sparks of her orgasm flicker…
It were just beyond her reach…
But finally, Arnav heard her heart call his name…
So very loud, So very clear…
The connection that he thought he’d never have back was now screaming in his head…
Opening his mouth wide, he sucked her clitoris deeply into his mouth, pumping the tiny bud with his breath as his fingers pressed onto her gspot…
And the dam broke…
Her eyes let loose the tears she needed to release…
The love in her heart overflowed into his…
And the flood of her body was endless as a mind-numbing pleasure plagued her…
She called his name again and again as he kept her flying, soaring in a space he had created just for her, sharing her pleasure with him.
This orgasm was unending, longer than any other…
But this time her heart could take it, as it was now securely connected to his…
Needing to see her face, his mouth broke away from her core, but his fingers remained inside her as he brought his body up over hers…
He stared at her face, blushing red, her lips pouting, her eyes glazed and unable to focus…
Pulsing his fingers inside her, he bent down trailing soft kisses along her jaw as she panted…”I love you…I love you…”
He pulsed inside her against her gspot until he felt it begin to harden once more…
Pulling back, he saw her eyes were will unfocused, her breasts still swollen, her nipples wrinkled and tight…
His growl ignited her loins and she began to shake…
Licking his lips, he slowly pressed his mouth to hers…
He ended the kiss so he could look into her eyes, her beautiful dark eyes…
“I want to make love to you…forever…just like this…with your heart open and trusting…with your body at my mercy…with your core weeping…dripping…”
She tried, and managed to breathe… “Make love to me.” 
Hooking his arm beneath her knee, he slowly ran his engorged phallus over her labia…
He could see her necklace was nearly glowing with the emotions flowing through it.
He leaned down and renewed his conquest of her mouth…
Arnav groaned into her mouth and pulled back slightly so he could look into her eyes as he slowly pushed himself deep inside her.
Oh, she was hot, and wet, and so tight that when he was buried in her to the hilt he had to stop and remind his respiratory bypass to kick in.
 The desire to forget everything else in the universe aside from the woman surrounding him was overpowering.
Gluing their bodies together, he held her tight, making the tiniest move impossible…
Without even thinking about it, his hips began to move to an ancient music, slowly withdrawing, then plunging back into the tight, wet heat.
His time sense had fled, and his hearing seemed tuned only to the delicious noises escaping Khushi’s lips.
He had never been more fine with not being in control in his life.
Khushi pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts, desperate to feel him deeper and deeper inside her.
Using the last of her strength, she brought a hand around his neck and pulled him down into a kiss that told him exactly how far gone she was, consumed with passion.
He could feel his own orgasm building, but he wanted something first.
He wanted to see her go up in flames.
He shifted his weight so he could bring one of his hands between them, finding the little erect nub that would be her undoing.
One swirl of his finger, and a gasp.
A second swirl, and a cry.
By the third swirl she was panting and moaning and he could feel her body tensing, feel her reaching for him in her mind.
With the fourth swirl he added more pressure and she was ablaze.
She screamed his name violently as she collapsed in his embrace.
Their heart’s connection flared as their mutual pleasure fed upon itself.
He pounded into her, harder and harder as her inner muscles squeezed his length, convulsing around him until he couldn’t hold back any longer, and he gave himself over to the flames.
He called her name as he came inside her, filling her with his burning seed that in no way extinguished their fire.
Resting his weight into her, he held her down as she tried to breathe normally once more.
She then brought one trembling hand up to stroke his face before pulling him down into a slow kiss.
A kiss that touched his soul.
As their kiss grew lazy, Arnav pulled Khushi over with him so she could lie on his chest.
“That was…” Khushi paused, at a loss to find a word adequate to describe what it was.
“Yes, it was.” Arnav smiled, hugging her and kissing the top of her head. “And don’t forget, I promise, I vow…this is forever…”
Libbi sat in the hallway just outside the kitchen, listening intently to the conversations…
“I don’t mean to insult your brother…” Veena said apologetically…”I just…I remember how tattered and sick she was when Raj found her…”
It was Payal’s turn to shriek…
“WHAT!? Tattered!? Sick!?”
Veena felt her pain, “Yes, but she has been well looked after, we took her in…”
“Was she very sick? Did she need to go to hospital…”
Raj wandered in from the lounge and interrupted, “Nah, being sick is normal…”
Libbi flinched when she heard Veena smack Raj’s arm…
Anjali held Payal’s arm, “Being sick is NORMAL!? How can you say that? Is she…does she have something wrong with her?”
Raj quickly escaped and found Libbi sitting on the floor…
His eyebrows went up as he crouched down…”What are you doing down here?”
Libbi put her finger to her mouth, “Shhhh, I’m listening…and you should keep quiet! We don’t want them knowing about me just yet…”
Raj made himself comfortable as he sat beside her, “Why?”
Libbi shrugged, “I think it’s because their sister’s are very nosy people…if they are already trying to dig their way in, how much more would they insist to know about me…”
Raj’s expression was first one of shock, but then he grinned, “You know, you’re not at stupid as you look…”
Her little jaw dropped as her stare turned angry…
He quickly poked her nose and cuddled her close…”Oh stop glaring at me Miss L.”
She giggled softly as they went quiet to eavesdrop once more…
“No no, you misunderstand me Payal…”
“I am just concerned, I know she had depression when she left, but if she’s sick…oh God…”
Veena huffed, “Oh goodness, she’s not sick anymore!”
“Please forgive Payal, I’ve been able to see my brother, but it’s her sister that has been missing this whole time…we have become so anxious to see her…”
Payal squeezed Anjali’s hand tighter, “When…when will she return? Can YOU call Arnavji? Maybe he will answer your call…”
Veena shook her head, “He won’t answer my call…”
“Have you tried?” Anjali insisted…
“Okay,” Veena stood up, “I understand your aggressive need to see your sister, but listen to me…Yes, I know a way to contact him…but I won’t use it. Because first of all, I don’t have the emergency mobile, he didn’t give it to me…and second of all, they requested TIME! Now, please, you have both come this far…wait a bit longer…”
Payal tried to control her voice, “You have a way? Does Raj have the emergency phone?”
Libbi and Raj could almost hear Veena roll her eyes…”That’s what you got from that? Not – You two should wait?”
Walking around the table, she pulled the two ladies into and embrace, “I love your spirit, I truly do…But listen closely girls…I’m not telling you who has the emergency phone…”
Raj peeked down at Libbi, who held a tiny white mobile phone in her hand…
“Is that it?”
Libbi grinned and nodded, “Yep, I’m the exception.”
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